What game are you playing?


I noticed you skipped 2 and I can’t blame you. I finally played it a few months ago and it was somehow even worse than I had been told.

I would say try DmC, because DMC5 is taking a lot of stuff from that game as well (the series director worked on it halfway through development). It’s a mixed bag but arguably the most full form game in the series after 3 (because 3 remains untouchable).


It is pretty cool, and all the situations with regular zombies are fun. Later on it gets extremely frustrating with fast and special zombies all over the place and I put it down and never wanna play it again. Enjoyed it up until that point though, and I hope 2 won’t repeat that mistake.


I loved Dying Light. I also enjoyed Dead Island, for what it was, but Dying Light was an improvement on that in just about every way. I found the game sort of has a ramp up to being insanely hard, and then like right after that you unlock skills that make it insanely easy. But still fun. I was terrible at most of the challenges, though (the timed parkour especially.)

Do you have the expansion, The Following? It’s practically a sequel already. Another huge map, full storyline with side missions, and now with a buggy to drive and mow down zombies!

Dying Light’s definitely one of my favorite zombie games, and I agree about the soundtrack. I’m looking forward to the actual sequel.


I do have The Following! If I get through the main game, I plan to start that as well. I have heard that the writing is better on The Following, but honestly I’m not that turned off by the writing in the base game? It’s a serviceable plot, and it’s definitely a B-grade story, but THAT’S WHAT I WANT FROM MY ZOMBIE GAME. Anything that plays it too silly, or waaay too straight is just breaking away from what it is. I really like Crane for some reason. I like the inner conflict he has between trying to help a small group of survivors and doing his duty to the GRE.

I’ve thought about going back to Dead Island, specifically with a controller. I head Dead Island has a thumbstick-based combat option that just makes the game INSANELY better.


Dying Light is one of my favourite games of this generation. It came hot off the back of Shadow of Mordor and at the time it felt like this generation was going to be about big, intimidating systems that forced you to think and act differently to other games.

I love how the game looks too. The grimy, film-grain aesthetic makes it look like a Video Nasty from the late 70s and that is a Good Thing to me.


I decided to pull out my PS3 and play Eternal Sonata last night. It holds up super well.

I wish there were more games experimenting with the JRPG formula on current Gen stuff that was kinda gross Atlus stuff.


All the talk about Kingdom Hearts had me itching for a JRPG, but I can’t play them on my Xbox because my TV gaming time is super limited. Decided to pick up Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition for Switch and I’m having a blast with it. Final Fantasy was a huge part of my childhood but they’re games for people with the kind of time I don’t have anymore. The Pocket Edition is super streamlined without any of the open world stuff but with all the Final Fantasy emo anime prince bullshit you know and love. Since that was the thing I was looking for it’s been a more than worthwhile substitute.


I wish I could get into how Eternal Sonata plays, because oh my god the premise of Chopin, on his deathbed, being transported into a fantasy world where he becomes a shonen anime protagonist is too good.


I love it. It’s… a bit slow to start… but it’s a beautiful game. And I do find the combat more interesting than a lot of turn based games.


So I finally got around to playing Cultist Simulator and damn this game is interesting. It’s a management game through the medium of a solitaire card game and that alone is such an cool premise. But the way that all of the different resources and interactions work with each other creates this beautiful puzzle, learning how to solve it has been a delight!


I was expecting this month to be an expensive one in terms of games, but since most of the reviews for the big releases were kind of meh and Crackdown 3 was good enough to come out on game pass. I made the decision that I wasn’t going to pay full whack for any of them. I sort of feel as if I’m being steadily skilled out of Apex Legends, so I’m back on Destiny 2 with the season of the drifter starting this week.

I’m finding the new gambit mode okay. I don’t think it has the initial impact of the original gambit mode, but I do appreciate the one and done aspect to it. Definitely feels busier and more compact and the primeval becomes more of a tug of war battle with the opposing team. I felt with regular gambit it had become a game where people knew exactly how to melt the primeval within seconds. Don’t think I’m strong enough to take the Trials Gambit mode but so far Destiny 2 is my ‘career game’ of choice.

Also really digging the story behind the update about gambit being a means for Guardians to flirt with darkness rather than light. They don’t need to go all in and explaing gambit with lore, but I do love it and it does pave the way forward to a more interesting incarnation of Destiny 3 - whatever that will end up being.

Also purchased Ape Out for the Switch. I like the aesthetic most of all, it is the most striking element of it. A kind of jazz fused splatter punk version of Hot Line Miami. It’s okay to kill the people around you because they are doing experiments on you!

Other than that, I’m just biding my time until Sekiro. I don’t need to see anything else about that game to know it’s going to be a doozy. And I do not say doozy lightly.


