What game are you playing?


I’m playing the RE2: Remake and I’m finding it really… dull? I think the level design is quite good in how it demands that you backtrack through levels with new geegaws and doodads that open up more of the space, but I just don’t find any of the rewards or the puzzles themselves interesting in the slightest. I think the horror itself is good ‘n’ gory but the combat is super rote to me because I don’t find the zombies threatening at all. I like that they are old school Romero zombies and that they take a lot of shots to put down, in the abstract. Actually lining up headshot after headshot on these stiff, boring fucks as they get in my way is another matter. I get nothing out of actually shooting in this game and a significant portion of the game’s power curve so far is making the shooting more effective and efficient. It’s like I’m going on an exchange trip to study something I don’t care about.

It seems very… safe. For a game that’s being hailed as yet another return to the series’ roots (we’ve had like 3 now) it just doesn’t have that electrifying quality that RE7 had. RE7 scared the living fuck out of me while also being super weird, funny, and gross AND it got back to the old Resi format of keys and puzzles and whatnot. I never thought: “ah shit, guess I have to go back to that bit of the game again” in the same way I’m already feeling 5 hours into this game. I’m going to stick with it because I do like the look of it and my god is it gruesome (a good thing) but as a latecomer to the series (played 4 for the first time in 2016 and then all the subsequent games in the series), this is the least impressive to me on sheer doing things with my hands and having a good ass time kinda way. I dunno, RE6 was a clusterfuck but boy did I want to see what was around the next corner! I’m bored y’all. What gives?

Also the fact that the voice acting was all scab work really grinds my gears. Leon’s voice sucks. His weird pinched child face also sucks.


Throwing my hat in to say that I also seem to be enjoying Crackdown 3, so far. I’m coming off what I think was around three hours with the game. Call it unimaginative if you want, but thinking it over, it’s exactly what I think I wanted:

It controls like Crackdown 1, but a little tighter and less floaty. Instead of agility orbs feeding in to a moon jump and faster run speed, now they unlock things like a double jump and an air dash. There’s also vague gestures towards light parkour stuff, as your character will sometimes scramble up to a ledge you just missed assuming momentum is on their side and they have enough vertical space to get traction.

Environments can look a little ugly and sparse (surprisingly similar to an Xbox 360 game released in 2007), but in the right places it looks very nice. Sumo Digital absorbed a lot of Bizarre Creations guys when they shut down, and between Sonic Racing Transformed and Crackdown 3 it really shows in how much Sumo Digital loves big, powerful lightbloom. At night, it almost takes on a sort of Tron aesthetic for how much glows.

Things explode real nice. The aforementioned glow effects really sell blasts, and there’s a satisfying, bassy THUMP when things pop. Rivals Just Cause 2 in that department.

Also, it doesn’t have any of that awful zombie stronghold garbage from Crackdown 2, at least not yet. A lot of the objectives are primarily “blow these specific things up” but, again: they blow up so darn well.


I cant get off anthem! loving it. I know its trendy to hate EA and loot shooters, but fug it. Good game is good. GG


I just ‘finished’ the game on Sunday, and it was a blast. I’ll probably dive in to collect more orbs and level up all the abilities, either in my current world, or a different one. I do like that they divorce your agent progress from world progress, essentially allowing you to do New Game+ at any time, and having separate world states if you’re doing co-op.

Also, some of the max level abilities are pretty crazy. When you max out firearms, all your non-explosive weapons regen ammo. Also, it will never not be fun to make the things go boom in this game. They explode really nicely.


Installed Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe again, like a fool. It’s the only game my computer can run, and the only one it needs to run. It’s almost like an idle game, which is chill. What I wouldn’t give for just a few quality of life improvements though, and some better UI.


I’m pretty deep into Metro Exodus, around what i’m guessing is the 50-60% mark. I don’t know, like was said on the podcast a little bit ago, there are so many things that if pointed out, i would be like “Oh yeah thats not very good”, but i think the game is just better than the sum of its parts. Its just a very ambitious game, and i can respect that. It feels kinda like a “You know if you’ll like it” sort of thing. Still, i’m having a lot of fun with it!


Another guy here likes that game on his old PC. He ignore those new RPG’s.


Tetris 99 is great. I wasn’t sold on the idea initially, but the Battle Royale elements actually work really well and since the gameplay of Tetris is inherently great it’s a lot of fun.

It actually address most of my main issues with the Battle Royale genre, matches are pretty short, the moment to moment gameplay is really fun even when you aren’t fighting someone, I don’t have to play with randos or wrangle friends into a squad and since I’m much better at Tetris than shooters I can actually win occasionally. It’s become my go to game for when I’ve got stuff to do but want a quick distraction. It’s pretty amazing that they are giving it away with no monetization strategy whatsoever.

I’ve also been playing Wargroove and Valkyria Chronicles and I have pretty mixed feelings about both of them. I’m pretty early in Valkyria and I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about a lot of the weird stuff the game is doing mechanically and I’m keeping an somewhat concerned eye on where some of the story stuff seems to be going, but over all I like it quite a bit. Even if I’m not totally convinced about it’s merits as a tactics game the gameplay is fun and it has great presentation for an 11 year old game. I also really like that all the squad members have their own traits and a short bio, it’s not a lot but it’s enough to get me invested in them.

