What game are you playing?


I’ve been trying to work my way through Fire Emblem Warriors before the big launches this week. I’ve also been back into World of Warcraft, and I just finished all the Argus story stuff.

Mario & Wolfenstein on Friday, and Destiny 2 on PC. :grimacing:

I also had that big Overwatch Artbook LE ordered, as well as a big Akira boxset.

It’s going to be an expens- fun week. :money_mouth_face:


In general, it’s my own lack of patience, stubbornness, and anxiety. I’ll play the game initially and make a fair bit of progress with the help of a guide and summons, but for some reason (maybe a particularly tough boss or section), I’ll put the game down for an extended period of time.

At some point, I’ll decide I want to learn the game for real, without help. So I’ll come back, create a new character, and try to relearn the systems without a guide. But I’ll hit roadblocks early on, and instead of learning patterns or even just using a guide, I get really stressed and anxious and stop playing. (This has happened multiple times)

As a person with really bad anxiety, these games probably aren’t the best choice, but the thrill of overcoming obstacles in them is so amazing, I’ll always give them a shot.


Another big Souls fan here, games have made a big impact on my life.


Lately it’s been Stardew Valley and FFXIV.

FFXIV has a Halloween event going on and I’ve been doing the instance for it with my friends, and Stardew Valley updated it’s mod API and broke all mods I had installed, so after updating all of them I figured I might as well play it some more and I haven’t stopped since.


Too much at the same time (again). I can’t escape this curse.
Most recently Fire Emblem Warriors and Stardew Valley.

I started Stardew on PC but shortly after the then Wii U version was announced, so I stopped (secretly also hoping for a Vita version). Now on Switch it‘s just perfect as a podcast game. In winter of year 1 now. :v:


I spent a couple of weeks playing chicken with that game, daring it to completely push me away from what seems like a good story and at least one incredible character. I lost. The controls are unforgivably bad, which makes the puzzles/platforming utterly tedious. You’ll figure out exactly what you have to do, but then it takes some 15 minutes and multiple accidental deaths to actually execute the solution. The game would be better even if it was just an open-world pet-owning sim with Trico. Total bummer, imo.


Currently playing thimbleweed park (switch), PUBG, rocket league and lovers in a dangerous space time with my wife. Having a blast with all of them :smiley:


A lot of Rainbow Six Seige. Anybody playing on PS4 in Europe?


No doubt. As someone who also struggles with anxiety, I’m familiar with how these games can kinda mess with your nervous system responses. Even on my best days, I can’t play a Souls game after dark, at least not if I plan on getting any kind of restful sleep.

But anyhow, I don’t think that there is a “real” way to beat these games, especially not the first time around. There’s no shame in using wikis or YouTube tutorials to find a way through that works for you. What I love about the games is how adaptive they are. There are so many ways to make these games “easier,” and not just summons. If you aren’t above cheesing through the late game, you can usually find some areas early that allow you to farm a lot of experience (such as the Lecture Building in BB) Once you overlevel your character, you can usually squeak through whatever’s blocking your progression, or backtrack to find important items you missed previously.

And even though it feels awful to lose a whole bunch of experience because of a dumb mistake or powerful monster, these games are actually low-key forgiving, since experience points are way less important than the literal experience you gain while, y’know, playing the game. Treating individual sections like puzzles, learning enemy attack patterns and placements, experimenting with different weapon types, all of these things helped me to keep going when I got stuck (Capra Demon, DS1) and lost hope. So, If you keep going, good luck! Your breakthrough is probably closer than it seems!


I am playing Diablo 3 (I want the Platinum).

I also play from time to time Outland which is a great game.


