What game are you playing?


I’ve been playing Apex: Legends. It scratched an itch that Blackout and Fortnite did not. My poor sweet Destiny 2 guardian is wondering where I am and why they haven’t earned new loot in a few weeks.

Speaking of which, the treadmill of Destiny 2 feels more demanding than rewarding right now. Sure I make progress but each step I take is a reminder of how many more steps there are down the line. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s the game but either way I’ve fallen off.

Prior to Apex I returned to Overwatch. I appreciate all the fun that game has given me, especially in the summer of 2016, but the magic is gone.

Hitman Season 1 hitting PS Plus has kept me playing Hitman 2 in hour long sessions once a week. It’s a great game and the addition of free(ish) new (to me) levels is a treat. It’s also a game that demands a specific state of mind to play. It’s more of a satisfying experience than a relaxing one if that makes sense.


I understand the hesitation, but Assault on Dragon Keep is up there with Shadow Broker and Minerva’s Den as best DLC of all time. It introduces tons of fun new enemies and game play and is startlingly poignant. And it gives Tina probably the funniest throwaway 3-word gag in the game.


Mr. Torque is apparently in it so that gives me some hope since the one bit of audio they had together in Torque’s campaign was pretty funny.

At least it will be a break from the EXTREMELY racist enemies in Hammerlock’s campaign.


I think you put into words why despite liking Hitman 2 quite a bit, its been kind of a struggle to really get through the game for me. Its just been so much easier to put on Smash Bros, or Zelda, or Apex.


I cant stop playing Crackdown 3. Its very fun. I guess I like bad games? LOL


I’m looking forward to jumping into it this weekend. Seems like it’s a good game to burn through in a weekend, and just have some dumb fun with.


Thank you!

I have a few more thoughts on this as I’ve been mulling it over.

Hitman 2 lets players recover from mistakes but the design pushes us towards perfectionism. The game can be completed with what I’ll call sub-optimal play. This is not to say that this is a bad way to play the game it’s just less rewarding. I mean this in the sense that there are literal unlocks that happen when your mastery level increases and in a more subtle way where the fiction of the game world feels more plausible when played optimally.

Agent 47 feels less authentic when he’s fumbling about like a goofball hucking blunt object after blunt object at a parade of well armed guards. In that moment he is more Wile E. Coyote chasing Roadrunner than John Wick appearing out of the shadows in Gianna D’antonio’s room. This split is funny but it makes it harder for me as a player to believe that Agent 47 is who the story keeps telling me he is.

It would be less tempting to aim to be the ideal assassin if the game did not allow save scumming on the standard difficulty. The ability to save and reload to correct “mistakes” makes improving the score and playing a more real version of the story simple. I think this is overall a good thing and I would not play the game without it. Still it’s worth flagging this as a result of that design choice.

This is further complicated by the fact that the skills Hitman 2 pushes players to improve are different than that of most games. It asks you to know the exact layout of the space and the order you will pick off your targets. It asks that you understand and can read the patterns of the bodies that move through those spaces. It demands a constant situational awareness where you not only know what’s happening now but what will happen there later if x,y or z happens. High level Hitman play is like solving an ever evolving logic puzzle. It’s brilliant that the game makes us believe we can do this but it still requires us to vigilantly put in the work to uncover the solution.


One of the things I’ve started playing is The Messenger.

I started primarily because I have been told it has bomb-ass tunes, and so far, I have not been disappointed, the Howling Grotto music is my personal favorite so far.

It’s also just a really enjoyable game besides, I don’t have any Ninja Gaiden experience, but is this what Ninja Gaiden is? Because I have been missing out. I was expecting it to be a bit more challenging, but I’ve only made it as far as Quillshroom Marsh and the platforming and swordplay is more than engaging on its own. Leaping, striking a lantern, leaping again, hitting a projectile, leaping a third time, landing on a platform, and slicing up a demon is SO MUCH FUN. The humor mostly works as well, Quarble’s sass can be a bit much, but I love the shopkeeper’s stories and, really, everything else about them (IT’S GLIDING TIME).

And, OH MY GOD, I’m sorry green orb guy, I didn’t mean to destroy your golem! Please don’t cry :worried:


Picked up Little Witch Academia: The Chamber of Time because I need something fun and positive in my life.

I only had about half an hour to play it this morning before heading out to class but first impressions? The game looks extremely good. I don’t know what happened, but after ArcSys put out Guilty Gear Xrd it seems like cel shaded anime games just all look great? The animations all communicate character in the same way the show did and I love it. It’s probably going to end up being pretty standard adventure/sidescrolling beat-em-up style gameplay but honestly if the visual style around it holds up I don’t really care. I’ll get sucked into that world again.

