What game are you playing?


I picked up a cheap PS4 on Black Friday, so last night I played the three hour Watch_Dogs 2 trial.

That’s… a weird game. I’m still not entirely sure every part of it hits the mark; like it feels like that game has at least three different intros to its storyline, between the stealth sequence, the party afterwards, and then going to get clothes and meet your new crew the day after.

It feels like it skirts right on the edge of maybe being a little “how do you do, fellow kids?” like Life is Strange but manages to pull it back before having any kind of “tasty plasma” moment.

I guess I like the framing device, though, where it’s almost about making the hacker equivalent of viral videos in order to gain social media followers and beef up their botnet’s networked computing power.


For both. Hopefully the extra content is worth it.


Yes, all of this. I seriously didn’t think it would be one of my favorites of the year, but it is.


Small game: WE ARE DOOMED, a smart little twin-stick shooter that iterates on Geometry Wars in some interesting ways. It’s very pretty, sounds great, is chaotic but readable, and rewards aggressive play. Hoping to grab a top-5 leaderboard spot in endless.

Medium game: The last couple chapters of Tiny Barbarian DX finally dropped about a month ago, so I’m playing through the whole thing from chapter 1. It’s still good! Tough, charming, surprising, with a soundtrack that reminds me of SoulEye’s VVVVVV OST with its adventurous feel.

Extremely large game: I’d like to finish Metal Gear Solid V before Chip Cheezum’s LP starts…


Metal Warriors on the SNES. Super fun, only trouble is having to restart the entire game once you’re out of continues.


I just fired up Tacoma, and… it’s giving me hella motion sickness. </3

(The gravity bits as well as the weightless bits, I mean – actually if anything I found the weightless bits less troublesome on the motion-sickness front, which is kind of weird. Either that or it’s cumulative.)


I played through KOTOR 1 a couple weeks back. That game holds up quite a bit. It’s hard for me to find a machine that I readily have access to that doesn’t have integrated graphics, so the sequel is a bit out of my purview for now. I started it on a friend’s machine though and wow, that game has ideas about lore and systems and writing and so far I think it’s better than anything in 1. Obsidian really should make every Western RPG sequel.


Something else I played a lot of is the incredibly beefy Dragon Quest Builders demo. It’s a good 3-5 hours of content and I think a lot of people slept on this game because they saw the Minecraft comparisons

Honestly it does a lot to set itself apart from Minecraft. You have a lot less freedom within the context of the game; you can’t just build whatever you want, whenever you want it. You can only build things that your player character realizes needs to be built, which are usually governed by what quests you take on. It’s more about making the best of a very limited set of tools and resources to build what the characters in your town want

They make requests for specific room types and things like that, and it’s up to you to venture out and gather up the resources to construct what they want. Sometimes they’re so specific they’ll give you a blueprint of exactly how they want a room laid out.

Once you’ve built up a town (literally, with materials you collected and placed yourself) you get raided by enemy groups out to destroy your city and kill your townsfolk. The demo takes you up a little past the first raid

I actually thought it was INCREDIBLY fun. It’s like Viva Pinata + Minecraft + Animal Crossing all wrapped inside the shell of a classic Dragon Quest game, but as an action RPG

The only thing I didn’t like is the reason the demo is so long is because it’s the entire tutorial, which means the entire time you’re playing you’re constantly being hounded by the voice of The Goddess as she explains the ten thousand things you need to learn whether you know them already or not


Everything ever written by Artifex Mundi. Terrible animation, questionable localization, and best hidden-object game I’ve played in quite awhile. Very, very pretty, and with puzzles that are precisely challenging enough.


2 is definitely the better game, and I can tell from just finishing the first area. KOTOR 1 is good, but it’s very basic Bioware (lame love interests, the dark party members have confusingly simplistic but contradictory views, cartoonish villains, ect). What saves it is the character writing. Nobody is that interesting or complex, but they all ooze personality, always something Bioware seem to get right. Thematically, it’s very Star Wars basic, and it’s amazing how many missions are confused over what’s good or bad. The game clearly wants to work in grays with the big twist, but it doesn’t really handle it that well.

