What game are you playing?


Just finished Darker Side of the Moon on Mario Odyssey, had to use Assist Mode because that level kinda sucks hard. Occasionally dipping back into BOTW, but other than that I’m not really playing anything. Might get back into Splatoon 2 though, that never stops being fun.


Alright so I just found a copy of the first Ridge Racer on PSX that I bought at some point. I’m amazed by this game, it’s the most barebones that a racing game can get even for 1995 standards, only one track, and no multiplayer mode, and yet I can’t seem to put it down. It’s like simple, pure racing game and nothing else, I understand why people liked it so much back then


Got started on Yakuza 0 and having some fun an hour in and story seems pretty good so far. There’s a look to this game that I really appreciate.

On the other hand, I also started Titanfall 2 but mostly did the tutorial and felt old afterwards because I realized I’ve been playing the same style of FPS from the same people behind Medal of Honor: Allied Assault for the last fourteen or fifteen years.


I’m thinking of starting Titanfall 2 again, it’s just such an interesting and tragically overlooked game, it was released at a really inopportune time, but I think it absolutely smashed Battlefield 1 and whatever COD it coincided with, it’s terrific. Danika’s tweets have got me so interested in Yakuza 0, I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on it.


@JordanDH I get sad thinking about how that broken Skyrim remaster on PS4/X1 sold more in the first week than Titanfall 2. It’s still baffling that EA set its release date that near to Battlefield 1’s launch.

Danika’s tweets are actually what drove me to play Yakuza! I’m not super deep into it, but I will say they introduce the plot and characters really well after an hour of playing. I haven’t warmed up to the combat yet, but I love how the eighties aesthetic comes across naturally in the game. There’s a karaoke minigame complete with stock photo titlecard and low quality lyrics and it’s so good.


Oh for sure, that game was stiffed, which is bizarre because that can’t have been a cheap game to make, it was incredibly well made, it could have killed for them, and then EA decided to just fuck it over with its release.

I am even more tempted by that game now.


Style Savvy: Styling Star was an instant download on Dec 25 for me. Between that and the copy of Culdcept: Revolt I picked up on sale I’ve been pretty much mainlining my 3DS.

Style Savvy in particular is so hecking good.


Starting Mass Effect over now that I know where I can find my save files if they just randomly disappear again one day (oddly, in the save file folder for a Broken Sword game because???). I forgot how much fun sniping was, but I did remember the paragon/renegade system kinda sucks ass. Also:

SHEPARD: Garrus, we need to change your code name.
GARRUS: No, “Hostage Killer” is good.


I ended up spending $10 in the PSN Flash Sale and bought Parappa HD and Need for Speed Rivals

Parappa: The first Parappa game is definitely my favorite, but it’s also the hardest to play on modern displays (though I have a low-lag, standard-def capture device that helps immensely). I knew the PSP version of Parappa had problems, and that the PS4 version was based on the PSP version, but after playing the demo, I figured I’d be okay.

Unfortunately from level 2 onwards, it’s clear that a lot of the timings for this game are way off, and it’s not just my TV. Something about the way Parappa’s syllables come out and the way beats get detected has been noticeably changed and I don’t like it. It almost seems like the game is registering more button presses than I’m actually giving it.

NFS Rivals: I’ve been in the mood for a racing game lately. I knew Need for Speed had been in a rut, but reviews for Rivals seemed to say it was okay. I didn’t like Most Wanted 2012; something about that game’s world and cars felt really lifeless in a way that was actually a little haunting. Rivals hews closer to feeling like Hot Pursuit 2010, which is good. Unfortunately, Rivals is fully open world, something that a lot of racing games can’t pull off well, and I don’t think Rivals does. Events are way too spread out and there’s no way to fast travel like in Forza Horizon.

Also, and I can’t believe these words are coming out of my body, but Need for Speed Rivals is kind of the Dark Souls of Need for Speed and I don’t know how much I like that? That’s short hand to say that the game is difficult, but it’s also a commentary on its mechanics: you gain souls (“speed points” or SP) for completing objectives in the world, which can be spent on new gear and stat boosts. But you can’t spend your souls until you go back to a bonfire (your “hideout”). If you die (wreck or get arrested) before you reach the bonfire (hideout), you lose all of your souls (SP).

