What game are you playing?


I decided today that in preparation for Sekiro, I would replay Bloodborne and see how far I could get into the game in a week and a half so I can polish up a little bit on that from style of gameplay so I don’t get completely wrecked by Sekiro. I haven’t played BB in close to two years, so this should be fun


Like many others, a bunch of Devil May Cry 5, now onto my 2nd playthrough. This is my first ‘proper’ DMC game, and I really like most of what it’s doing. I’d echo some other sentiment I’ve seen going around, chiefly:

  • The combat is undeniably fantastic. The animations and fluidity make almost every encounter something to look forward to… which is basically all the time. I’m hopeless at it, but I enjoy feeling cool, which is something the game achieves very easily.

  • Holy heck do these cutscenes look good. The combination of visual fidelity and style reminds me of old tech demos with a billion fiery particle effects and such. The story is a wash but it looks damn good.

  • I do wish there was better environment variety, both in terms of how your navigate it and visually. It says something when your standout levels are perhaps a simple urban environment and a train station, but thankfully while you’re in the midst of racking up those style points, you don’t notice too much.

I’d really like to have seen V fleshed out more. At first sight I had an almost giddy reaction to having familiars to command, combined with his finishers which I love love love, and even the silly poetry reading which can be a fun risk/reward element. But sadly they just don’t give him enough to play with. There’s not enough interaction between your two main familiars and your options just feel very limited, so you end up mashing buttons until you can use DT, and yeah… it’s just not as deep or expansive as Nero or Dante. It’s a shame - I’d love to see a version of V with another 15-20 skills added to his arsenal.


I was deep into the multiplayer in that game in 2008, and I jumped at the chance to get into the remastered version when it became free on PS+. Here’s what has changed since 2008:

  • I no longer have the patience to sit through multiple bad games and wait for the dopamine hit of a good game
  • hey maybe all the balance tweaks they made vis a vis killstreaks in later games were actually good
  • i’m not good at this game anymore

Here’s what hasn’t changed since 2008:

  • the only game I played started with a young boy named 420_MLGLad saying nonsense on public chat
  • racial slurs in usernames and clan tags, no easy way to report
  • boy I did not realize how bad this game suffered from the “rich get richer” mentality. it’s an extreme opposite of the kind of rubber-banding you’d see in Mario Kart


That f2p Dissidia PC port that just came out is weird as hell

There’s almost no graphics options to modify. You get a handful of on/off toggles for certain effects but it’s barely anything. It also has a toggle to sharpen the graphics even though the PC version is so sharp already it barely looks like it has any anti-aliasing.

I started an offline bot match and once you get in to that menu, you can’t get back out for some reason. The only way to get back to the mode selection menu is to start playing a match and choose “Return to Title Screen” from the pause menu. Rather than wait through a loading screen and character intros, I tried Alt+F4 but they block that for some bizarre reason. I had to force-kill the executable from the task manager.

The mouse pointer is permanently on screen. It doesn’t matter if it knows you’re using a controller, the mouse pointer is always just there. During FMV, in menus, while playing the game, always. At least you can move it to a corner to hide it somewhat.

You’d think you could at least use the mouse for menus, and you can, but not in the way you’d think. Instead of just being able to click on a menu option, Dissidia treats the mouse like some kind of analog stick? So when you swipe the mouse upwards, it simulates pushing up on an analog stick. Swipe left, it’s like pushing left. Clicking is like pushing the A button. It’s bizarre.

It feels like the people who made this PC port have never used a computer before.


I’ve played a whole bunch of Spelunky over the years (758 hours according to Steam) and I’ve finally achieved a goal I’ve been chasing for a while: I completed a Low% Speedrun in 4:33.483! As far as speedruns of that game go it’s not particularly fast but I’m super happy just to have gotten it done and put a time on the leaderboards.