So, a quick Thief 3 update:

I made it through Shalebridge Cradle, the orphanage level that everyone says is great. Turns out, they were very right! It’s definitely one of my favorite horror experiences in video games. It is masterfully restrained in a way that is almost non existent in games. It starts uneventful, relying on incredibly unsettling sound design to slowly ratchet up the tension. When it finally presents you with a threat, it isn’t with a big jump scare or a musical swell, but with a distant horror slowly crossing your field of view.

Short hot take version: it’s like if Bioshock 1 was good!

Anyway, I couldn’t recommend this experience more! The whole series is on sale for 10 bucks over on Humble, which is well worth it for the first three games, which are all excellent. If you’re going to play the 3rd game, the Sneaky Upgrade is highly recommended and can be found here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/thief-3-sneaky-upgrade


Played this new hot game called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. What do you mean it’s from 2007! Anyway, it was an ok campaign I guess, but, and I don’t know if anyone noticed, that game is pretty horny for war. Very horny but also with all those nuanced quotes and stuff like “a single airplane cost 112 millions dollar” that gives a little of a mixed impression. What do you mean people said this twelve years ago!


I always NEVER understood how Russia isn’t COMPLETELY justified in invading the U.S. for the airport terrorist attack.

“N-no, you don’t understand! We were imbedding that U.S. agent with Makarov to GET Makarov!”

“But he still pulled the trigger and killed dozens of our civilians…”


“Yeah, sorry, war.”

I’m still a huge fan of the cold war conspiracy sleeper agent story of Black Ops, but that’s because I love Cold War fiction and the Manchurian Candidate, despite how problematic it is. God, the twist that Reznov has been dead the whole time was actually pretty fucking neato for Call of Duty.

And the BEST level in the game, where that spoiler is revealed, doesn’t even have any guns! It’s great:


CODBLOPS1 is my favorite COD by a loooong way because of that storyline. Playing a COD version of a '70s conspiracy movie and I like it so much and I’m pretty upset that the later BLOPS ones basically dropped the whole thing.


Yeah. I did appreciate Black Ops 2 taking the route of, ‘Your actions have consequences!’ with choices you made throughout the game.

I wish there was THAT within the conspiracy timeline.

God, and the voice talent! Sam Worthington, Ed Harris, Ice Cube… Fantastic.


Black Ops campaign was nuts. Meeting President Kennedy was so cool at the time.

Felt the campaign was literally going to finish with you aiming a sniper rifle right at his motorcade. I believe it was implied in the credits but it would have completed the campaign perfectly if you were holding the gun. Feel as if Black Ops never had the guts to match the big moments of MW1 and 2. I just seem to remember ‘fuck year US warships’ at the end.


Some of the best moments in Call of Duty Black Ops is how they show don’t tell that Mason was probably the Kennedy shooter.

Mason repeatedly says, “Oswald compromised!” During the scene above.

There’s the wonderful scene as Mason is beating Dragovich in the ship where Mason yells, “You tried to make me kill my president!” And Dragovich just says with a smirk, “Tried?”

And then of course the after-credits scene where Mason is seen in Dallas at the time of the assassination.

UGH, I love Black Ops so much. The only issue is that it can get VERY Xenophobic during the Vietnam sequences, and showing the Vietcong storming at you like ‘a horde’ is incredibly problematic imagery.


I’m a big fan of Call of Duty 2. Y’all talking about these story things in the newer games made me realise that one thing I really like about 2 is that there is no story. It’s WW2, so we know what happened, and I don’t really need to pay attention. There is no need to make up some other outrages sequence of events (and by your descriptions they seem very outrages). I’ve also played Blops3 and I have no idea what happened in that at all (I also hated it).

I think the gameplay of 2 is much, much better than what it is in MW, which is more important I suppose. That you can fire through some materials is very cool, but there isn’t much punch to the guns, the enemies are surprisingly bulletspongey, and difficult to make out in the environments.


Trying out Knights of Pen and Paper, an RPG made by the team who did Chroma Squad, which was one of my favorite games I played in 2017. Not as good, but incredibly inventive. The idea is that you’re playing a tabletop RPG game with a selection of people roleplaying their characters, complete with a DM in charge. The twist is that not only do you control the players, but also the DM, deciding on the difficulty of battles and quests. Dungeons are randomized, sadly, but the whole experience has been pretty charming so far.

Also replaying Alpha Protocol and yeah, I still adore it. I genuinely think this is going to be the one game I could play forever and never get sick of it. It has the same sense of flow as Mass Effect 2 with a way better dialog and choice system, and overall stronger dialog, but each run only takes about 25 hours, so I can replay it and keep exploring all the cool stuff the game does. It’s also super fun to cheese this with a stealth and pistol build, with a bit of sabotage to assist with camera detection. It’s also in this run that I’m finally learning to love the shock trap.