What game are you playing?


Currently playing Splatoon 2 and Links Awakening also got a bunch of indie games on pc like cuphead, dead cells, enter the gungeon, hollow knight etc. To play in case the wait for AC Orgins or Mario Odyssey gets hard.

Really enjoying Splatoon 2 and Links Awakening, the last one surprises me it’s so good for a decades old game.

Only a few more days^^


Currently hooked on Stardew Valley now that it’s on the Switch (the perfect little commute game) in between the usual Final Fantasy XIV shenanigans. The recent Ivalice raid also ignited my desire to continue the FFXII remaster, so there’s that, too!

I was in the middle of Ys VIII, but given that the localization is getting a revamp, I put that on hold until the patch at the end of next month.

Plenty to tackle, that’s for sure!


Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite. Austin once described watching fighting games as watching two people try to solve puzzles the other person sets up and this game exemplifies that to a fascinating degree. The game is ugly, barren and does essentially nothing to teach the uninitiated how to play it but using the systems at play to try and outwit people is incredibly exciting to me.


Ha ha, you don’t know the half of it. The White Orchard is the tutorial area. The real game has just started. Have you got the GOTY eddition? The DLC is arguably better than the main game. (Which I loved)


Been Switching between Team Fortress 2 and Divinity Original Sin 2 recently and I’m about to add PC Destiny 2 to the list whenever I’m off of work. Haven’t played TF2 since I graduated from high school in 2013 and decided to check out the Jungle Inferno update that just came out. It’s sunk it’s teeth into me again and I’m remembering why I enjoyed it so much throughout my high school. Sucks that most of my favorite community servers are dead, but I’ve already found a couple with some really awesome people in them


Cinderella Escape 2 Escape!!

So there’s this guy who goes by the name “Hajime” who makes bondage themed games. Not actual porn games, mind you. Actual games with bondage themes. This is his third release, a sequel to a puzzle game about escaping a dungeon via block puzzles that had a lot of weirdly tame torture traps (getting hit by a buzzsaw just knocked you back, for example).

This game, however, is an action game. And it’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Because of that bondage theme, Cinderella ha to fight with her hands bound, resulting in insanely powerful kicks that can hit dozens of enemies at once. There’s a mechanic where doing enough damage can destroy an enemy’s clothing, but so can yours, putting you in your underwear. But that means you build meter faster, resulting in a tornado spin kick that sucks up anyone in the vicinity and utterly destroys them.

The story references a bunch of fairy tales, including Pinocchio and Snow White, but said story is nonsense that doesn’t fit with the weirdly Silent Hill-ish plot of the first game where Cinderella owns up to having killed her step mother and step sisters (really). She’s dead, but now some kind of magic zombie animated by golden slippers or something and she has to prove that the prince murdered the king and not her. Somehow, this leads to you meeting Snow White, who is a gothic lolita idol.

Really. She gets a music video.


Also, you can dress up Cinderella with whatever you buy as you play, and cutscenes play with ingame graphics. What does that mean?

It means this.



This game is ridiculous and I might love it.


I grew up with Oracle Of Seasons so I’m discovering Oracle of Ages years later. I’m almost finished (on dungeon 7 as we speak). It’s great!


Lots of SMTIV, about 17 hours in. I love it so far and can’t wait to play the rest of the series.

Also a little bit of Blitz 2001 (which is teaching me the basics of football!), NBA Jam (on the PSX so my girlfriend and I can play as Sonic Youth, naturally), and the occasional Dreamcast game (since I have it hooked up my HDTV via HDMI now). :slight_smile:


I’ve got a few in my rotation currently.

Destiny 2: Mostly just doing the easy weekly milestones and I’m done with the story and sidequests and don’t care to raid currently. Put to power level 295 after doing them today.

Warframe: Checked it out on a whim this weekend and had a good time with it. Played through the tutorial and then did Earth missions up through the Venus junction. Not sure how much I’ll stick with it though.

Fortnite: kind of bored of it but still mess around here and there. Only on Plankerton. Battle Royale is fun in small bursts a I’m not big on PVP.

Oceanhorn: Impulse bought for Switch. Not bad, not great. Don’t know that I’ll finish it. Solid for a mobile game, but don’t know that it was worth the inflated Switch price (damn drunk impulse buys!) or gaming time that could go to something better.

Injustice 2/Tekken 7: Haven’t played much lately, but need to get back as the fight stick I impulse bought is gathering dust.

Getting Mario Odyssey Friday. Kind of mixed hype wise on it as I’m not as much into platformers as I used to be and I’ve struggled a bit to get back into Nintendo games with Switch. BOTW was good, but didn’t grab me as much as it did many/most.