Unlike Dark Souls, if you wreck in Rivals, your SP is just gone. Forever. There are no corpse runs. The other Dark Souls comparison is that the game is largely singleplayer but contains multiplayer elements where other players can kinda-sorta invade your races through something called “overwatch” – but the game is almost five years old at this point, so there’s not much activity on that front, and on top of that, you’re given the option to straight up turn it off.

My overall point here is that Need for Speed Rivals is an ASSHOLE of a game. The longer you go without banking SP, the more aggressive the police get with trying to take you down, so it becomes this balancing act of seeing how much you can get away with. Which very quickly becomes basically nothing. Too often I’ve tried to get in to a hideout to deposit SP only to get t-boned by a train of 8 cop cars all lining up to steamroll me to death.

It also seems kind of buggy. I’ve had HUD elements get stuck on screen, and one time I finished a race but since I wrecked as I crossed the finish line it didn’t give me any rewards for winning and left all my opponents to drive around the open world with 2nd/3rd/4th place markers over their cars forever. On top of seriously weird physics modeling. I even had the game crash, which ended up being a good thing, because I was starting to get genuinely angry at how mean it feels.


I enjoyed NFS: Rivals a lot when it came out, but I played as a cop, so my experience would definitely be different. I always meant to go back and see what the racer campaign was like, but never did.


I’m playing… Skyrim? For some reason? On Switch and PS4 AND PC? Why… am I doing this to myself?


I just beat Prey and after 35 hours that game is motherfuckin GOOD. In the immersive sim genre, It’s up there right behind the original Deus Ex and Thief 2. Holy hell I love Prey


I was playing Metroid Samus Returns but I didn’t care for it so now I’m replaying Link Between Worlds for the nth time.


I have decided to play Stellaris. I have some experience with these types of games but good lord it is still a lot. There is a lot of game in this game.

Also been playing Slay The Spire. Dumped 23 hours into it and only have 1 clear. The Silent is dope.


I definitely get the impression that Rivals wants me to play as the cop, too. It defaulted to the cop when I started a new game, and even after I picked Racer, it still walked me through the cop tutorial (despite being very similar to racer) and even gave me a free cop car for completing it.

Given how much the Racer campaign is pissing me off, maybe I’d be better suited to the cop side of things. I just never really got in to playing as the cops in these games because pit maneuvers and stuff were never very fun to me. I like going faster than everyone else, not nudging them in the butt until they crash.


I recently picked up Rising Storm 2 Vietnam.

I’m a little mixed on it. I love how the Red Orchestra/Rising Storm games play, but holy hell if the community isn’t full of the most toxic garbage people. The Rising Storm games are especially bad because because it’s basically just people yelling slurs at you in public voice chat if you happen to be playing as the Vietcong (or Imperial Japan in RS1). On top of that, the people on your team will start saying everything in the most awful accents. In a game so reliant on communication it’s just ugh.

I’ve also kind of been out of multiplayer shooters for a while (outside of the occasional PUBG match) so I don’t know if this is just the reality of the genre at this point. Either way, bullshit.

However, I did find a populated server in my region with pretty strict policing of hateful bullshit generally and, predictably, it’s been a much more pleasant experience.


It’s suddenly gone down to no games for me because I got burgled yesterday and lost my Switch and PS4, and hey guess what, it fucking sucks.


Oh shit. That does suck, man. I’m sorry. Even besides losing all your stuff, that feeling of “I’m not safe in my own space” that comes post-burglary is a bummer. Let us know if there’s anything we faceless internet people can do.


I’m pretty okay feeling safe still, I was super bummed when I thought I hadn’t properly shut a door or I’d left the back one unlocked, but they actually climbed in through a small window around the back which in most cases you wouldn’t even really think of shutting, and I was only doing that to air the place out to clear the damp smell from a pipe leaking I had the week before, so now I’m just mad that I’ve lost my saves and BOTW.


i’ve been playing FFX for a while. it’s my first time playing any FF game at all, though i did have a great time watching my brother play FFXV. i think i’ll have to play some more after this!

i’m also playing XCOM 2 very slowly, but i really like what i’ve seen of it so far. i only started playing XCOM in the past few months, and it was the first time i’ve ever really stepped out of my comfort zone with video games, but it was a really good decision! i didn’t expect to like it as much as i do