What game are you playing?


I have too much stuff I want to play!

Currently playing Golf Story/Stardew Valley/Destiny 2.

I still need to finish Zelda and I installed Bioshock 2 since I should play that and Minerva’s Den. Also a bunch more stuff that I haven’t gotten yet.

Too many games, so little time.


Been playing online multiplayer in Splatoon 2 quite a bit and am really digging it. It has an aesthetic that reminds me of when I watched Nickelodeon back in the early 90s and I regret not checking out the first game on the WiiU.

There was about a year and a half time period where 90% of my gaming was spent on Super Mario Maker. Basically, from its release until Zelda: BOTW came out. Haven’t touched it in about a month or so but I sort of want to try and make a level just for the heck of it. Maybe I’ll spend some time doing that tomorrow in preparation for Super Mario Odyssey’s release…


Just started Axiom Verge on the Switch taking advantage of the halloween sales. It’s really weird but I’m really liking it. Just got to the second boss and the “R button” ability but I’m not exactly sure as I read a developer interview some time ago and there are several ways (some even undocumented) to sequence break the game lol.


MGS5, finally. I’ve owned it since launch, played the hell out of Ground Zeroes, but just never got around to playing the Phantom Pain.


Put in about 8 hours across two days on Shadow of War. Probably not going back for a while.

Put in a few hours on Warhammer Quest 1 & 2 on iOS while I wait for the new Wolfenstein on PC.

I daydream about getting back into Original Sin 2, but don’t feel like I can carve out the dedicated time to really savor it some more. (Same goes for Torment and Pillars)


Destiny 2 when I’m at home

At work, during down time of course, its been Stardew and Golf Story. Both of those are about to be pushed aside for some Mario action!


The Silver Case. Despite the really iffy translation, there’s no denying that this remake is jaw dropping pretty. I just finished the Parade case, which is almost entirely done in black and white, and it’s striking. I miss weird SUDA 51.

Pretty pictures


I’ve been unable for the past couple weeks to play anything but Elder Scrolls Online. It’s not a particularly unique MMO or anything, but it’s very solo friendly and it’s a great way to just steep yourself in TES lore, of which I am a huge fan.


Picked up Wolfenstein and Assassin’s Creed today. Really enjoying Wolfenstein so far and even a few hours in am surprisingly having a great time with origins. I’m in the minority in that I didn’t love the ship combat in black flag and Syndicate is actually my favorite AC game but origins seems to be hooking me. I’ve also gotten obsessed with warframe recently. Can’t fully explain why but the grind, movement, and different weapons/frames are clicking with me in a way few games do.


I started Wolfenstein and Mario Odyssey both today. Mario is delightful and Wolfenstein is SAVAGE in some ways I gotta respect. I think I’ll prioritize Wolfenstein since Mario will travel better during the holidays.


I just started 999 last night and am having a blast. You can 100% tell it’s a DS port on PC. The controls and UI are… not great. All that aside it’s a lot of fun and I’m glad this flawed but totally playable port exists as opposed to having to track down a DS copy. :slight_smile:

I bought the whole Nonary trilogy on Steam with birthday money and am excited to see where things go. The way you can easily navigate the branching paths is nice for going back and checking other story routes. What a cool thing.

The first puzzle in 999 had me terrified I was some how in over my head though. Normally I’m REALLY good at logic puzzles and lateral thinking etc etc. but that first puzzle had me stumped for… at least an hour.

Spoilers for the first puzzle in 999

I thought I had searched all of the beds in the first room. It turns out I had searched 5 of the beds. So I was trying to open the briefcase with only one of the Red/Blue symbol notes.
And just… drawing it out and folding it and inverting it. etc etc etc. Driving me mad. Then I was showing my fiancee “Look how much of a crock this game is, I can’t get it I’ve tried everything…
and see I’m not missing anything” clicks around the room… finds one more note :blush:


I just got the Wolfenstein, the new order not the new one for 5 euros and might start that soon.

Still have golf story and Zelda to finish and I’m trying not just buy Mario!

I have a problem.


I’m playing New 3D Golf Simulation series on Mega Drive. Really great golf games.