And since I’ve hit that goal of mine, I’m now moving onto the next one: to learn the run for Phantasy Star Online! (Specifically the ‘Episode 1 Any% Glitchless’ category) It’s a really good game and it’s been a ton of fun learning it. The run is very reliant on luck (both in item drops and in which maps you get) but it’s a lot of fun to just play and I’m finding it surprisingly relaxing.

Video games are good and speedrunning is fun, y’alls.


Just started the Lost Planet series again. Got mentioned on a recent podcast here, and saw the 3rd one up for sale today, so I’ve taken it as a sign! This is the 4th time I’ve tried to play through the first game, when it first came out it was too difficult for me, every time after that I’ve just ended up sliding off of it because newer stuff would come out. Seeing as I’m broke for the foreseeable future, that likely won’t happen this time! Wish I could get EX Troopers too, but oh well, maybe someday.

I can already say that I’d love to see Capcom come back to this series sometime, feels like it could go in so many directions, I remember getting Monster Hunter vibes from trailers showing off LP2 back in the day, and 3 seems to be more survival horror leaning? It’d be cool to see more focused versions of both of those visions of the series.


I’m making a real, honest-to-goodness attempt at playing the original NieR. I had originally jumped on it right after finishing automata and that was a bad mistake. 10 hours of unfriendly sidequests in, I bounced off hard.

Coming back to it with revised expectations, the combat isn’t as stiff as I remember and there’s a level of visual artistry in the game I had completely glossed over the first time. The story is also easier to swallow because i know what to expect from Yoko Taro; strong concepts and overall construction supported by a much, much weaker moment-to-moment storyline.

I think this is gonna be a game I end up loving dearly.

That being said, I can’t get over the older protagonist in the localization. I know the father character is generally well-liked, but everything I know about the teenage character in the Japanese version makes me want to be playing as him instead. It also feels like the plot and mechanics don’t fit quite right for Old Man Nier.


I’ve spent the past couple of days playing Dawn Of Man, which is a small indie citybuilder starting in the stone age and progressing up towards the Iron age.

It’s pretty good! Slow, simple, and relaxing, it reminds me a lot of Banished, which was one of my comfort games for a long time. There’s not a huge amount of real depth there, but as a $20 indie citybuilder made by two people, I’m quite happy with what I paid for.


I’m playin Obra Dinn and it is exactly the tone of game I was hoping for. Methodical, thoughtful, earnest, and mysterious. I’m four hours in and about halfway through. Some of the death tableaus are so striking! I’m lovin it


I love love loved the first Lost Planet. Each game in the series is so different from the last and each game is emblematic of where Capcom was as a publisher/developer at that time. Lost Planet was the first of a string of early hits for Capcom based around their decision to embrace the new generation and develop their own multi-purpose HD game engine in-house. Lost Planet 2 was their bid to take over the world by shoving Monster Hunter into their new hit IP. And LP3 was part of Capcom’s largely failed experiment in commissioning western studios to give their IP a broader appeal.

The series has no character, and it’s a real bummer considering how awesome that first game was.


I’m extremely getting this now I’m at Dante Must Die mode, it genuinely makes the game ludicrously more chalanging in his levels. It makes sense from a narrative perspective that he be weaker that the rest of the cast, but I was really hoping for some more skills to unlock for him after beating the game.

At this point I’m bashing my head against DMD mission 12, the idea being I’ll either finally push through or amass enough gold orbs to brute force my way through at some point. Dante’s an absolute riot when you’re Galaxy Braining between styles, but even that isn’t saving me from High Difficulty Hell.


The whole dad/brother Nier thing is interesting because I’ve definitely read stories about how even the Japanese dev team came to feel like Dad Nier seemed more canonical, which is kinda strange considering it was all just a regional marketing thing.


Horizon Zero Dawn: Finished the Frozen Wilds. Highly enjoyed it, looking forward to coming back to finish up side quests and stuff.


Sometimes when I’m working and need to concentrate. I’ll put on the Uncharted Worlds music from Mass Effect. I’m not compiling information for reporting purposes. I’m going to the moon.


