What game are you playing?

I’ve been off the forum a bit for a bunch of reasons, but I wanna be posting again, so here’s my last few months of Video Gaming (also I built myself a PC so I want to feel some sense of accountability to finish some of the games I’ve started):

Games I Have Finished
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man (not finished DLC)
  • Judgment
  • Professor Layton 1, 2, and 3 (on Android)
  • Yakuza Kiwami
  • Yakuza Kiwami 2
  • Frog Fractions
Games I Have Started
  • Yakuza 3
  • Titanfall 2
  • Glittermitten Grove
  • Antichamber
  • Disco Elysium
  • Paradise Killer
  • Battletech
  • XCOM 2: War of the Chosen
Games I Have Been Playing Casually
  • Civilization V
  • Into the Breach
  • Tabletop Simulator
  • Forza Horizon 4
  • Pikuniku
  • Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory

Boy it really doesn’t seem like much til you lay it all out in a list, huh. I’m probably going to be focusing on Yakuza 3 for the near future so that I can continue with those games before 7 comes out. Besides that, Disco and XCOM 2 are the ones I’m most interested in.


Literally nobody remembers Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raiders. Three games and whole bunch of money later and they still barely register as a cultural blip.


That’s really not true at all.

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they’re the only ones i remember!

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Really?? The most memorable thing about them to me is how all Laura’s death animations were super grotesque and that in the last game they had a Native village where everyone spoke their indigenous language but Lara responded in English, and they reused the same villager character model 3 times during a quest about discovering the unique and personal stories of the Village’s inhabitants.


Regardless of how you feel about the quality of the game’s themselves, they were absolutely high profile releases that I’m pretty sure just about anyone who payed attention to video games in the last 5 years would remember.

It was also easily the most culturally relevant the series has been since like the original 3. It’s basically everything between those games that most people have no idea about.


The games had a great stealth toolbox, one of my favorite bows in video games, and excellent climbing mechanics. A lot of people thought they were really good games, myself included. I think you’re being overly harsh on a game series you just happened to not vibe with.


whoops, i misunderstood which tomb raiders you were talking about :joy:.

only the original games mean anything to me - the recent ones may as well have not existed. i agree with you in not thinking that the newer ones are terribly memorable. other people feel differently, obviously.


I finished moon, and it was really great! It’s up there with my favorite games of all time! I talked about this upthread, but I just really vibed with the game on a deep level. The game has a profound love of music that really struck a chord with me. moon sticks the landing on the whole implicating gamers in the virtual violence in games in a way that no other game has in my memory. You witness first hand the effects of the “hero’s” violence and do what you can to pick up the pieces. Unlike games like Bioshock and Undertale, moon goes farther than pointing out that video games have a problem with violent ideology, it offers a real solution.

So yeah, I can’t recommend it enough! It’s kind and humane, and has a deep love for humanity, in all its messiness. For anyone wondering, the localization is great! There are a few Tim Rogersisms in there (and a lot of “hecks”), but I found that charming and appropriate to the tone of the game. YMMV tho.

I also tried Paradise Killer, but I just couldn’t get into it. Something about the prose and character barks just didn’t vibe with me. Shame though! I really love Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective. I’ll try it again sometime, and maybe turn off the character voices.


I’ve been playing Othercide on Switch, and really liking it. I’ve got no affinity for horror or the whole vibe that it’s going for, really, but the mechanics have been enough to draw me in. It feels like a game that has learned from the games that learned directly from modern Xcom. The changes they’ve made to that formula, with a timeline-based turn system, requiring you to sacrifice HP for certain abilities (and characters to heal) and roguelike structure, are creating totally new pressures and decisions for me to make.

I played all three of them, which is why I’m so amazed that people feel any kind of way about them. I enjoyed them all enough to want to play the next one and then completely forgot about the experience every time.

I genuinely don’t think I’m being harsh on these games because I think they all pretty decent. The level design of Rise was actually really good. I just felt like I needed to express my own experience of never seeing these games talked about or referenced, and seeing little to none of their influence in other games.


Finally finished Control: The Foundation. Really bummed about what the final boss fight was, narratively, even though I saw it coming a mile away and it’s heavily foreshadowed.

There are two side missions that I haven’t finished yet, at least one of which is apparently a big “holy shit” moment for a lot of people. Not sure if I’m going to make an attempt on at least that one or just head straight to AWE.

I also hit one of those milestones in Warframe that shouldn’t be a milestone but somehow kinda is: I got all the bits to make the Khora warframe, finally! She’s not the most obnoxious one to farm, but she’s close. Nidus I don’t think I’ll even bother with, but I do want to check off Harrow at some point. Wisp turns out to trivialise the awful Defection missions for Harrow Systems, so it hasn’t been difficult attempting that farm, just tedious. I’m gonna get it done, though, one of these days.

