What game are you playing?


Shadow of War with The Fractured But Whole waiting after that.


Been marathoning fire emblem warriors and playing Dangenrompa 2 with some buds of mine.


Currently going through Dishonored 2 for the first time after grabbing it on sale a while back. It’s been really fun so far, which is surprising since I bounced off of D1 when I tried to go back to it. I really enjoyed it when it came out, but I think the unskippable intro that takes forever really soured me on it from the get-go.

I used to cry foul at the criticisms levelled at first person games that focused on stealth or platforming, but in the years since I’ve truly started seeing their points. Situational awareness is surprisingly low without having very specific level routes or some form of radar or marking system, and playing Dishonored without powers made that abundantly clear; so I restarted and chose to receive the mark, making the game much more enjoyable.

My main issue now is that occasionally guards can be unpredictable in weird ways, and I’ve had a couple of bugs where they would see me through a specific unopened window 3/5 times which made it a die roll whether I’d get caught strangling one of the guards in the room; and I’m the kind of player who will reload if they’re spotted, accidentally kill someone, or a guard finds a body.
(I also wish it told you exactly when a body was discovered, so you don’t have to wait for the chapter score screen to go “aw, come ooon! what?! where though??”)

Anyway, looking forward to playing it more; I’m about to enter that weird inventors place, which I assume is the E3 demo area. I wonder if I’ll burn out on it like a lot of people seemingly did since I’m scouring for every little nugget my (literal) heart guides me towards.


Just getting into Cuphead (loving it) and palette cleansing with heroes of the storm.


Playing Zelda: BOTW right now and got to my first divine beast. It‘s fun but vastly overrated in my experience so far.


Finished up Hellblade today. Liked the story and presentation, but was a slog to play. Could have done with a faster base move speed but that’s just me.

Also finally got round to playing through AC4: Black Flag after skipping 3 and having a blast. Will tide me over til Wolfenstein gets released in a few days/


Dragon’s Dogma PS4, had it for PS3 and PC as well. Never beat bitterblack isle, maybe this time lol.


Right now I am trying to not be overwhelmed with the mass amount of content in Divinity: Originsl Sin 2.

It truly is an amazing game that is so amazingly detailed in every way. Also, the amount of freedom you have to complete tasks really does take it a level above most other RPGs.

I will admit though that I found the combat too hard and it was taking away from my enjoyment, so I dropped it to easy and now the whole game is clicking for me.

For next week, I am immensely giddy with excitement to play Super Mario Odyssey. I love me a good Mario game.


Just knocked out Wolfenstein TNO once again. Considering I -never- replay games, and hardly even beat them as it is, the fact that I beat TNO in less than a week is astounding. But that game deserves it 100%! Downloading The Old Blood now and going in blind, aside from knowing it’s a prequel! Hoping to get it done before The New Colossus drops!


I’m currently playing Wolfenstein: The New Order, Yakuza 5 and Driveclub


Currently playing Skyrim. Have just finished Stick of Truth and Life is Strange Before the Storm part 2


Currently playing Danganronpa V3 on the Vita. Hopefully I can finish it up before Chaos;Child and Super Mario Odyssey. Doubt it lol.


I got The Division on PS4 when it was on sale last week. It’s been scratching that itch for getting loot, shooting stuff, and watching numbers go up. It’s a bit repetitive in terms of the missions and side content but I adore the look of its New York and how detailed every street/alley/rooftop is.


I’ve been having a bad time lately but playing Enter the Gungeon seriously today for the first time and getting past the first level really cheered me up. Wonderful game.


been playing euro truck sim 2, and destiny 2 once it comes out on PC


Hope you feel better <3. Usually Nintendo games are my anti-depressants.


If i’m having a crummy day its Nintendo for me too, often Captain Toad. Really hope we see another one.


I just beat Sonic Mania and I’m halfway through Mario + Rabbids. The world 2 boss is the first chapter I didn’t get a perfect on, thus far. Now, my game rotation consists of Mario + Rabbids, Golf Story, and Fire Emblem Warriors.


I’m currently working on The Evil Within 2.

Trying to finish that up before this Friday so I can start Wolfenstein 2 and Mario!


Yeah! Good reminder, actually. I’ve been meaning to get into Wind Waker <3