What game are you playing?


Picked up Slay the Spire last night and after a solid first run am very sold on that game.

It honestly didn’t sound like anything special, but so easy to pick up and play a run (and probably easy to play 3, 4, 5 runs), and the ramp up from simple to complex seems dead on.

Big recommend.


i’m playing skyrim for the first time, taking it slow. after a particular sidequest development i had to take to twitter and come to terms with the extremely video game life i was living. gonna blur out spoilers here because i know at least i’m out here having not played skyrim so, hey.

there was a point that my mercenary club buddies revealed they were secretly werewolves. i had to like stop & decide if it was too much video game for me

i was like i, an orc, am already on some weird “video game protagonists have to save the world” dragon shit. i took two steps in this village and got an official title from the jarl

i’ve got a civil war to sort out, i just pooled my money to buy a house to adopt this child whom i felt bad for, i’m part of this club of killer bros and now they’re all secretly werewolves?

does this questline end up in a place where i’m also a werewolf? a werewolf orc thane mace-wielding mage mercenary mother with yelly dragon magic? is this too much video game for me?

anyway skyrim is absolutely wild. the first several hours ran like the game had physics stuck in its physics, which was funny but killed my horse. went into game files and capped the refresh rate (playing on a 144 monitor) to fix the issue


Answers to question 4: Yes it does. No it is not.


do people have thoughts/feelings on the civil war? imperials seem like jerks, stormcloaks have some weird nationalist-purity shit. i haven’t made a decision yet, no outside context, this is the first elder scrolls anything i’ve played.

any lobbying welcome, honestly, make this choice easier


last year, one of my closest friends convinced me to play Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, because they were some of his favourite games ever. In return, he played the original Nier.

I ended up really enjoying Banjo-Kazooie and thinking Banjo-Tooie is also pretty good with a bunch of noticeable dips in quality.

After finishing those two and then Super Mario Odyssey, I felt like playing another classic 3D collect-em-up. So I’m now playing Donkey Kong 64.

This might’ve been a mistake.


The civil war quest is kind of bullshit because you’re encouraged to take sides in a war between imperialist oppressors and fantasy nazis.

Just skip that shit. Its mostly combat anyways, and isn’t really all that fun.


ew, gotcha. didn’t realize it was the sort of thing i could completely skip. thanks!


I beat Mass Effect as a Paragon Shepard, but with a lot of renegade tendencies when it came to space neo-nazis, racism, slavery, ect. I also picked the Earthborn background so I got that mission where you find out your old gang have become the outer space clan and I got to murder one of them and a Turian watching was all like “hah cool” and that made me happy.

Will get to the second game once I can get all the DLC next article payments.


“Imperialist oppressors and fantasy nazis” is it exactly. I have always sided with the Empire because I always play as a non-human so the fantasy nazis are very explicitly racist against me personally but the whole quest line is a mess.


The Stormcloaks are really NOT painted in good light, in addition to the racial purity stuff you find out the whole “natives of skyrim” thing is bullshit, there’s an older race the imperials helped them conquer slaving away in mines or banished to the badlands to be hunted for sidequests.


So American Nazis?


I’ve been playing a lot of CrossCode recently and just hit the part where I hit the cliffhanger of the story that’s been released so far (the game’s in early access). It’s a really great game, but I feel like it’s sorely in need of some difficulty options. I often feel like I get most of my enjoyment out of the first stage of a boss encounter, then need to slog through several much harder but essentially the same stages to prove to the game that I’m capable of continuing. I’m not sure the feeling of mastery is worth the RSI or time investment.

The main conceit of having a single-player game set in an MMO works surprisingly well for me. There are many cynical ways to interpret the fantasy of simulating a multiplayer game as a solo experience, but I prefer to think of it as enabling NPCs to have knowledge of game mechanics that is similar to my own. There seems to be some inspiration from having a rival in Pokémon games, since there are multiple rival characters in CrossCode who are aware of the game’s systems and compete with you within them (though that’s sometimes faked by requiring you to complete a task in a certain amount of time rather than facing a real simulated opponent).


i chose to support imperials the one time i played that quest all the way through bc the stormcloaks are horrible and racist so Fantasy Imperialism is honestly the more benign of the two choices you have, but if you aren’t interested in doing the quest you don’t have to, the main storyline is honestly more interesting in places if you don’t bother fixing anything in the war storyline. i did it once for the sake of seeing what happens in it and never bothered after that. i just shout all of the food off ulfric stormcloak’s table whenever i’m in windhelm now instead

have fun with skyrim!! it’s a wild game


Mass Effect 2 is so much better than the first from just the prologue alone that I’m amazed both games are Bioware games and only released two years apart. I miss some clunky stuff from the first game, but goddamn if 2 doesn’t just grab you in every single aspect.


I hope you like ME2! I replayed the game pretty recently and I still think that (with some pretty glaring missteps, looking at you, camera oogling Miranda’s butt) it’s BioWare’s best character work.


I’m about 15 hours in Batman: Arkham Knight and I’m enjoying it as an expansion of what City was. The car was irritating at first, but eventually I got over it and I kinda like the way it feels now? I keep forgetting to use gadgets and special moves in combat and whenever I remember they exist, everything suddenly becomes 10x easier.


Shadow of the Colossus PS4. Everything I’d heard was right. Nobody was exaggerating when they called it a masterpiece. I am eating, drinking, breathing this game.


Shiren The Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate because of Austin’s post today and because Shiren is fucking great. (Shiren for the Switch plx)


The Dream Machine, and I’m kind of loving it. I’ve always seen it described as an adventure game where the graphics are digitized hand-built models, which is true and cool but not a terribly compelling pitch. So try this instead: The Dream Machine is like Psychonauts, but a point-and-click adventure about how invading people’s inner lives is actually a really screwed-up thing to do. And despite the setting where adventure-game dream logic has narrative justification, the puzzles are mostly quite reasonable and provide plenty of clues.


I never finished Dream Machine, but I loved the heck out of what I played.