What game are you playing?


Been playing a lot of Rocket League to catch up on my Friends at the Table & other podcast backlog from the holidays. I’m thinking of restarting my game of Divinity Original Sin with different classes to see if maybe it grabs me this time because I barely made a dent in it before getting overwhelmed by the combat & quitting.

SO & I have been playing more Skullgirlz & Overcooked together though which is nice because we never really had games that we played together.


I didn’t realize there was a Paradox bundle right now, so I’m glad I saw this! Granted, I have no experience with their work but I’ve had an interest in at least trying out Stellaris.


I finally got around to starting The Sexy Brutale and it’s pretty neat. I think the best way I can describe it is that it’s a combination of “Hitman, but in reverse” and “what The Cave could have been if it wasn’t a hugely disappointing mess of a game”.

Now I’m just thinking about how much of a bummer The Cave was…


So I made a huge mistake this weekend and started a new Stardew Valley save. See you folks in a month, I guess.


A New Beginning from Daedalic.

This was one of their earliest “serious” point and clicks, and because of its age, the dub is kind of awful. The comic book art style is also kind of awful at points, with the beautiful settings contrasted against the messy character art.

The main story, however, is actually pretty good and surprisingly political. It’s a time travel story about a group of people trying to stop climate change by helping a retired scientist get back in his field and introduce a new eco energy source to the world. The game does seem to lose the script when it’s explained why climate change suddenly got way, way worse earlier than expected, but they work in a surprisingly clever twist by making Fae, one of the time travelers, tell the scientist everything she went through to find him, only to reveal that Fae was lying and the actual plan was to cause the nuclear disaster she said caused things to speed up, but in reality won’t have that much impact but force pressure for humanity to find a solution much sooner. I love how they foreshadow this by having the scientist correct Fae’s explanation of laser lens technology.


There’s been a bit of talk about Halo 6, so I’ve been replaying the main saga now to be refreshed. Currently working backward, so finishing up Halo 5 and will move down to 4 soon. The Master Chief collection was such a good purchase!


I picked up Dragon Age Origins over Xmas and just getting into it now. Dwarf Noble origin whooo! With the recent news on Anthem, and general sadness over Mass Effect’s ostensible shelving, I’m happy to return to a time when BioWare was doing top-shelf world-building.

I’m also playing Wolfenstein II and generally enjoying it - there’s some difficulty spikes in this game, though, aren’t there? I’m bouncing between the third and fourth difficulties just to get a little challenge, but damned if I’m going to bang my head against the wall 20 times on certain sections, especially when the game’s not so keen on your character’s hit detection.


I’ve been missing, found only in Hyrule for like a week now.

In the best ways it reminds me of Spelunky. There are rules to how things work, enjoy.

Breath of the Wild is my first Zelda game, and it has set a bar I’m confident the rest of the series cannot touch. They might be good games. They might be great games. Heck, they might be better games, but for what I’ve needed and wanted this week, I don’t think there could be a better game.

I was hospitalized for four days last week, and on day three some exceedingly kind friends of mine delivered a Switch to me, affording me the opportunity to play. As I recover, and try to get back into the swing of things, Hyrule has been perfect. It’s helping me relax and get into the groove of things at my own pace.

When I want to save my best weapons, and hate that I don’t have room to pick up another really good weapon, I realize the issue I’m having isn’t too small an inventory. It’s too many lemons. I need to stop hoarding. There will always be more weapons than I can use. I don’t need to save them, or worry about it. Most of my favorite fights in the game are when I’m in a scrappy spot, throwing a bomb to disarm an enemy to steal their weapon anyways.

I’ve got a mission to bring a flame from one place to another, I get started and part way through it begins to rain. ‘Oh, I remember this, this is the thing everybody said sucked,’ I thought immediately. Then I sat in town, looking around. Watching the world pass. Exhale. What’s the rush? After a minute or two, the rain subsided, and I was back on my way.

Sure, I’ve got a world to save, but every single plot beat so far has been characters telling me to take it easy. I’m not ready yet, and that’s fine.

Explore. Experiment. Cook. Solve little puzzles. Pick a fight. Avoid a fight. Bring a kid an arsenal of weapons. Don’t worry about it. I wonder what’s up on that mountain? Let’s find out. Maybe it’s a Korok seed, maybe I’ll see a shrine, maybe I’ll just enjoy the climb. I always enjoy the journey.

(Dang, was really hoping post 666 of this thread would be a Diablo or a DmC game etc.)


