What game are you playing?


Finished KOTOR.

Boy. That sure was the most Bioware thing possible. This was largely considered the best Star Wars game ever made. I just. Game critics didn’t play many PC games then, huh.


I haven’t fully played KOTOR since it’s release, but I think the thing that it does well is it’s scope and world-building. And people really dug that since people want to exist in a Star Wars universe. This was their best shot.

I say all that as a huge Star Wars fan, but I know there’s a reason I’ve not gone back to play KOTOR. The beginning feels way longer than it needs to be, ending felt lackluster, and that ocean-suit sequence was mind-numbing (unless I’m thinking of the wrong game). While I liked exploring that universe, I have much fonder memories with the gameplay in other Star Wars games such as Dark Forces, Dark Forces 2 and X-Wing/Tie Fighter. Hell, I even have a more rose-tinted glass view of renting Masters of Teras-Kasi and playing with my friends :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Forgot to add the game I just played today, which was Emily is Away Too. I was surprised with how well it hooked me, but perhaps shouldn’t have been. As someone who grew up in the AIM era in college, both of these games have managed to capture that experience pretty well. This one even more so with the addition of having links to music and such that your friends send you. It was well done, and I played through it all in one sitting.


Looking to start playing Witcher 3 next.


Currently Playing Horizon Zero Dawn, just reached the Carja gates in my way to Meridian, but with Bloodborne, Alien Isolation and Warframe in the sidelines waiting for me.


I was talking to my brother about Phoenix Wright, and I remembered that Ghost Trick existed and that I could just re-download it to my phone.

Lord help me, I’m back on my bullshit.


It’s a game where I get why it was initially popular, but the fact it stayed that way is the worrying part. Nostalgia and fan obsession should have some sort of limit, or else we end up with crap like the Old Republic MMO, where not letting a senator take a bribe and giving war prisoners a slightly less painful kill injection give the same number of light points. At least there’s a lot of appreciation for Obsidian’s piss-taking sequel.


Civ VI was released on iPad a couple weeks ago. I don’t have the PC version but as far as I can tell it’s the full game and runs better than Civ V ever did on my more than competent PC.

I have been playing it a lot and I love love love it. It keeps almost everything I love about V and expands it, and the additions are great. I have only played a few games so far but it feels like there is a lot more flexibility in the kind of empire you can build.

Also it just runs beautifully on the iPad. Really an amazing game.


I am playing Nier on the PS3 for the first time completely blind except I know there’s some sort of meta twist and multiple endings. It’s really funny! And I like the art style of the world. I sort of get why Danielle bounced off this game though, because I think you have to actively want to like it for it to click with you.


2018 will be a year of second chances for me. Thus, Mass Effect: Andromeda.


Got my wife a Switch for Christmas, and we played Mario Odyssey nonstop for a few days. Now I finally convinced her to give Zelda a try, and she’s totally hooked. What an amazing game. Really glad I listened to the folks on Waypoint Radio lavishing praise on the new Nintendo console. It’s been great so far.


For review/timeliness purposes, I’ve been looking at WinterHeat for the Sega Saturn and I’m thinking I might give Nagano Winter Olympics for the N64 a chance later on today


Bought a bunch of used stuff today so played a bit of these:

Hitman: The guards jokingly say ‘You’ll have to put me in a dumpster if you’re gonna go in there’ if you approach a restricted area. This game is good.

DiRT 4: DiRT Rally is likely going to go down as one of the greatest racing games ever, but Codemasters’ focus on nailing highly realistic rally driving meant that game was really rough presentation wise. Though that game is realistic to the point that an actual rally driver said the physics of the game’s Ford Fiesta is almost 1:1.

It’s an extremely nice surprise that DiRT 4 is so accessible and customizable aside from having a high degree of polish with the UI. The tutorial stuff is nice, the degree of difficulty adjustments is really great, adding a new diverse team of co-drivers is welcome, and much of the already good gameplay in Rally is retained.


Finally playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided now that they made it a PS+ game. I got to say so far it’s waaaaaaaaay better and better written than I was expecting it to be from the marketing and the various posters in the game.


I got Dreamfall Chapters during the winter sales and was struck by a Vinny Caravella-esque need to see the whole series through, first.

So, after some tinkering to get it running right on Windows 10, I’m playing The Longest Journey. It has its doofy moments, but the amount and quality of voice acting are really impressive for 1999.


Make sure you have the latest patch for The Longest Journey installed. There is a point where you can get stuck because a certain puzzle will bug, which happened to me.


as it is currently FREE i just downloaded and started playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. i wasn’t expecting much, but man, i am really digging it right now, a few hours in. just pulled a super intense back heist type scenario, got in all stealthy after a couple tries and then had to blast my way out. WHEW. good fun.

it’s been a while since i picked up a AAA single player game. it feels good.


I just got a PS4 Pro today! I picked up both MGSV and Shadow of Mordor. I’m hoping to get through some of the games I missed since I never had anything to play them on.

Playing MGSV now. Barely into it though. Just now got puppy D-Dog. Even though I’ve seen Drew play this game before so I know all the twists, the gameplay just seemed so fun I wanted to give it a try. I’m enjoying it so far. Playing non-lethally or trying to at least. Gone well so far, but might have to not be the case as it goes on.


I’m all about that Cinco Paus life. I still have very little idea what is going on.


When my group is online - PUBG

When they’re not - Sweeping up moons in Odyssey, trying to get back to that damned orange in Getting Over It, staring at my backlog in crippling indecision


I’ve been playing a lot of Elder Scrolls Online. It’s my first MMO since Runescape (which is the only experience I have with the genre) and I’m liking it a whole lot, though I play it like a single player game so I’m not sure it’s really a “MMO-experience”.

Also, Dragon’s Dogma. I’ve only played a few hours but I think I might love this game.