Pokemon FireRed - I’m just breeding my Pokemon and transfer them to my leaf green, so i can start over my FireRed.

Mass Effect 1 - doing a 100% run on it. I’m on the 3rd walkthrough, kind of burn out a bit.

Fire Emblem Echoes Shadow of Valentia -
I got the special edition when it was for release but got back into it when i started playing Fire Emblem Warriors on my switch. Plus that Dlc season pass is $45 that’s crazy high for a pass.


Yeah, I got the GotY from the current sale on the EU PSN. I’ve been putting off buying it for a long time because I didn’t want to buy it without starting it immediately. I’m obviously not very far in it yet, but I’m glad I’ve waited with it until now. For me these kinds of games require me to really be in the right mood for them, and I would likely just have dropped it after a few hours if I’d have bought it closer to launch.

A few questions about the DLCs. Are they quests I can just stumble across? Or would I have to travel to a special area on the map or something? I think I would want to save those until after the main game, right?


They are essentially questlines you can find though as I recall you would need to be a certain level really before you can do them anyway so I wouldn’t worry too much. If you have any specific questions (I don’t want to spoil anything) then PM me :slight_smile:


As of right now, I’m doing daily sessions of Gran Turismo Sport, with the common goal each day being to get my daily mileage maxed out so I can get my daily free car. If I have time, however, I do more – I make progress in my Arcade Single Events or the Campaign Mode, or I just jump into Sport Mode and do a few races. I like that it’s a game I can just boot up daily, get rewarded for some participation, and kind of chip away at other objectives as well. I personally enjoy the new setup a lot, I just wish the daily races had either two more options per week or actually changed up daily.

I have Marvel vs Capcom Infinite on the backburner. I generally like fighting games but am usually really bad at them. It’s said that MvC Infinite is one of the most difficult ones to master, but I am also finding that for me it’s also one of the easiest for me to get into – the fast, loose, and flexible fighting system seems to make a lot more sense to me than most fighting games, and I was able to actually hop online and gain marked improvements to my understanding and skills in the game over the course of its first couple of weeks. I kind of dropped off a couple of weeks ago, though, and I’ve been meaning to get back in and start learning how to play the newly launched Monster Hunter character and hopefully integrate her into one of my teams. I have no doubt that getting to a mastery level with MvCI is difficult due to how chaotic it can get, but I’m also finding that its general lack of super strict timing and high tactical flexibility is actually making it much easier to approach as well. The change to 2-man teams and lack of assist attacks streamlines team composition but still keeps a sense of needing to be a multifaceted player. The Infinity Stones add a ton of flexible utility to kind of open up a wide range of tactics that feed into common, legacy fighting game knowledge pretty gracefully. The netcode holds up remarkably well for a modern fighting game. It has a huge range of presentation problems and for a game that has a very celebrated history of bringing extremely fan-pleasing rosters, it does fall short due to apparent corporate politics leading to the omission of series favorites. It’s a weird little storm that Capcom has put out there, but I find myself really enjoying learning in the game, even when I’m getting beaten repeatedly. It’s far more of a hook than I think any fighting game has achieved for me since Guilty Gear X2 (literally the game that made me fall in love with fighting games) made its stateside debut almost 15 years ago.

It’s not lost on me that both of the games I’m actually quite invested in right now are drawing controversy for their perceived lack of living up to their respective legacies, but I think they’re both actually quite refreshing takes. MvCI’s presentation and roster criticism absolutely ring true and disappoint me, but its actual mechanics and play are super satisfying. I also find myself drawn to GT’s competitive mode for the first time in any racing game ever - many of the game’s subsystems that promote fair play alleviate almost all of my previously held fears when it came to online racing competitive play in almost every racing game I’ve played prior.


After finishing Breath of the Wild (that ending…what…) I’m taking a little break before Odyssey.


Currently doing a second playthrough of Night in the Woods. It’s an excellent autumn game, honestly can’t think of any other that captures the feeling of the season so well.


Thanks Mathieran, I’ve just started it and am having lots of fun with it!

P.S. I think you might have replied to the wrong post. :slight_smile:


Playing Destiny 1.


Whoops I certainly did. Thanks, I’m sure that person was confused, heh
Glad you’re enjoying it though.


I’ve been playing a lot of Elex on PC. It’s rough around the edges but has been a lot of fun. Haven’t felt the sense of exploration that this game gives me since Morrowind.

It’s definitely not for everyone, especially early on when you are at the bottom of the food chain. I think I spent most of my first 10 hours running from enemies instead of fighting them. I love it lol. A Piranha Bytes through-and-through.


Currently in the middle of The Last Guardian. My first few hours were spent cursing the horrible camera and uncooperative Trico. The next few hours have been spent falling love with the world and (the still uncooperative) Trico.