Got Golf Story finishing just in time for Mario to land. So that. I also need to finish Steamworld Dig 2 but nothing else on the Switch has seen the light of day since Friday.


Putting down Etrian Odyssey V for a while. Now it’s Stardew Valley on the Switch mixed with Evil Within 2 on the ps4 (heard some good word of mouth).

Stardew has been fun, I’m in Winter of year 2 and my house is slowly filling with beer and wine kegs. Play a few (virtual) days every day, which feels like a good pace.
Evil Within 2… the open world parts are a blast, and I’m digging the designs on some of the creatures. The common, “zombies” not so much, feel very generic. I keep trying to play the game stealth style and have invested in the skill trees, but it still feels like I fuck up and end up shotgunning my way out of situations way too often.
This kept happening in Dishonored as well, I’d start out stealthy, but in the end, I just let rats devour everyone on a level and walk through. Darkest ending.


Crush Crush: Don’t judge me

Doki Doki Literature Club: Still doing the main slice of life section to do the routes before the game takes the mask off. I’m actually enjoying these parts and I think it’s part of the game’s secret that makes it so effective. The character writing is legitimately good in these sequences outside the dolt of a lead (which I do get is meta commentary), building on old cliches in small ways and making some relatable characters in the process. Without that foundation, the rest of the game probably wouldn’t have the lasting impact it does. It actually reminds me a lot of Homestuck, which was also partly about characters somewhat aware of their fictional status betraying the established narrative and the boundaries of the world itself to reshape it as they wished. Monika even reminds me of Caliborn in how they both can’t accept their role, the big difference being that Caliborn just embraces it even more than expected, and Monika rejects it so much that she accidentally loops back around into becoming the supportive friend yet again.

Chroma Squad: This game is adorable. A bunch of Sentai show stuntmen quit and make their own indie series, and you get to manage everything and play out episode fights as tactical turn based strategy battles. The script is my favorite part, with the five questioning what the best way to entertain the audience or push a good story. There’s even a segment where one of them considers having an episode where they rescue a damsel in distress, another points out that could be seen as sexist by an audience no matter their creative intentions, and decide to take the production more seriously and break from toxic traditions to try and teach little lessons while putting on a good show. It was the most wholesome, adorable little moment I have seen in a game in years.


Destiny 2 on PC. I’m amazed at how much this game has gotten me obsessed. I remember listening to Giant Bomb’s GOTY from several years ago and being agape at how much Brad seemed to love and hate Destiny 1 at the same time. Now I think I get it - it feels so great with the shooting and doles out loot in a way that really gets to the dopamine receptors.

Anyone else love idle games? There’s a game on Steam called “Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms” which is an idle game with the D&D license. It’s great to have on in the background and check in with periodically, and it’s free-to-play without too many gross F2P hooks in it.


Nier: Automata and finishing up Pyre now. Both are totally brilliant.


Switch: Super Mario Odyssey (just “beat” it and now have to finish the other 75% of the game) & Stardew Valley (just about done Fall Year 2)
3DS: Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth (I spent 12 hours in the character creation mode alone)
PC: Overwatch, Hearthstone, HotS… the usual.
Vita: Danganronpa V3 (ostensibly… waiting for a time where my anxiety can handle playing it)
Phone: Spending most of my time in Fire Emblem Heroes and Terra Battle 2 right now.
PS4: Not even plugged in lol


recently purchased diaries of a spaceport janitor, which is something i’ve been meaning to do for a while. it’s become part of my daily routine to open the game and play a few ingame days before i go to bed. recently i found something called a “riverqueen larva” on the ground during a festival and i couldn’t bring myself to incinerate a cute baby alien bug so i brought it home and it lives in my house now.

also cops keep eating my money. ):

other than that i’ve mostly just been playing gacha games (i don’t spend money on them tho lmao). mainly fate/grand order, which recently had a fun halloween event, and fire emblem heroes, which i’ve just started putting more time into again after months of just collecting the login bonuses and leaving. i’m way luckier in FEH than i am in FGO, which is a real shame since FGO is the one with the most characters i’m interested in getting.