What game are you playing?


It gets easier once they level-up some. They get a lot less squishy but a lot harder to keep up with.


Mr. Shifty

It’s the scene where nighcrawler attacks the Whitehouse in xmen 2 but a whole game of it.

It’s like playing hotline miami without the same style or vibe or desire to drill holes in my head.


Lemme tell you about a game called F1 2013…

(it’s the latest one that runs on the laptop I have with me, and I’ve had a weird itching to play one of these again, some sort of fantasy role-playing as an F1 driver thing)


Took a break from newer games to revist a ton of ps3 jrpgs I missed and some favorites. Currently going through Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix and looking to 100% that bad boy after my last shot at it a few years back.


The first Mass Effect, and I’m actually gonna finish it this time, I swear!


Trying to wrap up FF15 so I can get back into BOTW. I’m also going to pick up Injustice 2 in a few weeks because I’m a tool. Aside from that, it’s been Overwatch, HoTS, and some mobile games.


I’m currently deep into persona 5. About 90 hours, in the middle of the final dungeon of the game. I’m really liking it so far, but not loving it. About 20 hours ago I started fast forwarding through most of the conversations after a certain point and it made the whole game a lot more enjoyable. It’s just really unnecessary how long each instance of talking can go on for at a certain point. I love actually playing the game, but each Phantom Thieves meeting could be slightly less than 10 minutes I’d enjoy it a whole lot more.


I’ve been swapping between Dark Souls and F.E.A.R: First Encounter Assault Recon, which is not a good game but doing so many interesting things that I really feel compelled to see it to completion,


This reminds me of something I did in Lord of the Rings Online, years ago. LOTRO has a fairly involved music system - I don’t remember the specifics, but you could basically upload songs into the game and play them using in-game instruments, and the guild I was in at the time put together a weekly music night at the Prancing Pony in Bree. Good times.


That might be the best way I’ve heard this game described. It’s definitely on my radar now.


I have a love-hate relationship. I so desperately want to see where that story goes, but the PC port is really rough and I can never get past the first few hours.


playing a lot of Threes right now. but when i get back to big games in a few days here i plan to finally get on Nier Automata.


Your character is even dressed like nightcrawler is in that scene. The developers are absolutely doing it on purpose.

Also it’s worth noting that you actually feel as cool as it looks when you’re band-aid around clobbering dudes.

I’m not wild about the laser puzzles.


Too many games. Hotline Miami 2, Mr Shifty, Flinthook, Bloodborne, MARIO Kart 8, Zelda, Walking Dead season 3. Some one send help


Unfortunately it isn’t something that we can put directly into the game (but if SE did I would love them forever) however we generally get around it by posting tinyurl links to YouTube or a Tumblr audio post. We do however set timed macros for the performance. I’m trying to figure if i can get it to the point of having a timed mechanism to tell people when to hit play, but you know… future fiddling with that.


I’ve been bouncing off a lot of things, basically putting off continuing Mass Effect: Andromeda. I’ve been so disappointed with it so far it’s honestly made it hard to be enthusiastic about getting into other games too. :confused:

At least Rocket League is good though!


I’m trying to pull myself away from Mass Effect: Andromeda so that I don’t play it for a fourth time. Thinking of going back to either the first Mass Effect or Dragon Age: Inquisition.


I’ve never played a battle tetris game before but me and some equally unpreprared friends bought Puyo Puyo Tetris and have been having a blast with it. We’re at the point where some of us are googling stuff and learning pro strats, but then aren’t actually good enough to implement them into a match so it just makes us worse hahaha


I’m continuing to love Zelda Breath of the Wild. It’s amazing! I haven’t been this enamored with a game for a while. Next up is Nier, which I’ve also heard is fantastic.

Eventually I should get back and finish Horizon, but I’m worried it’ll suffer due to my time with Zelda.

I’m also filling some idle time with Snipperclips and I am hoping to get some family to play Mario Kart with me.

Man it is a good year for games so far!


Been slowly working through Neir: Automata. Really enjoying it. Need to pick up the pace so I can listen to that spoilercast.