What game are you playing?

I’m like this too. I do this with just about everything, books, shows, podcasts. I always have a few too many on the go. I’m a bit of a media extrovert, I like to meet everything, but not neccesarily form deep relationships with all of it.

Right now I am playing Warframe, Cities: Skyilines, Eternal Legend, Wargroove, Battle Brothers, The Surge, Dark Souls 2, and Ori and the Blind Forest.

I recently finished the Vanishing of Ethan Carter (visually amazing, but ended up weirded out by the story turn at the end), the beta of Tactical Breach Wizards (Suspicious Developments’ current project. Xcom meets Into the Breach meets great wizard puns.), and Outer Worlds (Waypoint reviews mostly on here. It’s fine, shallower than it looks, better story vignettes than combat. Don’t like companion systems in games like this so no idea about that side).

Ori is what is grabbing me most right now. I’m late to this party, but it’s still a beautiful thing. Easier (so far) than Hollow Knight, which is a bit of a relief. I can handle hard action platformers, but I have to be in a certain mood to really enjoy it.

I’ve tried a couple of times to get into Ori and the Blind Forest, and I just find it frustrating. I think it’s the manual save thing. If I get into the game I inevitably forget to save, and reloading means any progress is wiped- map revealed, items delivered, whatever, gone. That happens a few times and I’m done for the day.

Looks lovely, and I quite like the game bit, but I think it isn’t going to work for me.


Thanks to Sonic movie I played the worst two sonic games!! (Maybe, unfortunately the competition is rough).

Sonic 06 is just literally Sonic Adventure 3 but like. A weird alpha build you should have to go to the dark web to acquire, not, like, Amazon for $20. And Sonic Forces was fine I guess, but at the end of the day it feels like Sonic Team is tired of making Sonic Generations-likes. Which is fine! They should be allowed to stop. Edit: I had a very good time with both xD

I also just downloaded Granblue Versus, which is super fun, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into RPG mode!

I finished Assassin’s Creed: Origins after buying it two/ three years ago whenever it came out and after three aborted attempts to get into it. I found Odyssey easier to click with particularly as they leaned far heavier into the nonsense supernatural stuff but gods Bayek might be one of the best protagonists in the entire series. It was always the slightly more complicated (on the surface) combat that made me ditch it early on as well as the lack of naval stuff which I’ve always loved but I really dug it in the end. Both DLCs were fairly meaty as well and took me a full day or two each to complete (I really did nothing else with my quarantine so far).

Stuck for what to start next. I finally completed Metro 2033 last week after forcing myself to finally complete so I’m hoping now I’m more used to the tedious aspects of the gameplay that I can blast through Last Light and then on to Exodus as I dig the vibe of the world.


I bought a battle pass and i’m getting my chores done (and sometimes getting carried to a win by a skilled player) in Apex Legends. Normally im against the battlepass life, but these are exceptional times…

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Bleeding Edge seems like it could be pretty cool in a few months or so when people start figuring out how the characters work and synergize, and NT adds more than a couple modes to it. Assuming it’s still active at that point.

I was looking into as a potential Overwatch replacement (I’ve also been thinking about trying Apex again), and the few hours I spent getting into teamfights where everyone is letting loose their abilities was fun

I’m not a huge fan of the visual style though. I like that NT is striving for representation and I can appreciate the game’s more positive take on something like body modification, but the aesthetic has a real “ZOMG AWESOMESAUCE WTFBBQ” vibe that I can’t really get on board with

UPDATE, After another hour of play: Yeah, get back to me when people who play the game’s melee support stop initiating teamfights by themselves, thanks

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A couple pretty dirty Hades combos I got today.


So bought the Panzer Dragoon remake on Switch. I’ve never played this game before, like most human beings alive, I didn’t own a Saturn. I’ve been interested in this series, especially Panzer Dragoon Saga, which I’m told is some kind of JRPG masterpiece. (Or so claim all 12 people who have played it.)

Panzer Dragoon on Switch is $25 and the game is an hour long. Yes, I was not expected a 90s rail shooter to be all that long. A Star Fox 64 campaign is like ninety minutes. But fuck me, that’s a bad price point for that much content. This game is six levels long, plus a final boss. You get a beefy FMV at the start but not much story. It’s an arcade game that you don’t put quarters in.

