What game are you playing?

I found the combat in Nier Automata to be fantastic. Fluent and pretty, and easy compared to most character action games in my experience. But if you don’t invest in chips, I guess it would be pretty difficult. Using both Auto Heal and Deadly Heal and it’s almost impossible to die.

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I was having weird dad feelings again, so I started God of War again. Probably gonna drop it when I finish Persona 5 Royal though, which should be soon.

I’m about to send the calling card for the 5th palace, so I’m getting there.

I also jumped back into Overwatch which I just prefer over Titanfall 2. I’ve been absorbing too much cowboy shit because I’ve been, poorly, maining McCree and Ashe.

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Hades Update:
(victory screen spoilers)

I’m getting even faster :triumph:

I don’t know how much faster I can get, but if I have some better luck with how many chambers I have to go through in the fourth area I maybe can cut this down to closer to 15 minutes?

I don’t feel particularly good at most games, but Hades has continuously compelled me to get better at it, and it’s been rewarding!


Game of the Year. Not even joking.

Edit: I should expand that a bit :smiley: If you read the blog post from the dev along with it, this is an outstanding piece of work. Everyone arguing about TLoU2 and missing out on real video games-as-art like this here. I learned a lot about aspects of queer theory I wasn’t familiar with from the game and accompanying post. Also it’s based on a video that, let’s face it, at least partially went viral because people responded like “hur hur look at the idiots”, but it manages to simultaneously be hilarious and present the subjects in a really warm, loving way.

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Having now actually seen the viral video, I can confirm that this dude’s chair swinging form is WEAK SHIT

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I hope they know theres a game based on them.

There’s no love purer than that between lads.


Okay, to anyone who’s gotten far enough in Persona 5 Royal, how did you beat Okumura?

Yeah, I died a lot there too. More than anywhere else in the game. I basically built a specialized Persona for that fight with boosted aoe curse attacks (psy works too) to deal with the big green guys, and then relied buff, debuffs, and baton passes to maximize Joker’s damage. One trick I found helped was to target 3 of the 4 with single target spells then followed up with two aoes for maximum damage.

Or you can do what I watched someone else do the other day and just stack a unit with gun skills with gun boost and gun amp and wipe them out without even trying.

And if you don’t have any interest in playing fair and just want to move on then bump the difficulty up to merciless temporarily. With the boosted weakness exploitation gimmick that fight is like 100x easier on merciless.

God, really? The game has been so easy up to this point and I’ve been going for almost 100 hours not paying super close attention to game’s meta and now I have less than a week to send the calling card.

I guess I’m just going to have to cheese it.

After watching a stream of the Mafia 3 opening, I thought I’d go back and revisit the earlier games again. Had Mafia 2 (upgraded to “Definitive Edition”) in my library, so off we go and


First off, I remember really not liking this game when I played it quite a few years ago. Part because the mission design was bland, part because while I enjoy driving, they added some crummy open world tropes like shops to the city and wanted you to engage with it, part that the story really didn’t hit with me. But for the story, I remember that a big part of not liking it was that Vito and Joe were real assholes that I had a difficult time to relate to. When looking back on the game, I thought that hey, maybe the writers were actually making a point with this that I didn’t get while playing it! That in a bout of dramatic irony, Vito and Joe are supposed to be making stupid decisions which we know pull them deeper into the mess they’re making. Because as we know, the mob does prey on disadvantaged persons to pull them in way over their heads. So I’ve been curious to go back and see how if that is what is set up in the story.

And going back, it’s a real mixed bag. The missions and shooting is still dead simple, not any depth or real fun to be dragged out of that. Empire Bay itself seems a bit better, very impressive at times as you spot an enormous bridge partly hidden by fog in the distance. And definitely, while the storytelling is very clumsy and mimics cinema in a very basic way – do you like A/B shots? that’s what’s on tap – it does set up Vito as a loser with few options but to get pulled in by the mob.

But what gets me right now is that this game seems real mean spirited. Not just towards Vito and Joe, who are portrayed as these losers, but it gets shots in at unions, women, and comes with an uncomfortable dose of racism. Kid you not, the first mission in the game has you steal a car from the turf of a Black gang (referred to using a slur, which, okay, you’re playing as assholes so that checks out), and while you drive away in the stolen car the radio comes on with … a song with lyrics about “getting a monkey off your back”. I had to look up youtube videos to make sure that it’s not a random selection from the radio, but it is an intentional choice by the devs. Coincidence? My money is more on a tongue-in-cheek joke by the developers, which sucks.

Next mission up, you’re collecting money for a corrupt union boss and the mission ends with a brawl against a huge black man who refuses to be a part of your scheme. Which, sure, that’s fair. But this is starting to form a pattern, and it’s an uncomfortable one coming from a European developer. I may not continue much longer with the game, because my patience is really tested by it. Mafia 3, for all of its mid-game problems, for now is in a completely different league.

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Recently got ps plus and now. So working my way through the catalogue there (control dlc next, the MGS games as I’ve never touched them and vampyr too). But first I’m doing a second playthrough of the last of us 2

Interested to hear how you find playing the MGS games as I tried to replay them a few years back and ooft they are a chore.