That’s amazing because I just found out apparently the japanese fandom prefers brother Nier. No one is satisfied.

Clearly the only solution is to wish for an upcoming Platinum remake where you can choose your protagonist. With an added 3rd mode where you just play as Yonah herself, on her own.


I’ve been playing Hypnospace Outlaw and I’m finding it closest to Diaries of a Spaceport Jainitor than anything else I’ve heard about. It seems that these games fall into a subset of sim/sandbox game in the vein of Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon but where the focus is on the systems NOT making a whole lot of sense at first. Where you feel like a tourist taking in these spaces while trying to grasp the weird customs and systems that govern them.

I’d argue hacknet, Jazztronauts and N8* also fell under this, though maybe not quite as intentionally as these are weird MMOs with lots of player expression or (in the case of Jazztronauts) rely on user made content for another game).

I’m really, really interested to see if any other games will/have messed around with this (and if anybody knows any that I can play now I’d be very grateful!)


Interesting. I was so glad we got father Nier when I found out there were two different versions.

Brother Nier does some stuff with the relationships with Kaine and Emil that don’t come across with father Nier, but I found the core narrative of Parent sacrificing literally everything to save child to be more resonant for me (at that time before that thing has now been done a lot) than the brother.


I’m playing Baba is You. This game is actually really great. Lots of fun “Ah Ha!” moments. Its difficult, but i’m having a blast. Gonna have to balance this and sekiro over the next weeks/months/however long its gonna take me to beat two difficult games haha.


This has never happened before but I’m literally tiring out playing Baba Is You. I live for these kinds of puzzle games but this is the first time that I can’t go long periods of playing but I’m loving this game all the same.


So Trials Rising has been uninstalled, as has Anthem - external HDD attached to Xbox has failed so can’t simply move them across, so farewell.

Hit level cap in Anthem, and I’m frustrated nothing happens (most games of this type at least acknowledge you are at level cap and have a bit of a go at directing you to the harder content - this had literally nothing happen, at all). That’s the end of that until there’s content - it’s so unbearably repetitive once the actual written quest-lines run out, and I have better games to play right now. The game is in a really bad place, with some massive bugs (even the dedicated Reddit seems at this point to be at “fuck it, what else should we play?”) and if it just felt worthwhile to put time into I’m sure they’d have good concurrent player numbers regardless. As is? Ouch, I imagine. Big ouch.

Trials Rising is a different kettle of fish. I’ve played every Xbox released one and done even the Extreme tracks, and loved them all (yes, even Fusion). This game makes me intensely angry. I’m not even off of the easy tracks yet, and I am RAGING at the game. It just genuinely makes me quit out. At first, I thought “you’ve not played one of these in a while, push on”. But I stayed angry at it. “Maybe they changed the physics?” And yes, that does seem right, though nobody else seems to think so. “Maybe you just don’t like Trials any more?” Went and reinstalled Fusion, played a whole area of tracks, loved every second. Didn’t get frustrated, didn’t feel like it was inconsistent, it felt great. Went back and tried Rising again, angry within a minute. So, uninstalled until an unknown later date when I might play it again, but for now, it’s on the reject pile.

But who cares? The Division 2 has unlocked! I’m not even out of the first zone and I’m so damn happy. I feel like I need to do some retooling - I just seem to be dying a lot right now - but the game itself is exactly what I want right now, even though technically this is the third time I have done so (closed beta and open beta). DC is so much more colourful than NY was, I love the new skills (I need a reviver Hive while I solo I hear, as it’ll just get me straight back up) and it just feels like a seriously polished game in the exact opposite way Anthem feels right now. Loot is plentiful (and useful even when it’s bad) there’s so much stuff to do (my map is literally festooned with various activity symbols and I’m 2 levels above the zone already) and everything is just so damn polished. It feels nice to get loot, see it right then and there for what it is, and be able to switch weapons skills and gear on the fly again after so much Anthem!