I am currently in the second playthrough of God Of War: Ascension, I really gun for those platinum trophies and having done the game on Hard mode (There’s a certain section where I almost gave up, if you’ve played it you know which bit I’m talking about! :grimacing:)

Also playing Axiom Verge on my Vita and damn this game is great. Trace doesn’t look anywhere like a cool dude (He looks like the guy in that popular gif who goes into a room all shocked, can’t seem to find it), but he gets the job done against Athetos. So can’t complain. :slight_smile:

After I beat these games I still have a backlog to complete before I get a PS4 and the mountain of games I want for that, like Ni No Kuni. This is gonna take a while longer yet.

EDIT - Here’s the pic of Trace and the famous gif for comparison! :slight_smile:


Still slowly making my way through Nier Gestalt; think I’m most of the way through at this point. The “repeat content” grind is indeed more of a pain than it is in Automata, but overall, the game is way better than I ever would have thought based on the impressions back when it came out. Automata fans should really go check it out.

Otherwise, I’m trying to finish up Danganronpa 2 before the Great Onslaught of October the 27th.


Just started Mass Effect Andromeda, couple hours in now. It’s not too bad so far, the hate seems a little hyperbolic so far, although I will admit the animation is bad, and so far I don’t care about any of the characters. We will see though.

Also started Until Dawn and it’s pretty good so far.


I just finished Axiom Verge on PC yesterday, really enjoyed it although wish the bosses would have been a little more difficult or involved.

Now just kinda jumping between PUBG and Eldritch before picking something else up to start, although might just wait for Destiny 2 PC and go with that.


Danganronpa V3, for the second time. Once you’re party to its big twist, you view the game’s events in a horrific new light. Messed-up doesn’t begin to cover it.


As much as I want to say I’m working on my backlog, unfortunately Sonic Generations mods have drawn me back in again.

Who knew someone could make Wave Ocean fun?


PvZ: GW2 Is quite fun. Very easy to get into, and very pretty. I hate playing as the zombies, though.


Just started Mass Effect Andromeda, couple hours in now. It’s not too bad so far, the hate seems a little hyperbolic so far, although I will admit the animation is bad, and so far I don’t care about any of the characters. We will see though.

I agree the memes were way overboard. You also have to account for the game having had some pretty robust patches thrown its way since launch. The open world stuff is not very compelling, but I enjoyed the set piece missions and the character quests for the most part (even if the writing and the characters themselves never came together for me). Also wasn’t a fan of the reworked biotic adept skills, had a better time running a tech profile.

Right now I’m still plugging away on Destiny 2, trying to get past 304 on my Titan and Hunter. Think I’m done with Leviathan and not looking to try the prestige mode. Hopefully Festival of the Lost has some neat loot to pick up and then I can scale back my time on D2 a little more until the DLC. Divinity OS2 has also been on my rotation. I skipped the first one because I didn’t like the game world (had played a few of the old Divinity games). Only on the first island and I’m already kind of fading on it. The combat is fun enough, but I don’t care about anything that’s going on enough to explore further and the setting is still something I can’t get into. I don’t hate fantasy rpgs, I really enjoyed The Witcher 3 and Pillars of Eternity. Also recently replayed Arcanum, a game I absolutely adore and replay every couple of years, but the Divinity series has always had this fantasy rpg setting that feels like the gaming equivalent of a generic brand soda.


I had a similar experience with Sleeping Dogs. I also rarely revisit open world games but I enjoyed the setting as well as the acting. I particularly liked that Will Yun Lee was cast as the lead. Up to that point I thought that while he’d certainly been successful, many of his film roles were supporting parts as one note villains.

I am playing Yakuza 4 right now for similar reasons. I really enjoy the Kamurocho setting and seeing it change from game to game.


I’ve been knee-deep in Overwatch for the last month or so - I tend to play in fits and starts depending on if there’s an event going on, ahaha…

I’m also in the middle of Kingdom Hearts 1.5, because I’ve been having a real nostalgic couple of weeks about that series and I figured now is as good a time as any to try and refresh my memory of the plot before the third one comes out.

I have to say though, because I played the game when I was pretty young initially, it’s nice to see how much better I am at video games now - strategically and mechanically!