What game are you playing?


I’ve been juggling a few games casually lately.

Most of the time has been going into Final Fantasy 12 on PS4, I think it improves on a lot of areas and the 4x speed boost option is a real blessing too.

Aside from that I’ve been dipping into Breath of the Wild some more looking for shrines and korok seeds, playing Sonic Mania (have got cleared all-emerald save files for each character but still go back to play it for fun now and then) and Golf Story, all on Switch.


I’m traveling to conferences, and opted to grab Layton’s Mystery Journey to play on flights. It’s a cute diversion, with some OK puzzles and delightful characters. I still feel as though the writing could be tightened up on some of the puzzles, to make them about the challenge and not the wording.


I’m just about to complete Wolfenstein: The New Order. I’m having a lot of fun with it and I’m especially enjoying the grim narrative.

I’ll probably work through some of my PS+ backlog once I’ve completed it.


Been playing GT Sport, really enjoying it but wtf were they thinking with this 3 same online races for a week crap…! Really hope the second week brings some improvement…


Etrian Odyssey 5, finished the second stratum and unlocked a bunch of character skill options. Basically you choose a speciality for each class, which is new for the series.

Like for Jeff the pugilist here I chose between finesse/binds and power/sacrifice. You can also name your new subclass anything you want, which is cool.


Steady diet of Divinity: Original Sin II, Arms, and on-the-go Volgarr the Viking.

Divinity eats up most of my home time, but I manage to get some Arms in even though I’m not very good at it. Volgarr is perfect for my bus commute right now :slight_smile:


Currently playing the virtual console release of Pokemon Gold on 3DS. Lots of Nostalgia for that game so its been a lot of fun. I really hope they release Crystal eventually because I would also like to revisit that version as well. It had so many nice improvements, like animated sprites!

Also wondering if there is a Pokemon thread around here, would be cool to have a thread for Pokemon chat.


Playing Elex on PC and having fun with it, despite the bugs and despite the overall jank. The world is just really detailed and fun to explore.


Oh man, I need to get the new one. I recently started playing these games when I picked up IV a month or two ago, but I’m not quite finished with that one. How is the difficulty of V compared to IV? I remember people saying IV is easier than other games in the series.


I’m on the 11th level of the dungeon, and so far the difficulty is about the same as IV. I’ve heard the same thing about IV though so I’m nervous about the higher levels!


Generations on PC was a frigging delight. I need to load it back up and see what’s been released over the last couple years.


The Evil Within 2. I have maybe two chapters left and I’m thinking about diving right back in for new game plus.


Started Witcher 3 last night, got an hour or so in. Also been enjoying Hitman 2016 (despite some of it’s issues). After that I should probably work on my steam backlog since there’s nothing I’m absolutely dead set on buying until early-mid 2018.


Right now…

Doomsday Deponia - A have a lot of issues with the Deponia series, mainly that the black humor tends to cross the line a bit too much at points and Daedalic’s general blind spot towards queer people (they really like using bad trans jokes), but I’m really invested in all the themes of fate, hope, and coming to terms with hardships and tragedy. It strikes a good balance between the necessity for Rufus’ blind hope and the remaining cast’s down to earth need to move on. Doomsday is really interesting for this because it’s a third sequel that wasn’t planned until fan backlash at Goodbye’s bittersweet ending inspired the team. The end result is a game that tells you outright that some things simply have to end, telling a grim story about that endless desire and hope bringing upon a horrible fate that nullifies Goodbye’s positive outcomes.


I just finished a replay of Symphony of the Night as Alucard, and I’m poking my way through as Richter now, but not super hurriedly.

What’s really preoccupied my gaming attention as of late are two Doom mods I’ve smushed together:

Ancient Aliens, an incredibly difficult three-episode community map pack with a super rad visual aesthetic.

That gets mixed with something called High Noon Drifter, which replaces the stock Doom weapons with new “Weird West” alternatives (six shooters, whips, sub machine guns, grenades and ancient magic). You’re supposed to use High Noon Drifter to load other mods underneath it, much like I’m doing with Ancient Aliens.

What’s important is that High Noon Drifter knows it may not completely match up with everything in a Doom mod, so it contains a variety of friendly options that let you tweak different statistics – how powerful your armor is, how much damage your weapons do, etc. Not only do I just really like the guns and powerups in High Noon Drifter, but I’ve been using it to take the edge off Ancient Aliens (which is normally so obscenely difficult I couldn’t even finish the the third map on the easiest difficulty).

High Noon Drifter also lets you enable new power-ups that give you all kinds of fun toys to play with like “The Dead Man’s Holster” which basically gives you McCree’s High Noon ult from Overwatch.

I’m almost done, nearing the final maps of episode 3.


I’ve been playing Stardew Valley like crazy ever since I bought it, it’s not the best farming sim but it’s high on the list. I like that fact that it deals with some serious themes that you wouldn’t expect.


I’ve been playing Dead Island. Grabbed the collection on PS4 for like $5. I always passed on it as it seemed like low grade B tier at best, but turns out i rather love it. Finished the first game already.

Terrible story, fairly bad voice acting, trashy dialogue, poorly implemented mechanics and odd design choices but somehow so much fun.


I’ve been getting back into Civ VI now that some more countries and rulers are available and the game has seen some patching. To me it’s still not as good as Civ V with Vox Populi but is probably better than Civ V without it. Looking forward to playing more and for mods to be updated for the newest patch.


I’m finishing up Prey. It started out fun and fascinating but has gotten progressively worse as the enemies have gotten stronger and more plentiful.


Total War Warhammer II, looking forward to the combined map campaign coming out this week.