I don’t have any of these issues with 2. Obsidian switching focus to a cast of mostly dark aligned war criminals was such a great idea, as was the thematic switch from light or dark to “void.” It makes the sith infinitely more threatening and seemingly inhuman, and the more human stuff that comes up, even the most monstrous of it, is completely believable. It also does subversion of expectations way better than the first game, replacing just one big twist for a bunch of smaller reveals in character dialog.


For some reason I’ve had a bit of a Splatoon2 binge, hadn’t touched it for months and then suddenly I was ALL about the clothes and Salmon Run and ranked mode and ordering even more clothes off the SplatNet app.


I had stuff to do today but then my cat sat on me and I started playing Reigns: Her Majesty and it is so good. Same mechanics as the original, only this time you’re a queen who makes decisions by either swiping left or right (yes, like that one dating app) in order to maintain balance in the finances, influence and relationship with the church of your monarch. It’s got the same addictive feedback loop as Tinder, but in this case the relationships being ruined are fictional, so s’all good!

This one also has some added witchcraft, subterfuge, secret dating and a cat you suspect of being the devil. It was written by Leigh Alexander which means the pointed barbs about self-care, horoscopes and a group of snake mask-wearing men who claim their rights as males are being trampled by the strong-willed queen are especially sharp/hilarious.


Started playing Just Cause 3 this weekend. After being a big fan of Just Cause 2 and quite liking Mad Max, I realized that the thing I think I enjoy so much about Avalanche Studio’s game design is that getting around is so much damn fun, and here it’s never been better.

The glide-suit is a magnificent addition that really adds to the sense of verticality that this sandbox possesses. The tether and parachute combo remain solid and I find myself often forgoing fast travel just because getting from A to B is so enjoyable.

After playing BotW and HZD this year, I felt like the open world design of other games would not measure up. I don’t think Just Cause 3 will reach the heights of those games, but it’s about as engaging and fun of a sandbox as I could ask for from a dumb, violent video game.


Etrian Odyssey V and SW: Battlefront 2 multiplayer. The multiplayer stuff in SW isn’t great but it looks and sounds so great that I kinda don’t care.


I’m playing Hollow Knight and while it perfects so many things about the whole “metroidvania”-concept i can’t help to wish it had a little more inspiring world and maybe even a story. I’m only 6h in but i’m getting a little worried about genre-fatigue before i reach the end.

At least it’s viable as a podcast-game.


Imo Hollow Knight has one of the better stories of any game the year, but it’s a pretty long game so if you’re playing it a bit slowly you might have just not run into any real story parts after six hours. The early areas are pretty good on their own but it takes a while for that world and the story to really open up.


Wow, that’s surprising to hear after what i’ve seen of the game so far. I met a bug who was looking for an arena down in the depths, and i thought that was gonna be as much story as this game was going to offer. Looking forward to continue playing more now.


I really need Hollow Knight to come to Switch already so I can try it and bounce off it like I do with every game in that genre.


I’ve been playing a lot of Mass Effect: Andromeda lately.

…No, no, wait! Hear me out!

I’m actually liking it a lot. I had preordered the game and played it immediately after release, but it didn’t grab me and I fell into a lot of the usual criticisms that most people had. I picked it back up a couple of weeks ago with the intent of finishing it off quickly so I could delete it off my PS4’s hard drive.

Turns out? It’s not that bad. Sure, the writing is a bit cringey in places, but I’m having a lot of fun with the gameplay and I’m even starting to give a shit about the characters. The only downside to liking the game is that there won’t be a sequel.


Ahhhh yes I wish it was on the Switch. I stopped my Stardew Valley playthrough on PC specifically to wait for the Switch version and it was 100% worth it.