Your lock-on laser attack can wipe full screens. Sadly other than that you can’t do much. There’s the pee-shooter, the lock-on laser, and that’s it. No upgrades, no options, no healing items, no branching paths, just shooting things behind pretty backgrounds. I found myself tanking a lot of damage since you have no other moves. (The hit box is terrible in this game.)

The game has a crazy difficulty spike around the fourth level. That boss is ridiculously hard when nothing else is. Play on Easy just for that guy, trust me.

I mean, as a concept, it’s about as good as I thought Panzer Dragoon 1 ever looked. What we needed was a remake of Zwei or Orta. This is an okay dragon rail shooter. But I really think of my $25 as kickstarter money to get Panzer Dragoon Saga ported someday.

Conclusion: Very, very mixed.


I am a little surprised by how much I am continuing to enjoy playing League of Legends without spending any money. I’m still not that awesome at it - and my new favourite Champion (Kog’Maw) is apparently very out-of-favour so I’m not even doing metagame right - but it’s all so polished that it’s hard not to enjoy playing even if you’re losing.

That said, it’s obvious that EU lockdowns are meaning that a lot more people are stressing the Riot Games servers at the moment - there’s been fairly regular “maintenance” outages of things like Match stats pages, and it’s generally feeling just a little strained atm, server-wise. Is anyone else seeing their online-games get more laggy etc in the last couple of weeks?

I have a question wrt The Banner Saga. Minor spoilers, I think.

I’m playing on normal difficulty and I made it to the battle at Einartoft, against the stonesinger and I wiped almost immediately the first time I tried it. Most of my heroes are at level 2, with only a few at level three. I think I realized how exactly the supply and injury system works a bit late, and now I’m wondering if this save file is screwed.

Am I really under leveled for this encounter, or am I progressing normally?

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Sorry you had this mixed experience but also thank you for your service as I have been trying to figure out what exactly the deal is with this game and why it’s port was a big deal.


When I played Banner Saga, I constantly felt underleveled as well.

One very, very counter-intuitive feature of the game is how the turn system works. Turns always alternate, so knocking out enemies completely means that the other enemies get to act more often. It’s often better to leave enemies on low Strength than to kill them outright, unless they have an ability that’s going to mess you up. This is deeply, deeply weird, and despite playing 2.5 of those games I never really got comfortable with it.


You know, one of the things that’s been pushing me forward? The vistas.
This is a really beautiful game


Get past the first game and you’ll find that the difficulty spikes flatten out. The first game is a deliberate slog with a crushingly difficult final encounter, not something that’s replicated anywhere else in the series.


This week Hunter: Call of the Wild was Free to Play, and until the end of month it and its large range of DLC are pretty heavily discounted.
10 hours in and I’m enjoying just settling into quiet, stealthy treks to mountaintop lookouts and points of interest around the map, diverting off track whenever I’ve detected something close by. There are missions that encourage you to slowly start to visit some of the different areas on the frankly immense maps, and a progression system that gives you a slow trickle of new equipment to try out.

I’m finding comfort in this isolated-in-wilderness sim. The scenery is much nicer than the four walls of the house.


I don’t have much to add, just that I’ve been playing it too and I agree on all points. It’s a weird way to introduce the series to a new audience. The only other entry I played was Orta and I remember that being much stronger than this. I wish this had been released as a part of a collection along with Zwei.

I managed to pull it off, after 4 or 5 attempts. The trick is to use Odleif’s ability to keep big ass Dredge out of the fight for as long as you can, and also being prepared to use your Varl as meat shields.

And then a really really big and really really angry Dredge showed up and literally shouted Iver’s arm off


I found that cracking their armour then damaging them enough that their health (and therefore their attack power) rendered the larger dredge kinda slow and useless works for the majority of the series.

The later games also introduces a bunch of unorthodox characters that really don’t fit into the traditional shield wall+archers configurations that the first game heavily encourages. It took me so long to understand that the basic armour and health rules really matter if your units don’t have that much survivability.


Finally playing through NieR Automata. Route A was so so good. I’m even enjoying route B as most of it feels fresh to me it was so long ago I played it.

I really enjoy the combat, I think it’s my first Platinum game, but boy do I appreciate the auto-chips! Whether I need to run the toilet or sort the baby, just turn those chips on and all is well.

Managed to get two other endings on an accident too. U & T, let’s just say I fucked up


I always liked that about it. They managed to make everything feel more like a real skirmish. Most games you’re better off trying to alpha strike one target at a time, but I though Banner Saga’s approach to be an elegant solution to give the combat more of a give and take feeling.

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