EDIT: Oh also I’ve been getting back into Titanfall 2 instead of playing Apex Legends becuase Battle Royale isn’t my jam. Titianfall 2 is fucking great and more people should play it. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


I need season 2 in my life.

Also i bought Metro Exodus, but its gonna be like 10PM before its down downloading it, plus i’m busy this weekend and next so we shall see how much i can actually play it haha


Okay, the Tiny Tina DLC is good, and I actually nailed down why - they completely changed how they previously wrote her.

Tina’s dialog in all these DLC has been significantly different from how she was portrayed in the main game, managing to almost completely expunge her ebonics vocabulary and weird nonsense sexual jokes (outside one really bad line about the queen in her game). She’s just been reading as a weird hyperactive kid since Torque’s campaign, and the only time her worst aspects come up significantly in her own DLC is in how she portrays an actual black character, which is done in a really tongue in cheek way where they seem to be acknowledging that yeah, they fucked up by having such terrible dialog coming out of the mouth of a normally straight laced person and turning them into a stereotype.

Man it’s a real shame the main writer disappeared up his own butt and destroyed his own marriage by bragging about an orgy he was never apart of, because I often don’t see writers in video games completely change on their creative decisions in such a smooth way so quickly.


Nice post… and thanks for sharing…


i just finished KH3 and i genuinely don’t know what to do with myself. i’ve essentially had a crash course in kingdom hearts (i started playing the games like maybe a month ago, played 1 & 2 watched recaps of the other games and then went onto 3) and i was so easily charmed by this overly weird story that now i’m caught up it’s like “… what now??”

i think when i’m emotionally recovered i’ll be going back to final fantasy xv which i was really enjoying before kh took over my life.


I wonder if the DLC had a different writer. The credits don’t list individual roles, but I know that’s generally not uncommon. Would be ironically appropriate if someone else wrote a better part for Ashley Burch’s character than her own brother did.

(Also, I never knew the story behind the “At least I’m not Anthony Burch” meme and that is, uh, really something.)



I think Burch was still in charge somewhat, he even helped supervise The Pre-Sequel’s story and characters. He just seemed to learn, along with the rest of the staff. Even Torque feels like a different character overtime with each of the DLCs he’s in changing his personality every so slightly from using macho insults to demanding you go chase and punch a man so hard he explodes because he used a derogatory term towards a woman who wouldn’t sleep with him (which, by the way is probably the best moment in the entire game and I wish I was allowed to blow up the ocean).


I’m playing No Man’s Sky again. They added submarines and that game is still absolutely beautiful. It’s also the most lonely game I feel I’ve ever played. While there are other survival games like this such as Minecraft, No Man’s Sky is completely indifferent to your existence. The NPC’s don’t say much if anything and there almost no enemies to speak of. It’s just you, your spaceship, and a suit that only talks to you when you’re dying.


So, I’ve been playing 2 games this weekend: Crackdown 3 and Anthem (EA Access trial). Crackdown 3 has been repetitive, and thoroughly unimaginative, basically recreating the original Crackdown with few gameplay evolutions. And as I’m playing it on Game Pass, rather than paying $60 for it, I’m perfectly happy with that. It’s still a fun time to collect orbs and blow stuff up. Road races are bad, though.

As for Anthem, I’ve really liked what I’ve played. The combat feel great, flying doesn’t feel like it will get old anytime soon, and I’ve enjoyed the character performances so far for the most part. It’s no Mass Effect or Dragon Age when it comes to the story and role playing, but it’s still giving me an opportunity to explore the world and characters more than many of these looter shooters do.

Load screens are a pain, though, and I can already tell the mission structure is more reminiscent of vanilla Destiny, which is not great. But I’m looking forward to seeing it through, and then seeing what the endgame loot chase looks like.


Crackdown 3 has been the video game equivalent of popping bubble wrap. I just mindlessly go to the next icon on the map, blow up a hell of a lot of mooks, and move on. It’s been a great low-commitment palette cleanser for my long weekend. How Long To Beat has it clocked as a 5.5 hour campaign, which seems like a reasonable length for what it is.


I too have been enjoying Crackdown 3. Crackdown has always been a goofy B-game power-fantasy-cranked-to-eleven, and so far it’s ticking all those boxes for me. I get why some people are disappointed with it as a 60 dollar game in 2019, but it’s a good time for what it is.


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Divinity: Original Sin 2. Highly recommended. Great characters, interactive environment, interesting lore and awesome combat. Pick it up now.