I was being a bit facitious with that Tomb Raider line. I liked the crystal dynamics Tomb Raiders just fine. I’d even say the first reboot was great, I just don’t think they really did anything with the character or the license after that. When I think back on the last generation, I feel those tomb raider games were kind of indicative of triple A game design. They built a robust engine that did good graphics, vague open world, hundreds of collectables, stealth killing PMCs from bushes and also you had a bow. Also remember Square Enix being routinely disappointed with the game’s success. Wasn’t much iteration between the two follow up games. Seem to remember Rise had ice and snow. Shadow had jungle and mud.

I’m definitely more into the old school tomb raiders. They were the games to get me into video games in the first place!

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I preordered the new Crash Bandicoot game and so I got to check out the demo.

Either that game is tough or I am old. Maybe a little of column A, a little of column B. There’s a new mask that lets you slow time for a few seconds, so they have ! boxes that cause crates to appear, but only for a split second (unless you have time slow active). But they stick some of those crates in places that require some serious reflexes and precision platforming to access in the three seconds that time is slowed down.

And the one level I checked out was an ice level, so jumps that would take me a few tries even under optimal circumstances are suddenly bananas difficult. I’m going to go check out the other two levels in the demo sometime after the PS5 showcase, but I feel like I need to have a talk with a retirement planner and take up canasta or something.

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I think I mayyyyy have burned myself out on Guild Wars 2, for now, which is kinda unfortunate because I spent a lot of that time just rolling characters. I know that’s a bit silly, because not only is GW2 an MMO, but it’s an MMO where every profession can slot into any role… But I need my first trip to lvl 80 to be perfect, okay? PERFECT.

I was at least able to get one character, a Charr Elementalist, to level 20 and finish the first part of their Personal Story. I’ve also got a Norn Warrior I created just this morning; I’ll be checking that out tonight

Getting back into it, the thing that struck me the most was how prescient the PVE content (the only stuff I’ve been playing tbh) feels. I mean, when you enter into a zone you really only have to walk a few feet before you find something to do, however small. “Hey, there’s a vista challenge and then there’s a sidequest area right next to it. Oh, now there’s a public event and hey, I think a boss just spawned”; it’s the kind of checklisty open world content you see all over in AAA games these days. I know that kind of gameplay isn’t for everyone, but I definitely prefer it over hunting trash mobs. And it’s always cool when a horde of players just spontaneously show up to fight a world boss that may or may not have spawned right on top of you.

Oh, and also I found Goku’s fursona?

I’m not judging of course, you do you, Goku

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I just started playing Guild Wars 2 again lately! It’s been like since the game first came out that I have last played it. Honestly, pretty good lookin game still these days.

Follow-up: I played the other two levels. It’s a little of both, but also the demo is decidedly not the tutorial. It plays like they plucked three levels out of the middle of the game and dropped them in to provide a cross-section of what the game is (which I appreciate), but I feel like a good demo also has to help you into the pool, so to speak.

I replayed the first and second game as part of the N. Sane Trilogy during the start of lockdown. I really liked the treatment of those games and they brought back all those fond memories of playing them on the PSone but I’d forgotten how tough they could be especially when your trying to get some of the gems and get all the boxes. Basically there is a sado masochistic side to those games, which is kind of great but also infuriating as the controls were never quite that precise. I feel Crash 4 has the potentital to embrace this in ways that are completely diabolical…

duel links: i’ve been playing an aromage list (link) that made top 8 in a recent community-run tourney. i’m liking it much more than the standard-ish version that plays bergamot, angelica, and extra deck stuff; i don’t even play those synchro monsters a lot of the time and would rather bring out marjoram, rosemary, cananga to put pressure on more quickly (and more effectively, imo). this list also uses dried winds instead of solemn scolding, which suits this strategy much better, and i think is just a better card to play in some circumstances, for example if you’re up against blue eyes, which will play a lot of dragons that are mostly too big to deal with in battle until your board is all set up.

the kc cup (official tourney happening in-game) is going on right now, and the other night i was really in the mood and went all the way to dlv max with this list, qualifying for stage 2, and maybe that’s not an especially significant accomplishment, but i feel pretty good about it.
it probably helped that i saw a lot of blue eyes and shiranui on the way, because i know very well what they do, and this list has done very well against them for me.

I did it. I finally beat Darkest Dungeon. If what the game wanted was for me to feel exhausted and relieved that it’s done: it succeeded. It’s a very good game, that is a little hard to recommend due to the giant meat grinder at the end. A good reminder that ‘being hard’ is only a good thing if it comes with enough variety and expression to make repetition worthwhile.

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