What game are you playing?


Playing Secret of Evermore. I’ve never been a huge fan of Secret of Mana, especially the combat, and this uses basically the same systems. The alchemy is kinda cool but also makes the combat pretty easy because every boss fight results in spamming one leveled up spell like 30 times. A good podcast game though because it’s not heavy on the dialogue.


Two things. One, No New Games in 2018 for Me. Two, my Steam Pile of Shame is a full 50% of my gaming library.

I’m doing that thing where you put your unplayed games onto a spreadsheet and turn it into a game to whittle down that list. I’ll give every unplayed game one hour. If I like it, I’ll keep playing. If I don’t like it, I’ll download the next one.

This is a boring but important task.


Diving into the Switch version of Oxenfree today.

OH. MY. GOD. How did I miss this game when it first came out!?!?


I’m making my way through the story mode on Destiny and doing a LP of Binary Domain.


Trying to finish mario and luigi superstar saga/bowsers minions. It’s the game I feel worst about not finishing this year. Bowsers minions in particular has required grinding in sections, which sucks.


I have come to the conclusion that the first KOTOR is not good. It’s not bad, but it’s certainly not good.

Part of the problem comes from adapting the existing tabletop game systems (JUST MAKE PERSUASION CHECKS A HARD NUMBER OH MY GOD), but that doesn’t explain everything. The story isn’t very good, and most of the side quests feel wildly out of place with the franchise. A Romeo and Juliet rip, really? The choices are way too limited, either ranging from being a boring saint to comically dickish war criminal, and the balancing …yesh. Half of the skills you can invest in at the beginning of the game are basically redundant or have no actual use in game (security is a literal junk skill that serves absolutely no purpose), and god help you trying to figure out statistics and what they do early on. I had to restart my entire game after playing for about TWELVE HOURS because I found out I actually need the repair skill to upgrade one of my party members, and I came to the unfortunate discovery that anything but a melee combat build is effectively worthless because of your eventual class change.

Also, I only have six out of nine party members so far, but the vast majority of them kind of suck or lack personality. Bastila is a walking pile of misogynist tropes, the wookie is just The Wookie and also tosses in that racist life debt trope, and Carth is just so boring. I mean, I get where he’s coming from, but his two modes are either “easily agitated jerk” or “boring.” Mission is okay and the droid is automatically good because droid, but the only one I actually like so far is Canderous, the Murder Man from the Murder Race. Oh, and I have the cat girl jedi but she’s also very boring. I hope HK-47 and Jolee save this party of annoyances and sad sacks.


stress playing + probing caves of qud during the breaks im taking finishing my last final

now that i’ve got the hang of the systems (kinda) i feel like i can finally start experiencing all the really interesting and weird things people keep saying about it.


I have been playing a lot of Path of Exile. It’s not normally my type of game graphically, but I personally love free to play, grindy games. They add new content and leagues every 4 months so it’s hard to get bored.


My life right now is all like:


I started playing Firewatch last night and I like it, kinda, but it’s not really my kind of game. I’ll probably finish it out of curiosity but I need to remind myself that I don’t really enjoy this type of game.


I’m playing Thimbleweed Park and enjoying it a lot. You can pick up specks of dust from the ground and I don’t know what they do but I’m picking up every bit I see.


After always going Paragon, I started into my Renegade playthrough of Stardew Valley. I made a cool lady with green* hair and diamond earrings and a cat named Nugget** whose favorite thing is “Money.” The farm is called “Factory Farm”. Her name is Cassia because it sounds kind of like “cash”, depending on how you pronounce it and she sold the fuck out to JojaMart immediately.

*The color of (US) money
**Like “a gold nugget.” The cat was originally going to be “Penny” because money but there’s already a character named Penny

@taya I can tell you (or DM you) what the specks do if you want to know. I’d understand if you’d rather not know though.


HK-47 is boring.

Jolee, though. He’s wonderful. He is redeeming the vast majority of this game every time he opens his mouth. Finally, a Star Wars character who points out this is a load of bullshit who isn’t an obviously evil libertarian space witch. The character quests are also pretty solid in giving these characters depth, especially Bastila and Canderous, even if most of the quests are simplistic and uneventful. Liking the main world missions too, outside he rather bare stuff on Tatooine.

That said, it’s still really fucked that the light side playthrough on the wookie planet revolves around NOT murdering every slaver you see. Jedi already have code exceptions for space nazis, now how about slavers? I mean, come on.


I started Observer over the weekend, and I’m liking it quite a bit. It’s definitely scratching that Cyberpunk/noir detective story itch with some really awesome visual flavor, and the crime scene search mechanics are enjoyable. I got stuck in the first room you investigate for way too long, but after that it’s been pretty smooth and I’m excited to finish it (I guess it’s <10 hours according to how long to beat).

One thing that kind of bothers me is the voice acting? The main character talks with a really irregular speech pattern/accent and it’s kind of distracting. I can’t quite put my finger on it (I guess it kind of adds to the character though, I haven’t gotten my feelings about it nailed down I guess).

(Didn’t realize the devs were Polish so that may have something to do with the VO)


My past couple weeks has been an hour here, an hour there, of games disturbed by my lack of dedication.


Slowly tying up loose ends in Danganronpa V3. It’s incredible watching how that studio has created characters that are better and better with each new entry.


I got a new TV over the weekend, so dusted off the PS4 and saw there was a free trial of Destiny 2. So got that to see what a recent game looked like on the TV.

That game seems really quite good? I use a question mark as I didn’t expect it really, maybe a fault on my part for just dismissing it, but almost everything I had seen and read made me think it was just an OK shooter. It looked great, sounded amazing, and created a world that I want to see more of. I may well get the full game, though could do with a drop in price really, which I suspect is a ways off.


I started to play Fortnite’s Batte Royale…

It’s actually really fun, but my computer can’t run PUBG and I have been itching to play that since Waypoint/Giantbomb started streaming it. I bet I wouldn’t love it as much if I wasn’t so desperate to get in on the zeitgeist of falling-out-of-a-vehicle-into-a-100-man-multiplayer-match games.


After I somehow ended up 100% completing Sonic Adventure DX, I’ve somehow ended up going for 100% completion on Sonic Adventure 2, which I’ve never done before. Going well so far, got all A ranks on the Hero side and just finished the Dark Story ready to start on there. Saving Shadow’s stuff for last. Rouge’s car sections are hard as hell.

Also putting some time into Paragon, and liking it quite a bit. It looks pretty, even if it’s lacking a bit of individuality. It’s nice to play a game of it’s type that isn’t interested in simplifying the formula, which was a good approach back when every example of the genre didn’t have the same idea. I like the hot robot girl and the tank lady who looks like my Mum.


Right now I’m working on Xenoblade 2, though I’ve only been able to put about 10 hours in so far. Still trying to wrap my head around some of the combat mechanics but I’ve liked what I’ve played so far.

I’ve also started a run on the NES version of Final Fantasy. I’ve finished most of its various remakes but never the original, so for the 30th anniversary I figure why not. Given all the advances and improvements in JRPGs over the years it makes this more of a challenge to go back to, but it’s still enjoyable in it’s own way.