What game are you playing?


Can’t wait to jump in on gt sport. The demo was so cool.


You won’t be disappointed. It plays fantastically and is extremely addictive.


I’d like to pick it up too but i think its time to grab the new FFXIV expansion and jump back in.


I’m playing RE7 in VR, but I’m afraid to continue :stuck_out_tongue:


im getting into the atelier series and i have absolutely no idea what im doing


Fire Emblem Warriors, it’s pretty awesome! Only thing I’m not a fan of is the Pegasus Knights, they are a bit awkward to control.


I completed Wolfenstein: The New Order last night. It was a lot of fun and I was surprised at how much I cared for the characters. It’s definitely made me consider purchasing The New Colossus when I wasn’t particularly interested or looking forward to its release.

For my next game I want something a little calmer (which is pretty much everything after W:TNO) so I’m deciding between two on my backlog, either:

  • Broken Age or

  • Tales from the Borderlands

Any suggestions/recommendations?


I liked Tales from the Borderlands, great characters and at times genuinely funny. It only got better as it went on.

I haven’t played Broken Age yet so can’t comment on that.


Was bingeing on Yakuza 0 until midsummer and had to quit for a bit, having trouble getting back into it but I really want to. My issue is that I have a lot of trouble getting into games that demand long play sessions because I always feel guilty about not doing more “productive” things instead :confused:

The problem is that I also want to start Nier Automata AND I have Wolfenstein 2 and Mario Odyssey coming on Friday.

In the meantime I’m playing the SNES mini (hacked it, added Megaman X2 and X3 and finished all three games, playing Turtles in Time with the fiancée, must finish SMW) and Road Redemption, since it only takes a half hour to get through the campaign

I’m screwed, aren’t I?


My backlog is insane, still have games from 2015 I haven’t touched yet.
Meanwhile, I’m going through AA6: Spirit of Justice. Overall it’s not bad and has it moments, but I feel as if no AA game will ever come close to the original trilogy(other than AA2 I guess)

@Corum - definitely go with tales. I’ve played broken age when it came out and honestly it confused me and didn’t manage to grip me at all. I quit pretty soon and never touched ti again. Tales is genuinely funny and honestly telltales don’t disappoint imo


Thanks for the recommendations! It looks like I’ll be loading up Tales from the Borderlands tonight.


I agree with the part about Tales of the Borderlands for sure.

Telltale for me are a little hit and miss though. Their game engine is pretty creaky and I thought the Game of Thrones game wasn’t very good. I do like Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us and Borderlands a lot though.

Did you play their Batman game? Worth it?


Oh actually I forgot all about the GoT game haha, agreed there it wasn’t their best effort.
I think TWD S1 and wolf among us are definitely their top games.
And haven’t tried the batman one yet, curious about it tho


I’m with you on Yakuza 0, I’ve been playing little bits and pieces here and there since I got it on sale. I love it and it’s the only game that consistently makes me laugh out loud pretty much every time I play.

That said I feel like I need a good chuck of time set out because you can’t always save when you want to. Just yesterday I wanted to stop but walked a few steps past a save point and ended up in a side mission.


Finished Middle-Earth: Shadow of War last night, so nothing in particular right now. I’m waiting for Assassin’s Creed.

I may finally start Super Mario Galaxy 2 today. I’ve owned it for years but have never played it, despite adoring the first.


Currently on Chapter 7 of The Evil Within 2. I’m playing it directly after completing TEW1. While it doesn’t really feel like a sequel it’s still pretty damn great at what it’s doing.


Currently playing Deus Ex:Mankind Divided. I think its great so far. Prague is such a immersive hub city with so many avenues of exploration. Its disappointing that it didn’t do so well. I wonder will we get a sequel.


I’m trying to finish up Mario + Rabbids before Odyssey drops later this week. Running through the battles on easy mode isn’t the best way to play, but I kind of want to get through it relatively quickly. It’s fun and can be rewarding, but the later game battles can drag on.


Currently working through Final Fantasy XV, and hoping to finish SteamWorld Dig 2 before Odyssey on Friday


I’m working on finishing Horizon: Zero Dawn. I’ve put 60 hours into it in 2 months. I take my time with games since I’m a little bit of a completionist when it comes to games that I really like. I’m currently attempting to get all the Hunting Grounds Medals. No easy feat.

I love the game but I’m getting a bit tired of it. I fear I stretched it too thin.

I think I’ll play Bloodbourne next, but I sort of want something that doesn’t involve an inventory and leveling. I might play Wolfenstein TNO if I can get it for cheap.