What game are you playing?


Currently trying to balance Stardew Valley on the switch, NBA 2k18, Destiny 2, Persona 5 on the PS4,


Anytime! I recommend Mario and Zelda games as well my friend :smiley: <3


Playing Divinity. Was halfway through the Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition with 85 hours. I am in Divinity Original Sin 2 last act (plus some multiplayer) at 133 hours. Soon I will be playing The Witcher 3 and then Spintires: Mudrunner when it comes out.


I’ve been putting a lot of time into Stardew Valley. Its been a nice wind down the day game but I end up playing it for 2 extra hours then I need to. Hopefully Mario will help me forget about it.


Picked up Persona 5 yesterday and I just cannot put it down. This is my first Persona title, and I’m now understanding why so many people are addicted. Looking forward to the countless hours I’ll be putting into this.


I got Nioh a while ago and sort of quit it because of the difficulty. Now I’m getting back into the game and doing much better, I was similar with Dark Souls when I got it, took a break and came back a lot better at it. That and For Honor for an LP I’m doing.


Stardew Valley is my daily addiction right now but in-between days of farming I’m playing through Thumper for the first time. I’m on stage five and absolutely adore it. The best way I can describe it is if Rock Band was terrifying and wanted to murder you.

I might start The Last Guardian tomorrow. It’s been on my backlog forever and I need to finally get around to it.


Finally picked up Yakuza 0, amazing game. The combat is super satisfying and the substories are quirky and fun. Not very far in the main story but I’ve been digging that as well, Kiryu and Majima are great characters.


I started another game if Skyrim yesterday. I don’t know why. I applied some mods to balance out a few things to my taste and mix things up a lil.

I started playing horizon again last week, and while I was having fun, the itch for janky ol Skyrim started to creep on me.


Currently trying to get through half life opposing force after finishing the base game about a month ago. I also recently finally beat Castlevania 4 after trying on and off for 15 years. I was pretty proud


There are 2 games I’m actively playing right now and they couldn’t be any different.

A friend of mine has me hooked on Fortnite Battle Royale on Xbox. Game is very addictive and I really like the survival and fort building aspect of the gameplay.

The other is Stardew Valley on the Switch. Great game to relax with and perfect for handheld gaming.


I’m currently playing Dragon’s Dogma on Ps4 and it’s been great to start again after loving the 360 version. I’m also addicted to Pes 2018 and especially myclub-mode, which I play pretty much daily.


Currently playing Gran Turismo Sport and can’t bring myself to play anything else right now. It’s a lot of the “just one lap” turning into hours later.


Just a little Overwatch. Not playing too much in general at the moment. I’ll be getting the Horizon DLC and playing that. Once I’m on vacation towards the end of the year I plan on going through Yakuza 0 and maybe Kiwami?

I’m not certain if I’ll try out Assassin’s Creed Origins when it’s out


Multiplayer wise: Overwatch and HOTS

Single player wise: a big replay of the Dragon Age series.


It’s a great game. I’d always had a sort of low level curiosity about Yakuza but I never felt like it was probably for me. Decided to jump in with 0 and now I can’t wait to blow through every single one.

Just started Evil Within 2. I’m somewhat a defender of the first one even though I know it’s kind of a mess. Hoping for good things from the sequel, the last sequel we’ll ever get based on the sales.


I can’t stop playing Gundam Vs. I’m sure the mania will pass soon, but I haven’t been this hooked on a game in a long time.


Right now I am switching between Asura’s Wrath and Shadow of War.

I started playing Asura’s Wrath again because I never got the platinum and thought: “Why not?”. I forgot how wonderfully dumb this game was. It is anime tropes galore and becomes an absolute treat in how far it goes. I really hope CyberConnect2 can work on a sequel but if I remember correctly Asura’s Wrath did not sell well. Although that ending is still bullshit and will forever be a massive blotch on an otherwise unique Japanese title.

As for Shadow of War, at this point I am trudging through so the Nemesis System can finally open up. So far it ain’t doing any favours with the gameplay feeling largely the same as the previous game. I am hoping it kicks into gear soon because it is monotonous in these early sections.


I’ve been playing Stardew Valley on Switch and FFXII on PS4. I’ve been enjoying FF a lot but I’m also ready for it to be done and over with. Thank god I’m right about at the end of FF cause Mario Odyssey is this week :hugs:


When I’m able to game, after the wife and kids are down for the night, it’s mostly Splatoon 2 … even though the matchmaking makes me want to kick a cute, fuzzy animal.