What game are you playing?


I was itching for a new JRPG with turn based combat, so I put about fiver or so hours into Blue Reflection. It’s a very pretty game that takes a lot of inspiration form Persona, and it very commendably tries to innovate on the JRPG formula by removing the very concept of grinding for XP, instead letting you earn upgrade points from “social links” and boss fights. The only problem with that is the fact that the game is still littered with the usual number of random battles, which pay out nothing but a few random items. In five hours, I never found any real reason to fight except against bosses, or to fulfill a specific quest. I eventually got bored and stopped.

…and theeeeeeeeeen I played all of Rout B in NieR in one sitting. Don’t do that, it’s too long for that, but damn that game is good.


This first one is incredibly rough, especially, IMO the gameplay. 2’s story will pull you through, but for me the gameplay still has problems. 3 kinda drips the ball on the story but is so fun to play, and 4 is actually all around a good game.
It’s a rough series, but very enjoyable.


Most of the Cerberus characters are from ME2, which came out in 2010, and it shows. They’re not as bad in ME3, but they’re still infused with that game’s puerile, overly-edgy spirit.


Amazingly, I’m still playing Xenoblade 2 even after finishing it. The finale was absolutely stunning, to the point where I’ll even forgive it for not really committing to one aspect of it, just because it was done so well.

Currently grinding Territorial Rotbart in Gormott for Legendary Core crystals so I can get the last two rare blades on Nia. Been fun having a proper play around with Super Rex. The upcoming update sounds brill, can’t wait to jump into NG+.

Also did a mission with the new characters in Fire Emblem Warriors, which was fun. Think I’ll wait for the next 3 to come before I get stuck in though, as is I’ll have to bring along a bunch of level 80 odd folks with me every mission which takes the fun away somewhat. Just sounds more fun to juggle a bunch of similarly leveled characters.

I remembered that I have screenshots of every character reaching level 69. Nice.


Er, no.

I’m not talking about any of the characters besides psycho Nightwing (who is just one of the worst characters Bioware ever came up with ever). I’m mainly talking about the enemies, who have literal ninjas and multiple units with smoke bombs.

Their mechs use smoke bombs, it’s fucking ridiculous. I can buy into a lot in this series but the enemy set in ME3 for Cerberus is a ridiculous joke.


Ah. Sorry, guess I misunderstood the usage of “chuuni”.


So i played through the first episode of Life is Strange: Before the storm, and got pretty positivly surprised by the relationship-part between Chloe and Rachel.

Then i went to read up on the plot summary from the original game to remind me of what i had forgot since playing through it and god damn now i almost don’t want to keep playing Before the storm. Knowing the fate of those characters makes me almost wish the remaining episodes will be shallow and boring.

Another great surprise is that the band Daughter is behind the OST and parts of it is fucking magic:

So much talk about GOTY-awards these last few months and no one mentioned this OST in discussions about best music. It should at least have gotten a few honorable mentions. You let me down yet again internet!


right now monster hunter on PS4 and Celeste on Switch.

Escape from Tarkov on PC. (with occasional PUBG and R6Siege).

my PC gaming is definitely high adrenaline type games right now and i can’t do that every night. the console games make a nice balance for that.


I’ve been listening to a bunch of old Bombcasts and I’ve hit the era where @patrick.klepek bought a Neo Geo arcade cabinet and is teetering on the edge of the very deep, dark, MVS rabbit hole.

As a consequence, I’ve ended up with an MVS copy of Street Hoop for my Omega and my entire weekend was spent making magic on the black top. A very belated shout out to Patrick for the hot rec. This game is a fucking blast!


I’ve starting playing Celeste on the Switch and hot damn is that game good. They do so much with the mechanics and the story wrapped around it, is so good.

I’m also playing Monster Hunter World, and there are parts of it I love - the wilderness, the world, the monster design, the changing nature of battles - but I am finding it grating that there is no real reason to kill these monsters. Just once I’d like to see one of the monsters eat somebody. Like what if the Anjanath straight up smashed through the camp and ate my handler whole?


Trying to play Dandara, but i think it’s just a bit too hard for me :S


I started Aaero last night, and have been very pleasantly surprised. It’s essentially like Rez, but instead of just shooting targets, you also have to guide your ship along a ribbon that moves with the music. On normal, the shooting and maneuvering sections are distinct, but I imagine on harder difficulties things are more blended. During some of the more frantic ribbon parts, it felt like I was making my ship dance, which was very fun.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The critics are divided. But I’m convinced. This open world Late Middle Ages costume drama is tailor made for me. Tough, too.


Playing Celeste on the Switch and it’s… eh? I like a challenge, but I feel like the game’s difficulty really interferes with the pacing and is really at odds with the tone that’s set by the dialogue and characters. There’s all these cute, emotional minutes-long story bits intercut with like an hour of your protagonist getting slaughtered in comically violent ways. People compare this game to Super Meat Boy a lot, and rightfully so, but it just doesn’t click the same way. It just doesn’t use tone or pacing nearly as well.

Also, some of the secrets are of the really cheap “accidentally bump into this wall” category.

It’s fine, but I don’t know if I’m going to keep at it for much longer.


Just recently picked up Dragon Ball FighterZ! After MK and SF, this is my fav fighter franchise. I love the characters and the graphics are stunning. Def worth a purchase if you need some more DBZ


Warframe for now, just stopped playing No Man’s Sky for now. I’m sure once the new Stardew Valley patch drops I’ll be back on that.

Unless it comes out at the same time as Yakuza 6, and then I’ll have decisions to make.


I’ve been playing Chrono Cross and damn is it a beautiful game. It has a true identity of its own, which might be why people decry it as a bad sequel, with lazy tie-ins, but I think it is a truly great game. Being honest with myself, it was over ambitious at time with its narrative, having to explain itself in exposition dumps and poor pacing, but you can feel the truth of their vision busting from underneath the imperfect package.

It was the first game that had me running online to see what others were saying about it. In retrospect I can see a trend in my favorite games… high concept, over ambitious, and usually a little imperfect in execution. Masato Kato and Hideo Kojima were probably the first people to ever ask me to think very hard about something.


After Monster Hunter, which is basically one boss battle after another, I jumped into Bloodborne, then I realized I need a break from the intensity. Spent the weekend replaying the first chapter of DQ Builders, finding the secrets I missed like killing a dragon makes a comfortable looking green sofa appear.


Hi I started playing Tyranny but I think I’m bad at being a ruthless agent of an evil overlord. Definitely going full-on Lawful Evil sorta by accident


don’t know why it took me so long to buy night in the woods, but i finally bought it and it’s filling a void within me i didn’t even know existed. mae’s mom is the gentile mother that i’ll never have. her outfit kinda looks like something my mom would wear; mae’s mom is funnier/cooler tho. the songs are pretty solid parodies of spencer krug-type music (unless this is a weird aural paradolia), which is frankly more than i’d ever secretly dreamed of a video game, and i say that as a spencer krug superfan. the fact that i grew up in western pa? tbh, it makes me unable to be impartial. i love this game. dunno how far in i am at this point, been playing a few hours but only have one trophy so far. this might take me a while.

i’ve got gripes and quibbles here or there, but as far as video games go, night in the woods is truly special. even if you didn’t grow up in western pa.