What game are you playing?

I feel you! When I played it for the first time I went on to play through two more times back to back. I usually don’t replay games, but the level design and art are just so great in that game that I couldn’t help myself!

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I’ve said it before, but I kind of need to stress it again now that I’m seeing Viera everywhere.

For the love of all that is good, SquareEnix need to do something about the way they conceptualize, draw, and design their female characters.

Gosh I think Fran is a cool character in Final Fantasy XII, but what in the world were they thinking when they made her and the rest of her race eroticized rabbits with lingerie for clothes/armor? Especially when literally everything else about her is amazing (at least to this point; can’t remember if there is more problematic material on the way).

It is so embarrassing. When I walked into the Viera village last night, I almost instinctively tipped the Switch away from my wife so that she couldn’t look over and see that I was really, really enjoying a game that had sexualized female bunnies for main characters. Not because they are particularly exciting to me, but because they are so obviously meant to be objectified. Ashe isn’t much better, but she’s moderately more dressed than, for instance, a Victoria’s Secret model.

XIII and XV both have this problem too (I haven’t played XIV, I’ll just assume it’s also afflicted). If only there were mods for the Switch that would let us put some reasonable clothing on the women. Obviously SquareEnix couldn’t care less about how this looks to people who, I don’t know, worry about the objectification of women in general.



I think that’s a bit much. She isn’t exactly wearing proper armor, but she’s nowhere near that stripped down.

If you want to see stripped down, go look up the special costumes Team Persona has been putting in every Persona game 3 and on.

Honestly, the FF stuff doesn’t bother me much because the costumes are all so overly designed that they become distracting in and of themselves for all the weird doo-dads or strange fashion choices. When a game has a more by the number style, then it starts to grate on me (thus why I can only play the Steam version of Loren the Amazon Princess, because the non-censored version is exploding with regular outfits that show a ridiculous amount of skin and an otherwise straight forward fantasy story).

Sorry, I wasn’t clear - that’s what I meant. She’s not as stripped down as the Viera, though she’s still in armor/clothing that looks less-than-functional. You’re right that it’s mostly a fashion show, but the Viera in particular seem like nothing more than fantasy fulfillment, especially since there isn’t much to their clothing/armor beyond the lingerie look.

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I see where you’re coming from, but I’ve seen what it looks like when SE goes full fanservice and that isn’t it.

When they go full fanservice, you end up with The 3rd Birthday (aka Parasite Eve 3), quite possibly one of the most sexist games ever made, which you start the realize the more layers of what it even is gets revealed. The clothing damage system ends up being NOTHING with the crap it pulls all in service to trying to pander to otakus.

I’d start going into it but I could literally write a full essay about it. Feel free to google the plot and ending and I’ll await your response cause it is A LOT.

You have not even BEGUN to see what SE objectifying a woman can be. The Viera get to be confident and independent women. Aya Brea? Ooooooh…she got done dirty. It was all for the sake of raking in money from guys who are scared off by strong women.

I went out with the intention of buying Astral Chain for the Switch but it was all sold out, so I purchased Fire Emblem: Three Houses instead becasue I heard it was pretty good. I’ll probably still buy Astral Chain at a later deep. However all this is futile becasue I’m still deep into Dragon Quest Builders 2. And the game keeps opening up and keeps getting better. I finished the first island, went back to start work on my utopia on my second island and have just started the second big story island (there’s a proc-gen chain of islands in which I found some chicken friends). As before, what is so good about this game is the way in which you’re not only building, but building a community, giving them the tools to act autonomously whilst you can get to work on main tasks. So far it’s game of the year for me and it’s been a pretty good year for games.

I started Octopath Traveler yesterday and, for the life of me, I cannot tell you why I didn’t start sooner. I got the game digitally for like half price five or six months ago and it’s just sat on the switch. I’m in love. The visuals are astounding to me. What is also astounding is my rediscovered ability to play JRPGs. I just put 70 hours into dragon quest xi two months ago and now I’m back for more (and will probably get dqxi on switch so I can actually finish it).
But Octopath. The second thing I noticed after the graphics is that it feels like a bad fan translation from the 90s. It might just be the character I chose, but the fake olde English is fucking godawful. The Japanese dialogue is nothing like that. They’re not even using samurai flourishes or anything during the spoken segments. I want to play it with Japanese text to see if they at least do that. My spouse walked in and asked if the speech bubbles were broken because they couldn’t comprehend the language choices being made.

Outside of that this game is perfect so far. I love the battle system. I love this pokemon gimmick my character has. I love the different weapons and break system. I love randomly menacing townsfolk with my giant cat. It’s a blast. I don’t even mind the disjointed way the story is laid out. I’m only on my second character so I have a long say to go, but it is a freaking hoot let me tell you.

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Been in a weird mood lately and decided to give Celeste a shot. This screen hit me hard (CW: depression).

Beat the main story and it was absolutely lovely.


Outside of Control, which I am moderately pacing myself through, I’ve been messing around with Pokemon Master the new weird gatcha game in town. It’s fine? It’s at that wierd spot were Pokémon is super comfy but the realities of gatcha mean that the best way to play is super invested with spreadsheets. The gameplay is also, I dunno, not particularly compelling. Maybe it gets better later, but it just seems to go one of two ways, either it’s too easy and you cruise through, or it’s too hard and you get stomped. There’s not really much strategy, and given that all gatcha are p2w in some form I’m not shocked.

