What game are you playing?


I LOVED Chroma Squad, and agree with your feelings about it. I’ll be looking forward to what you think of it as you make it further in the game - special mention to the OST, the tracks are almost all winners in my book!

As for games I’m playing, right now I’m fluttering between Mario Odyssey (currently at the Wood Kingdom, love that music), Wolfenstein TNC (not completely gelled with the “game” part to be honest, but I’m in it for the story), and Destiny 2 (a great mechanical counterpoint to TNC :-D) - though I don’t have that much time for each, so progress is slooooow on all fronts :smiley:


.hack//G.U. Last Recode.
I used to love the original project .hack// series of games on the PS2 but never gave the G.U. series a chance until now. I’m completely hooked, feels like I’m back in 2002 playing IMOQ again. The combat has so far been super easy though. I don’t know how much they messed with the difficulty when making this remaster/port or whatever, but I’m hoping it ramps up some.


been playing lots of guild wars 2 after getting back into it, been lots of fun. On the side been doing stuff like heroes of the storm, looking forward to the alexstraza release. once I’m on winter break I’m looking forward to odyssey and wolfenstein.


Kentucky Route Zero is one of those games that I fall in love with every time I play it but somehow never finish, then don’t play for months, then start from scratch some time later. For how much I like it, I find my behavior with it perplexing.


I got a switch about two months ago now and all I’ve been playing since then has been Breath of the Wild. Sometimes I think about playing other games, but then I flop down on the couch with the switch and I just keep exploring new areas. It’s so good!


I’m splitting my time between Dishonoured 2, Warhammer: Total War 2 (the first time I’ve paid more that $20 for a game for at least a decade, and entirely worth it), and playing and old old classic for the first time: Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive.

Desperados is way more difficult than what I’ve become accustomed to (requiring constant use of quicksave/load) but it’s also consistently rewarding when you pull something off.


Soloing the diaper change sections can be tricky! :rofl:


I’m playing Devil May Cry and Headhunter game. :smile:


10-15 minute chunks of Odyssey here and there. It’s getting a bit too difficult for me now though so I am slowly winding my time with that game down.

Outside of that, I am splitting time between Axiom Verge and Wonder Boy.


Just started dabbling in Battlerite. It’s been very fun so far with a couple friends. Lots of exciting moments, short round times, and the playful art style are all working together to comprise a fun game that I’m looking forward to every evening.

Also just counting down the days until Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.


Went back to HZD which I played a bit when it came out but kinda got fatigued of open world games after just finishing Witcher 3 at the time. Glad I returned because the combat and enemy design is fantastic and each fight makes me feel like I’m using an array of tools to take on my foes.

Sometimes fights take me longer to figure out than I think they should, but still, it’s fun that each enemy type is sort of its own puzzle to take apart bit by bit.

Also, this game is gorgeous and feels like it has the right balance of side contact in contrast to the general recycled Ubi design of vomiting side missions every 50 yards, or even Witcher 3 (which I still really like) with so many damn contracts.

Between this and BOTW, I feel like I’m reminded that open world games can be so much better than what we’ve been offered for years.


Dusting off some backlog so I just beat Danganronpa 1 and 2. I really enjoyed both even if I figured out 2 almost immediately and they are filled with awful anime attitudes about women and trans people. Playing Destiny 2 and PUBG with friends when I get the chance, and plugging away at Super Mario Odyssey and Rocket League now as well.


Hello, everyone! Currently playing Destiny 2, Cuphead (on the third isle), Nier: Automata and Nioh. I might get into some Cat Quest and play it with my daughter this weekend! :cat:


My gaming since September has been Destiny 2 but I picked up Pokemon Ultra Moon at lunch today and I’m extremely excited to dive in and get started on my Dex.


I got this little thing called Super Mario Odyssey. It’s from a small outfit in Japan, you probably haven’t heard of it.


Northgard. A little bit real-time strategy. A little bit board gamey. Cute Warcraft lite art style. Tried to disrupt my Skyrim resurgence but fell back into Northgard’s Nordic theme anyway. I’m only two tries in. The game’s tough. My neighbors’ raids are relentless. Might be able to fend them off if my population wasn’t already freezing and starving to death.


I bought Overwatch. Folks in NA should play with me. I’m nice. JoJo#11765.


I’m making my way through Wolfenstein: The New Order. I’m hoping to finish that up in time to pick up The New Colossus and maybe even Nier: Automata on a Black Friday sale. I still need to finish The Last Guardian and DOOM from last year.


With the renewed talk going around about the Switch port, I dusted off the old 360 to get back on my Skyrim bullshit (I have it on PC but was really curious to take a look at my old saves) People can say what they want about that game’s story and technical performance and combat but hearing the music swell while you’re staring at the northern lights at night in the middle of the desolate tundra still evokes quite a feeling. I expected to play a few hours and feel content but here I am 15 hours into a new game, slashing draugr excitedly like it’s 2011 all over again. So much for getting through a backlog for GOTY discussions.


I am really struggling to not get it for the Switch. I have slowly gone from “no way” to “please Xenoblade come out so I can stop looking at Skyrim”.

I got Battle Chef Brigade yesterday though, and that seems neat, so it will hopefully carry me through to next month (along with Axiom)