I’ve been playing a lot of Slay the Spire lately. I tend not to like roguelikes that much, but it’s easy to play with my brain off while I’m watching something more interesting on my other monitor. I almost beat it for the first time last night, but I got a bad hand with no defensive cards while I was a turn away from killing the final boss with poison.


well folks i pushed through and finished Alan Wake after a couple of people offered their endorsements but I regret to say the back half of the game did not really convert me. There were some fun moments, the concert stage fight, running around with other characters instead of just a monologue, and for a moment in the well-lit room when you find Thomas Zane’s message I thought it was gonna turn out that Alan was just a character of Zane’s invention which would’ve been pretty cheesy/hack but enjoyably goofy. but then that was not really explored any further.

Anyway I also finished another game’s campaign and wow have you guys heard about this titanfall 2 game? Have they ever talked about it on the podcast? It turns out everyone is correct, game very good. I was just playing on regular difficulty which was pretty cruisy but imo that’s a very enjoyable way to play a single-player shooter. The game has such a great pace, though has the mild issue of making me kind ifwish I’d taken some more time to sit and appreciate some of those beautiful background setpieces. Of particular note is the time-travel level, which, god, that’s such a fuckin cool and brilliant level. Again it makes a lot of the fights not particularly hard but it’s just so satisfying to appear behind a bunch of mfers with a mastiff and lay them out. And of course… BT… my boy… ;_;


I just finished the time travel level in Titanfall 2 the other day. It was uncanny how much some of the dimension hopping platforming puzzles reminded me of the Guacamelee series despite being totally different styles of game. The campaign has definitely got me interested in the lore though, that one level where you go through a factory building prefab environments and end up in an arena fighting dudes definitely felt like it was foreshadowing Apex Legends. Or at least that’s the impression I got as someone who hasn’t played any other games in the continuity.


I made the decision to shelve Persona 5 Royal and Dragon Age Inquisition in favor of starting to work through this:

So now I’m playing Call of Juarez Gunslinger and Okami HD

What with it coming to Mac, I spent the past two weeks on a bit of a Magic: Arena kick. It is pretty enjoyable (when the game actually launches and doesn’t crash a half dozen times in a row) provided one has low expectations if they are committed to spending no money. It is a bit peculiar in that I wish it was a game with a real means of communicating with the person you are playing with instead of being given very few, very limited things to say. When I used to play Magic at my local hobby shop seven or eight years ago, I that talking with the person(s) you were playing with usually made the experience particularly when you were outmatched or outspent by the other person. In Arena, I wish there was a way that I could convey to the other person “hey, the combo you are building to looks really cool and all but I just got the game and don’t really want to sit here and watch eight effects trigger while my computer struggles to process everything” or “this is a cool deck to lose to, can you share a deck list”; instead, I am left saying “nice” and conceding. It feels rude and empty. I think what I am really getting at is the core truth of Magic or card games in general in that they are as much fun as the people you are playing with and Arena often times feels lonely (to me).

Last night I returned to Divinity: Original Sin 2. It is absurd to me that, fourteen hours in and still firmly in Act I, that there is more to this game beyond the island. There is so much going on on this island and I feel like I have been fed enough scraps and bits of lore about Braccus Rex that have resulted in as much lore and story as most games manage in forty hours. Maybe that is overblown but the game is just a load of fun and manages to provide a great fantasy setting without taking itself too seriously.

I met a frost dragon! I didn’t think this was going to be the type of world with dragons, but there was a big ass dragon! That was very cool. My party kept slipping and falling on the ice surrounding the dragon which was less cool but made sense so… cool detail to have?! I think this is a microcosm of where I am with this game. It’s all just very pleasant both in what it presents on the surface but everything going on beneath it.


It’s XCOM 2 again but this time with Grimey’s loot mod which I had never done before plus the loot pinata mod. Getting random named weapons with various stat differences is honestly a really interesting take on the XCOM formula that I hadn’t really thought about before. Right now I got a gun that has +30% damage and increased critical strike chance but only holds two shots. Loot pinata just takes the loot drop table and multiples it by like 5 so you end up with a ton of resources and weapon attachments.

To offset that I added a lot of really hard custom enemies and turned the difficulty up. It’s led to a really interesting new way of playing the game I feel like then I’m normally used to.


More on Mafia 2, it’s a really bad game. It’s trying so hard to tell a tragedy of a man who gets tricked into joining the mob, but it’s a really poorly told story laden with nothing but clichés. Vito has little that makes you care for him in the first place. His only personality is vaguely caring for his family – which you meet about two times before they abandon him – and not wanting to fall into his father’s footsteps. As Vito realizes the shit he’s in, there’s nothing to feel sorry for. He and his friends are just two assholes.

And oh boy, is the racial stereotyping heavy. Irishmen are bullies looking for fist fights. Black people deal with dope or are there to get called slurs or shot. Chinese people speak in broken English. Then, after killing off a gang of Chinese opium dealers – of course in a restaurant called “Red Dragon”, with an opium den in the basement – the most racist orientalist 50s pop song I can imagine plays on your radio. What the absolute fuck.

This game is a mean spirited trash fire, with boring missions, crappy stop and pop gunfights, and ambitions to be The Godfather 2 but hitting somewhere in the area of Boondock Saints.