I’m also like half and half on the characters. On one hand, I really love a gatcha game where every character isn’t you know, designed for those people. Imagine trying to sell a character like Clay in another gatcha game lol. On the other hand, Pokémon doesn’t really have characters? And most of the dialogue is well… filler to put it mildly.

On one hand it’s Pokémon so it’s still comfy. But on the other everything that’s not the Pokémon world is just very ehh. I need something to mess around with on work downtime so I’ll probably keep messinf around with it until they start really putting the screws in me to buy something, then I’ll dip.

I’ve been slowly playing through Control with my wife whenever our baby is asleep and we are HOOKED. Being a big fan of Twin Peaks, LOST, Fringe and also decadent brutalist architecture and uh, triangles(?) lemme tell ya game has been a trip.
I thought Sekiro was a lock for my GOTY but Control is just really hitting me harder, even if I find all the mods/gun forms/loot perfunctory and there being maybe 40% too many combat encounters. But the Oldest House as a setting just feels so rich and textured that I love simply being in this space. I’m about halfway through it now, I think, and hope the combat doesn’t end up feeling too long in the tooth by the end.

Also playing Death End Re;Quest (think I got that name right). An isekai JRPG mixed with a visual novel that… doesn’t quite excel in any one area but the novelty of it all has me sticking with it.

Finally, I’m also slowly chipping away at Muv-Luv on vita. I’m still in my very first playthrough but feel like I’ve been playing it for YEARS since I keep putting it down because of how repulsive Takeru is. But the praise for that series is so overwhelmingly glowing that, as a fan of VNs I feel like I should really try and persevere.

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Oh, man, Control is SO GOOD. I, too, have mostly been saving it for like an hour or two at the end of the day, after I’ve put our birds to bed, because it’s very much a “headphones on” game. You’ve got to drink in all the ambience like it’s a fancy cocktail from one of those places where you just give the bartender a vague instruction and they come up with something bespoke on the spot.

I’m honestly surprised at how much I enjoy the combat rhythmns of that game, though. Even though it’s the same loop of “launch, pew pew pew, launch, pew pew pew” for something like 90% of the fights, it’s so satisfying somehow. To borrow Austin’s phrase for describing Remnant: “it feels good to do the thing”. I don’t know why this feels so much better than the Mass Effect games, which I loved but felt a lot more samey despite having the exact same combat loop but greater enemy variety.

Anyway, I can’t wait to jump into Alan Wake after this. I can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on Remedy games this whole time.


Rolled credits on my 2nd playthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2. Like all modern Rockstar titles, the seams that hold the world together become much more apparent on repeat playthroughs, but it’s still a big soppy cowboy soap opera that makes me very very sad and very very happy and I love it dearly. I’d definitely still rate it as my goty of 2018.

I miss Arthur Morgan so much, dude.


Super Metroid: Still great

Joycon control scheme: Not great

Still I’m really happy that I can finally play it legally now. I appreciate that fact.


Went back and completed Nier Automata. Completed the three main run throughs and going to get the other 20+ endings before doing the final choice. I’ve had a long-term slow burning blast with this game.

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Is the bad part about it weapon selection? The — (select) button is right above the analog stick which doesn’t seem great.

Super Mario World is the first game I ever played and beat, and still one of my favorite games of all time, but I had never played the sequel so I started Yoshi’s Island last night. it’s so cute and fun!!!

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Yeah. You can remap the controls a little bit so I was able to swap the weapon selection to the Y button, and I swapped dash and shoot so my thumb could rest better. The select button basically not existing still isn’t great, but i was able to get into a groove a lot better

Edit: if I could take advantage of the fact that I have four shoulder buttons I think the control scheme would be perfect for me, but I get it. It’s most just me griping from going from a keyboard to the joycons which kinda aren’t built for snes/nes games

This weekend I decided to finally return to Resident Evil 7. I had stopped playing it after breaking up with a partner I had previously been playing through the game with and decided it was finally time to return.

Turns out I only had 20 minutes left :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Overall I enjoyed the game. But the last third or so wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as the rest of the game. I have never played any other resident evil, but the back third felt like they were trying to “make it a resident evil game” and the story elements they added were just plain dull. They increased the scope in a poor way.

Nonetheless it was good fun, and playing a horror game where you had a proper way to fight back felt refreshing after the recent trends in horror games.


Thinking of Reinstalling Half-Life 2 after I play Opposing Force and Blue Shift again.

I’m going to miss GOOD AI.

Does anyone have any good mod recommendations for HL2 that makes the AI better?


My impression is that HL2’s AI is pretty much the same as HL1’s but the level design gives it basically no options most of the time. Either you’re in a straight corridor where they have nowhere to go to set up a flank or you’re in a wide open area where you can easily force them to cross a killing zone to reach you (at which point they start helpfully tossing grenades that you can chuck back with the Gravity Gun). The weird, boxy environments were just a lot better at allowing the AI to flank the player.

I started playing Outer Wilds and am having a very enjoyable time although I worry I’m too stupid to be able to work out what to do on some of the planets. There’s not really a useful guide online that I can find if I get stuck. The IGN one just presumes an understanding of where things are that I can’t grasp sometimes.