What game are you playing?


Yeah Mason definitely shot Kennedy and by the end of the game it’s really, really hard to know how much of Mason’s story even happened at all, let alone in the way it was presented. It’s pretty neat. Is it problematic as fuck? Hell fucking yes it is, it’s Call of Duty. Still like it.


Cold War Fiction prays upon white CIS people’s fear of communism, socialism, POC, queer folk, and other marginalized groups who are questioning the state of things, by planting the idea that they may not be in control of their own actions and an enemy in disguise. Ironically, the fiction of the Cold War had more of a programming effect than MK Ultra ever did.

That’s why I like the remake of Manchurian Candidate more than the original. The programming of our heroes is done by both our own military and corporations. It has the reverse effect of encouraging questioning of our norms instead of the more problematic approach of questioning new ideas.


Finished the main story of Anthem. I already mentioned this is in the dedicated thread, but I’m just not interested in continuing to play for the game’s own sake. Not until some quality of life improvements at least. Man…

In more positive news, I did my first run of Deltarune and at least tried to do a “genocide” run before I realized that’s sorta not possible

I think it’s off to a really compelling start, with Lancer’s arc being the highlight, and I can’t wait to see the possible connections to Undertale. Noelle is adorbs and I would give her a big ol’ hug.

I also also completed the initial “softer” levels of Ape Out and folks, I think ya gotta play this game. The third “disc”, Fugue, with its army of snares is probably going to be my fave game music of the year.

And the final level is the most gleeful act of carnage I have maybe ever experienced in a video game. I won’t spoil it and I implore ya’ll to check it out.


Almost all of the British campaign takes place in north Africa, yes. I assume you mean that is a bad thing or something. I just meant that there is no story where people talk about some person or thing and I have to listen and remember things.


DMC5 is a good ass time. I can’t remember the last time I devoured a game and I could not stop playing this one. There’s not much to say about the game because it’s the least “about something” that a game can be but Holy shit is this a masterpiece of mechanical design. Nero and V are completely fascinating to play, while Dante is… fun? This is the least I’ve enjoyed playing as Dante for awhile and it has nothing to do with the actual mechanics. The limitations placed on both Nero and V are way more interesting than Dante’s smorgasbord of options. They’re all fun to use, but the Devil Breaker system is on some other level of smart and I miss it every time I’m in Dante’s shoes. I don’t miss it when I’m kicking it as V. V has a bird AND a cat. You can’t do better than that.


V’s the best playable version of Soundwave from Transformers since the Cybertron games.


I just finished the Titanfall 2 campaign and y’all… that game is extremely good. I love BT so much. I don’t remember a time that I felt this attached to a character. Everyone talks about Cause and Effect, or the SERE Kit, or the assembly line parts as being the best bits, but I think the beginning of Trial By Fire might’ve been my favorite bit? It’s like ‘what if D-Day but giant robots’ and was just a ton of fun to have an extended period of some larger scale Titan combat. Although the "Press to Time Travel prompt that comes up in Cause and Effect is maybe the best button prompt in any video game ever.

This made me really, really hope that the Titanfall thing that Vince Zampella said they’re working on and is coming out this year is a singleplayer-only Titanfall 3. I would be really bummed out if the Respawn folx never make more singleplayer stuff because TF2 was really incredible. And I think that, at this point, it even makes sense to do a singleplayer-only thing. I don’t recall who it was I heard say this (it was either Austin or Jeff Gerstmann) but like… TF2’s multiplayer is damn near perfect and if that didn’t take off in a major way then what do you even do to try and iterate on it for a third game? On top of that, releasing a second multiplayer shooter this year is just going to be eating their own lunch, right?

I saw someone on twitter recently talking about how they have a developer that they’ll play any game they put out and y’know what? Respawn is probably that developer for me. I loved Titanfall 1, 2, and Apex Legends so at this point I’m on board with basically anything they want to do.


I’m diving all the way back into BotW after a long time away. Finished up the third guardian dungeon last night and looking forward to hitting the open world again. I hope to have Ganon done and dusted by the time Sekiro comes out in a couple weeks.


Me: “Well Sekiro is going to take over your life in two weeks, but you have 3 different games you’ve started but haven’t finished, you should have enough time to finish one of them i’m pretty sure.”

Also me: “Or you could just spend all your gaming free time playing zelda and apex instead”

Me, Again: “the second option please”


Me: “Well, you could check out some games in Game Pass or EA Access. Maybe check out your backlog. Or heck, there’s s little room in the budget so why not treat yourself to a new game?