Sadly I’m feeling a lot more negative about Wargroove, which is a bummer because I have a ton of nostalgia for Advanced Wars and was really looking forward to playing something similar. I think I’m like halfway through and almost every mission has felt like a perfunctory slog at some point, but it’s got some neat ideas (particularly the crit system) and there have been some promising levels so I’m sticking with it for now. It makes me want to go back to Advanced Wars and try to figure out what those games were doing that this one isn’t (or if I even still like Advanced Wars games for that matter).


I started playing Passpartout. I am in no way a good artist, but that game is relaxing as hell.


I dusted off Opus Magnum over the weekend, after playing it briefly in the excitement of end of year stuff last year. I didn’t bounce off it so much as just drifted away from it and then forgot about it.

I’ve sort of half-avoided Zach-likes in the past as I was worried they’d feel too much like work. But since Opus Magnum is a bit lighter I enjoyed it in a very casual way when I played it last year. I would solve a puzzle with a horrible mess of arms and tracks and a cluttered set of instructions and then move on. I didn’t get into any of the optimization stuff at all. Even after reading this article I sort of thought “oh that part of the game isn’t for me”.

Fast forward to last week when I picked it back up and got frustrated with a core mechanic of the game (the lack of asynchronous components) and in my search for an explanation found this pair of amazing video tutorials (1, 2). The author defines “latency” and “throughput” in the context of Opus Magnum, and suddenly the entire game clicked for me, in part because it was actually MORE like my job (back end web development). But it’s totally got me hooked and I’ve been going back and re-implementing solutions from last year to get better performance.


To each their own wants in life.


I’m playing Crackdown 3 - it’s fun in a mindless sort of way. Is anyone not playing as Terry Crews though. I saw other characters to select from at the start of the game. I’m pretty sure I’ve found the skins for the old agents but Crackdown 3 is a Terry Crews simulator to me.


I’ve never played or even watched a second of Kingdom Hearts and I’m having that experience just listening to Lore Reasons. I’m honestly dreading the end of it.


Definitely. I almost feel bad for the other skins because why would you pick anyone except Terry


i genuinely only started playing it because my friend liked it and the kh3 hype in general. i thought the preorder bundle of the 1.5+2.5 and 2.8 bundles and kh3 was a decent enough deal to just go for it. i went in knowing everyone made fun of it, even my friend and was ready to join in on that but i finished 3 just sobbing it was such a wild ride to go from “this is so SILLY” to “this is so SILLY but i’m still crying my eyes out oops”


I popped a one month subscription to EA Access to try out the Anthem trial before committing to the game, but given the myriad of launch issues and bad press the game is getting right now, I’m saving the 10 hours for a week or two from now when the dust (hopefully) settles. In the meantime I thought I’d check out the Access library, with Star Wars Battlefront II first up.

I knew going in it would be a mediocre shooter campaign, but boy was I not expecting this. Despite the gorgeous graphics engine and truly awe-inspiring vistas, the game feels so lacking in personality. Like, I haven’t seen such an obvious “floating arm” when I’m in first person since the days of 90s PC shooters. It’s just so stiff and lacking in actual physicality that I never was convinced for a second that it was attached to my character’s body. And the Luke Skywalker mission was even worse, with him constantly holding his lightsaber fully lit and in the most dorky phallic stance I’ve ever seen. There’s just so much mediocrity here that I can’t believe such production value went into it. Hopefully the Battlefield V campaign offers something better.


BF II is absolutely mediocre in just about every way except for production values. That being said, I played entirely too much time playing the Starfighter Assault mode, because I’m a sucker for space dogfighting. That mode is pretty darn fun (and it was developed by Criterion, if memory serves).


Remember how they hyped up being a part of the empire in the campaign? You knew they were never going to commit to it, because Disney definitely didn’t want a Star Wars game where the player committed genocide or something, but it really is like less than an hour before you’ve rebelled. It’s hilarious.


I’ve cooled quite a bit on Crackdown 3 now that I’ve finished it. It nails the moment-to-moment feeling of Crackdown, but it’s let down by mediocre world design and pacing. You can technically go anywhere from the beginning, but the game funnels you around the map in a fairly linear path, so the sense of progression is limited since each area feels roughly tuned to your abilities at the time.

The last area was especially disappointing – from a distance it looks like it’ll be this massive vertical platforming playground, but it ends up being just a few disjointed buildings that each house a linear enemy gauntlet. Which are inexplicably floating on top of a big empty lake. The map design feels rushed, which is odd for a game this long in development.

Also the way the story is handled is a little bizarre and uncomfortable, given the twists in the first two games.


I am going to do my damnedest to stick with it, because I am nothing if not a hardcore Bioware fan, but I think the core loop of Anthem is already wearing on me, less than 24 hours after release.

Perhaps it’s because, in typical trty0 fashion, I am juggling too many games simultaneously; I am also actively playing KOTOR, The Messenger and squeezing in a little Apex and For Honor. Even with that in mind, however, my few hours spent with Anthem have been “fly around, shoot gun/use samey abilities, fly more, go back to Tarsis, engage in “witty bantz” I strongly dislike, read generic lore” and it’s a tiny bit bad.

I’ve got a Javelin I like and the music’s alright I guess?