What game are you playing?


Just started Invisible, Inc. for the first time. I downloaded it months ago when it was free on PS4 but never actually played it.

I’m really not sure how to feel about it yet. I really like the turn-based stealth gameplay and the fact that you need to be continuously thinking 3 steps ahead. Other than that, the rest of the game just feels sort of…shallow? The story isn’t all that compelling, and there is no real character development so far. I’m still going to keep playing, but I hope the story starts to click soon.


Just getting back into Divinity:Original Sin on PS4 after putting it down for a time. Great game, but it’s an almighty haul to finish.


Working on Wolfenstein 2 after finishing up The New Order on Saturday. Really enjoying it so far.


PUBG several nights a week.

Just started a campaign as France in Empire Total War.


Flitting about Wolfenstein 2, Diablo 3, Path of Exile, and playing Endless Space 2, Destiny 2, and SC2 co-op with my partner.


I’m currently playing the hell out of Marvel Heroes Omega on PS4. It was recently announced that the game is shutting down on December 31st, and since I’ve dumped around 2,500 hours into the PC and PS4 versions, I want to spend as much time as possible enjoying the game and getting all the achievements.

Incidentally, if you have a PC or a PS4, now is the time to check it out. All the prices in the game have been slashed so that you can grab every hero, costume, and boost for pretty much free. I’m not sure if they’ve done this on Xbox.


I actually didn’t play Destiny 2 last night and instead dove into Animal Crossing Pocket Camp! :rofl: :dog:


I’ve been playing Metal Gear Solid V recently since it was on PS+ and now that I’m a coupe years away from it its kinda astounding how much this game nails active gameplay but comes up short in everything else. I loved exploring the open world at release but with a lot more games like that under my belt its kinda astounding how little there is to do outside of shooting mans. I am really enjoying my time with it but on this refresher play through I just cant shake the feeling of how this game just stays within spitting distance of the next level in a way but ends up sticking to being a solid experience none the less.


How are you finding it? Outside of the numerous error messages (inevitable upon launch I guess) it seems decent? Ping me your code if you want as well. Seems needed to get into that Mine area.


I’m enjoying it so far (when I can play it and get past the frustrating error messages :slight_smile: )

I sent you my ID!



I’ve been playing XCOM 2: WOTC as my chill/podcast game since the expansion came out in…August? I’ve finally come to terms with my less than techniques and have totally embrace reloading. I just might finally finish my second run!

I also booted up Persona 5 again and after speed-reading my way through two hours of visual novel-y stuff, I’m in (what I presume is) the second to last dungeon and I’m oh-so-ready to finish this friggin’ mammoth beast of a game.


I’m 41 hours in Assassin’s Creed Origins and I’m loving it so fucking much. Sorry for swearing but DAMN!!! It’s that good. While the narrative starts off a little jaring early on, it picks up quickly and gets you invested in the world. The tie into Cleopatra is forced and a bit off putting, but eventually, the story delivers some great, memorable moments. Bayek is without a doubt the best assassin in the series history. He’s different from all the others. Doesn’t have that swagger that Ezio had but he’s a family man. He’s smart, caring, loving, intelligent and determined. Also, it’s great to see a character of color be the star for once. The world is vast, with different things to do. Side quests are interesting and a lot of them are surprsingly well written. Some even tie into the story. Combat is great, I feel I can never go back to any Assassin’s Creed and not have the fluidity I have in this game. Def. one of the best games of the year. Wish people would give it more love. CHECK IT OUT!!!


I’ve been playing Breath of the Wild. I’m a bit late to this one, but I’m glad to have the chance to play it now. It’s incredible, though I’m sure most here have heard about or experienced why themselves. I’m having a blast!


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp! Less error messages today, maybe because the people i’m visiting for thanksgiving have better internet.


I’ve decided that if I want to get a Switch then I at least need to make a sizable dent in my Vita backlog. I recently finished up Steins;Gate and I, largely, loved my first visual novel experience. It would’ve been nice if any basic ideas of gender weren’t so incredibly confounding to everyone and if the main character was less of a terrible person for large chunks of the game; however, I’m excited to play more visual novels on Vita and eventually check out Steins;Gate 0. The story actually did interesting things with time travel and I surprised myself by going back and getting every ending.

I’m currently playing Persona 4 Golden. It’s my first Persona game, but I’m loving it. I’m playing on easy as I heard that was the best way to first play through the game. I think that was the right choice as it’s giving me just enough challenge in the dungeons while also letting me focus on my social links which are the big draws for me. I’m about halfway through August so I’m curious to see where the story goes, excited to keep building friendships, and hoping that Kanji gets a happy ending.


I’ve got a few games that I’m working at after having “finished” Mario: Odyssey and Wolfenstein II. I’m playing through Night in the Woods which is fantastic so far but I find I don’t really wanna mainline it in like two sittings. My bf said he cried at it, so I’m expecting myself to bawl my eyes out.
On 3DS I’m playing Ultra Sun which sure is a Pokémon game. I’m not a huge fan of how slow the game starts, but the emphasis on story is promising and the fact that some features make the game more accessible is great!
Then there’s Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. I’m really enjoying this game as a “I’ve got 10 minutes to kill” kind of game. I feel like I’m working through it faster than they intended because I’m already starting to hit a point where crafting items takes SO many resources. However, I’m loving the little character moments and am gonna keep playing it for a while!

EDIT: And I think I am probably gonna finally play Dream Daddy after holding off for so long and hearing enough good reviews to outweigh my concerns.


Just got Total War: Rome II (2013). There’s far less drama than in, say, Crusader Kings II, but I’ve never been able to wrap my head around that one. What’s a casus belli? In Total War, engaging in total war is all the casus belli I need.


Revisiting Nier Automata to finish it. Got a few hours into it this spring but stopped playing for some reason. Now I’m skipping most side quests to keep the tempo up, feels more fun this way. Haven’t finished any route yet, except T, but I like it.

Also putting some time into Honey Rose: Underground Fighter. It feels like a neat blend between visual novels and management sims, and it looks amazing. If I have one complaint besides the menus being a bit too slow it’d be that it’s difficult to plan your schedule since so little information about upcoming events is given. With so few options to focus on I get the impression that every one is important which makes me want to keep everything at a medium level instead of specializing.


Because of recommendations from people here and at Giant Bomb I just bought Nier automata, Prey, Night in the woods, Pyre, Tacoma and YAkuza zero. So yeah, it’s gonna be a busy month gaming wise!.


Wow, those are a lot of choice games! I played enough Yakuza Zero to know that I want to watch a Lets Play/Twitch stream of it. It’s too much button mashing for my poor, already stressed out hands, but that game had a really fun tone.

I wanted to get a taste of all the big games before end-of-the-year stuff started rolling out and I started with Horizon Zero Dawn. I’m two hours in and I can see myself tiring of this very pretty world quickly. It’s got that gotta-get-em-all kinda collection loop that the Far Cry games have. I might knock it down to the easiest mode just to see the sights and then call it quits.