Also me: “Or you could just spend all your gaming free time playing Realm Royale which is very buggy and not even the best game in its genre”

Me, Again: “the second option please”


This is a good posting gimmick

Me: “I know every game has a ‘hump’ where they’re not the most exciting thing in the world, but you gotta put in the effort to get over that if you want to improve your critical voice, or at least find something else to do instead of playing games, maybe take a breather?”

Also me: “Or you could just start yet another game”

Me, again: “Inject that second option straight into my veins”


Let me give it a shot:

Me: “Well, it’s the weekend and your backlog is full of critically-acclaimed games you’re excited to play.”

Also me: “There’s also this janky tactics game that makes you mad.”

Me, again: “Definitely the second thing.”


I remembered earlier today playing puzzle maps in HL2 DM and having a lot of fun with them and so went looking for something similar and came across this really well made one on Garry’s Mod.

The map is designed to be played co-op but can be played solo and has some really great puzzles in it. It only takes an hour to play and doesn’t require you to have a ton of addons or setting up a server.

If anyone has any suggestions for co-op puzzle games let me know!


I played through what seems like most of DMC5 over the weekend. That game is fantastic and it’s nice to see Capcom make a truly great DMC game again. After 4 I kinda thought they didn’t have it in them anymore. My only complaints really are

  • The game is way too easy on normal and you need to unlock the harder difficulties.
  • V’s sections in particular are absurdly easy, you can get S ranks and above in fights pretty consistently by just mashing. I’m sure there’s some depth to his mechanics somewhere, but there’s no reason to ever use them.

Other than that though, it’s fantastic. The RE Engine really looks stunning also. The stuff they manage to pull off while holding a steady 60FPS is absurd.


Always good to hear another convert.

I think if you go back through Respawn’s history - they’ve consistently changed the game as far as First Person Shooters go. They practically came out of Medal of Honour Allied Assault, which at the time was the most realistic depiction of the D-Day landings. Then they made Call of Duty and reinvented Competitive Multiplayer with COD4. Modern Warefare 2 had Spec Ops which is still one of the best uses of co-op there has ever been - infinitely better than zombies. Titanfall took the COD formula and amped up the movement and just the feeling of being this superhuman soldier.

I hope with Apex the stage is set for another Titanfall. I haven’t got a clue how they’d top Titanfall 2 but I would never bet against Respawn. I always hoped Blizzard would make single player story stuff for Overwatch, like you play a mission as one of the characters. Would love to see this being done for Apex.


I played a bit of Don’t Starve over the weekend. It was fun… but I’m not really into roguelikes. It’s hard to muster up the energy to start over and re-do two hours of wood gathering. There’s so much wood gathering…

But then I jumped back into Shovel Knight and finished Plague of Shadows and started and finished Specter of Shadows. Both are super fun!


I was wondering about this. I usually play everything on the default difficulty but so far it’s felt like every fight in DMC5 has ended right as it’s starting to get good. Other than that I’m really enjoying it. It’s uncanny how it feels exactly like 1 and 3, just insanely pretty. And like you said, the performance is great; I have it set to high and it’s been silky smooth so far.


Me: “Pillars of Eternity II and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey are both pretty great and I should probably finish them since I’ve already put like 50 hours into both.”

Also me: “Or I could do my 20th completionist run of Dragon Age: Inquisition where I force myself to do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING and hate the game for it by the end.”

Still me: “Inquisitor: Well, shit.”


I love how Devil May Cry 5 has me playing as a lanky Adam Driver looking goth boy. Who recites poetry as his ghost panther and death bird mauls the minions of Hell.


Me: “So. You didn’t want to play Anthem, and then you bought it and finished the plot, and you quite enjoyed it, and there’s plenty left to do. You traded in your few physical games, and got AC Odyssey and Witcher 3. You’ve played through Hitman 2 once, and have Mastery to do. Destiny 2 just changed Season, though you seem to have soured on that, and a ton of Burnout Paradise still to do. Then there’s all those Game Pass games you’ve not touched, like Graveyard Keeper, State of Decay 2, Forza Horizon 4, Just Cause 3 and 4, Headlander, and even replaying those Arkham games you liked that got recently added. Oh, and your pre-order of Division 2 unlocks Friday.”

Also me: “Buy Trials Rising?”

Me: “Oh, you know it.”