Just Nier: Automota. It’s taking me forever to play it


Darksiders. First time, too, and I’m actively mad at how little attention it gets.


Dying Light. Playing it on Hard for my first playthrough, and it is extremely punishing. Almost regrettably so. You actually need to run from a lot of enemies, which is a playstyle I had to adjust to. It’s an incredibly good game, and the parkour is some of the best I’ve yet experienced.


Got me Night in the Woods and played a litle bit past the intro, it’s very good and I’m looking forward to playing it and the Fire Emblem Warriors DLC when I’m on holiday at the end of the week.

But also Xenoblade 2, still, after 160 hours. Tinkering and tuning blade/driver setups is brill, a lot of mechnical knobs and dials to turn to accomodate one small adjustment, like swapping a party member around. Finding out what characters could easily run which secondary classes has been fun. Turns out Morag can pull of a solid Tank-Healer setup with Boreas, who’s brill.

Morag’s one of my favourite RPG main cast members in a long time, a real standout in a absolutely ace main cast. Even Rex’s extremely Anime Protagonist archetype isn’t making me roll my eyes like I thaught I would. It’s the yorkshire accent, I can’t not love him. The Extremely British localisation is fantastic, some of the best voice acting in games between this and the first Xenoblade. Even if Rex and Nia feel like their holding back with their Anime Shouting. Like there’s someone in the next room they don’t want to disturb.

Man, so many of the rare blades are brill. My luck’s been abysmal lately but I’m at the point where blades are getting quests dedicated to them where they get a real chance to shine. Gorg’s has been such a joy, outside of some material gathering. The final cutscene is had me beaming.

And god, the main story. It’s running with a lot of familiar tropes but manages to make them feel truly fresh through sheer force of will. The fact that it’s deliberately re-using big story beats from the first Xenoblade and STILL making me lose my god damn MIND as they hit is such a testament to the presentation.

Also, Morag and Brighid are gay and I should be in bed.


Saw Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was on sale this week on Steam, which reminded me how much fun that game can be and got me wanting to spin some faeblades around a fuck some bandits up, so I fired that game up for the first time in a while.

It’s clunky, the facial animations are bad, the lack of voice for the PC in a game released in 2012 is a crime, but for $5? If you don’t have it, you should deffo buy it this week.


I wanted an ARPG to play so I’ve been milling about in The Division, specifically its endgame. Problematic attitudes about government authority aside, it’s a really solid ARPG that has a surprising amount of gear customization given it’s modern military theme. I’m currently running a hybrid Nomad/Lone Star setup (lifesteal/ammo management) with The House (a gun that deals 20% more damage with the first or second half of its clip, and this is determined randomly) and Pakhan(a gun that gains more ammo in the magazine on the next reload with each kill). Enemies are still somewhat bullet sponge, but for the most part it doesn’t feel like it if you have a good build.

It’s my current relaxation/podcast game since the loop is so repetitive, but my stupid lizard brain loves games with action combat and multicolored loot. I’d be playing Monster Hunter right now if it was on PC😭


shadow fight 3. It is really a fun game. i literally love it. have some amazing graphics


I have been playing since day one, only at chapter 5 (one year old limits my time, even with being able to play on the Switch) and I love this game. I still have no real idea of the full combat mechanics even at this stage, and the game has flaws for sure, but I just love playing it.


It really takes it’s time introducing stuff, but in the end I’m glad it does. I doubt I’d understand a lot of what’s going on if I hadn’t spent so long with each new addition before something new drops. Nothing worse than finding yourself kneww-deep in mechanics you should have been paying attention too earlier.


Mass Effect 3, just started.

I’m already getting mixed vibes, because while the speedier combat is great and the whole game looks even better, there’s little things like Ashley’s disturbingly large and shiny lips and Cerberus making a 1950s terminator wife that have my eyebrow raised pretty high. Seriously, what is with the lips in this game.


Trudging through Hotel Dusk. The plot is finally starting to thicken, but goddamn did it feel like an eternity to get here. The text speed is friggin’ glacial even when I hold the stylus down, and what is the point of “walking” around rather than just pointing and clicking I swear.


I really liked Hotel Dusk, but I only played it when I was riding the subway to school. It’s a perfect “commute game” as I only had to half pay attention to it and the story is slow enough that I didn’t feel bad playing it in tiny chunks. But if you’re playing it with full attention in one go, then I can definitely see the pacing not working very well.