What game are you playing?


I finished it earlier this week and enjoyed it.

It’s a good game, though it’s also a bit weird too. The second half is different from the first and not as good.


Currently playing Batman: The Telltale Series (the first season) and it’s surprisingly good so far, can see how some choices actually make a lot of different to a lot of the storyline. I’m probably going to go through it again in the near future just to see how different the story pans out considering how things escalated.

After I’m done with this I’ll be going back to Yakuza Kiwami and finish it (got burnt out a bit because of the Majima Everywhere system). Then plan to get either Prey or The Evil Within 2 next.

I’ve also been playing lots of Danganronpa V3, Cuphead and FFXIV in between all of this. Almost finished Danganronpa V3 now, been getting through Cuphead… slowly (keep dying). I also plan on returning to Persona 5 when I’ve finished some of these games. This year is just crazy for games.


Fantastic game. I’m currently on my third play-through and I’m hoping to get my ultra hard mode run complete before the DLC launches next month.

I’m also spending an incredible amount of time playing Dragon’s Dogma on PS4. I triple dipped on the game, having previously owned it on 360, PS3 and now PS4. I’m around 70 hours in this time and just wandering around the Everfall before starting a BBI run.


There’s a nice reward for getting all medals.

As for Bloodborne, I think you might find issue with the farming and bloodvial system. Aside from that, great game.


Really? I heard that the later levels are similar in vibes to the majority of the first one. Did you get that at all?


It’s a fantastic game except for the crappy Breach mode stuff forced in. I gather that dev are working on the new Tomb Raider as Crystal Dynamics are working on a Marvel project so Deus Ex’s fate is unknown currently :frowning:


Playing Dragon’s Dogma at the moment. I think I’m about done. After that I’ll probably play Undertale or Super Robot Wars V.


I have been playing Super Mario RPG on the SNES Classic. This is my first time and I’m loving it a lot!

It reminds me a lot of the fun I had with Mario & Luigi 1 and the first two Paper Marios. Currently in Bowser’s Castle nearing the end, and pretty soon I get to enjoy grinding levels. Haha


It’s less open, goes by faster and limits ammunition more. There’s also a change in focus after a specific boss battle.

I liked the game as a whole, but some say it feels like it was made by two different producers.


Oooh my… I just finished all the side stuff in White Orchard in Witcher and made it to… Velen? This place looks like it will have an INSANE amount of stuff once all notice boards are opened up :scream:I'm about to die!


Def go for Undertale. Such a GREAT title. Hopefully you have been spoil free too. :slight_smile:


Steamworld Dig 2 on Switch. I enjoyed the first game in the series but the second is so much larger in scope and I am loving it! Every time I get scared it is going to end I unlock a whole new section and cool new abilities. Really fun game.


I have played the demo and have read a little about it on online boards. But I haven’t been spoiled the ending yet, thankfully.
Undertale it is :-))


The 4X-fly bit me and got me playing Endless Space 2. It’s been a while since I’ve been so engrossed in one single game. 28 hours in one week! The vastly different playstyles of the different races really spice things up!


I’m slowly working my way through Samus Returns right now.


Just finished Chapter 1 in Yakuza Kiwami. Very strong exposition, the story managed to grip me (as expected). Goro Majima might be my favourite character ever. Can’t wait to progress the story and to beat up some more goons with a scooter :smirk:


Oh, that reminds me! I need to play Undertale, never did.


I would wholeheartedly recommend Tales from the Borderlands. It’s got a lot heart and humor, just know that it plays like your standard Telltale game. Although it contains some of the greatest QTEs of any game. Knowledge of the Borderlands series isn’t required, but there are some inside jokes that don’t work if you haven’t played them.
Edit: Sorry if I had read a couple posts further I would have saw you already decided to play it. Have fun!


I got sidetracked while playing The Old Blood, but with Wolfenstein 2 almost here I went back and finished it. Glad I did, although the final boss was a bit weak imo.

My buddy and I are co-oping through Divinity: Original Sin 2. Still in Act 1 but the amount of options in dialogue and combat is fantastic. Usually these kinds of games overwhelm me but now that I’m into it I’ll have to check out other ones like it.


I’m currently going through Oblivion again on the XBox. I’m currently leader of the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood, and I’m working on the Fighters Guild. After that, I’m going to work on getting my magical skills up to the point where I can enchant myself a cheese-tastic set of 100% chameleon armor (because like hell am I going to slog through all those tedious Oblvion gates without a way to stealth-murder anything that gets in my way).

I haven’t even thought about going to Weynon Priory (i.e., step two of the main quest) yet.