What game are you playing?


Really digging in to puyo puyo Tetris and am about fifteen hours into a second run of persona 5. Honestly I am not digging the idea of replaying all the dungeons cause like it ain’t my thing really but I only actually maxed out like 3 social links on my first run because of sub optimal social stats building.


I picked up Unexplored after Austin’s recent stream of it and have been enjoying it a lot. I’d super recommend it if you’re into that kind of game (roguelikes).


Hmmm, I would say maybe look up what a good character build is and work towards it. Find a weapon you like using and stick with it. ALSO, there is no shame in summoning people to help with bosses. I have done it at least a few times in every single Dark Souls game. I would say that if you really want to get through it with the minimal grinding against stuff then you should maybe look up guides. They won’t make you good at the game but knowing where to go and what to look for helps a ton especially in the first game.


I will definitely keep that in mind when I jump back in! I am struggling with the concept of souls and what the really do. I was hesitant to research it because I didn’t want to destroy the mystery of it all, but perhaps that’s a direction I should go?


Mostly Nier Automata though I’m still working through a second playthrough on Persona 5.


I been Playing Murder island (Playerunknown’s Battle ground) and Kotor 2 TRC Mod and Pokemon Go


I’m trying to keep a baby alive. So far so good


I don’t play multiplayer games very much at all- but once or twice a year I fall back into playing Payday 2 solo. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately.

I don’t really know why- the AI teammates are worthless and the game goes out of its way to make solo play as impractical as possible. Maybe I feel like I’m getting one over on the game every time I pull a heist off :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been doing a lot of Breath of the Wild and Stellaris with a few toilet sessions of Fire Emblem: Heroes and Hearthstone mixed in.


Survival games, huh?


I have a bad habit of playing 10 games at a time or so and then pecking at them when I get a chance.

Mass Effect: Andromeda (though I’m waiting for all the patches), Zelda (one dungeon left), Persona 5 (I’m in September which I think is most of the way there?), Stellaris, Dark Souls 3 when I feel like it, Metroid Prime (for whatever reason), and I finally went back to the Witcher 3 (which I’ve actually completed) to do the DLC.


I’ve been playing Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, and when I’m at my brother’s place I’ve been playing Nier: Automata. I’ve been messing with the Aria of Sorrow randomiser a little bit as well.


I’m playing Nier: Automoblie and it’s, okay? It doesn’t play super well and some of it’s writing feels very “Highschooler Who Read a Philosophy Book And Has Deep Thoughts MAN” but I’m also still one the first playthrough


In a Peggle/Overwatch loop I badly wanna get out of but can’t at the mo. Hate it when I fall into an… uninspiring pattern, y’know?


After I finished ME:A I’ve been playing a ton of Overwatch…I’m also really close (like, last-chapter close) to finishing Assassin’s Creed Syndicate which I’ve been playing on and off since early March.


Installed Anachronox (2001) after finishing @austin.walker’s favorite game this year, Mass Effect: Andromeda. :smirk: (If you’re looking for a more linear sci-fi romp BTW, I highly recommend that game. It’s less than $5 (IIRC) via GoG.)


So far this week? Some Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm (because Overwatch skins), Persona 5 and Fire Emblem Heroes. It’s only Monday though, so the list could get bigger. I just downloaded some survival game on itch where you’re on a raft in the ocean. Seems like it could be a neat podcast game, unlike most of what I’ve played this week.


I’ve been playing Minecraft again because of certain parody rap videos being circulated online, but I’m also trying to finish Nier so I can Join The Conversation and nearing the end of my 7th playthrough of dark souls 3 because I love making bad choices.


I’m playing FFXIV in anticipation of the expac coming out in like 7 weeks.

I’m also technically playing Persona 5 at the moment, but I’ve hit the point I hit in any ridiculously long video game where, even though I’m having a good time, I’m having more and more trouble finding the will to play it. It’s been a couple days, but I’m hoping to get a few more hours in after work tonight.


I was playing Witcher 3 pretty consistently—only ~40 hours in but it’s become a “favorite game of all time” contender—but then I fell in a deep PUBG hole. need to crawl out the pubg hole