What game are you playing?


Pop’n Twinbee Rainbow Bell Adventures

I recently modded my SNES Mini Classic and this was a game my friend whole heartedly recommended I put on it. So I gave it a shot and goddamn is this a good little platformer. Also you can just rocket into space at any time which is just weird and great.


As a late PS1 game, Chrono Cross accomplishes a lot visually and the music is nothing short of amazing. I’m also glad I was a kid when I first saw it, so I didn’t really notice how that story is…not so great.

That world really felt alive, was fascinating in a lot of spots and beautiful to look at.


Chrono Cross deserves respect and adoration for art and music, but also continuing the Chrono tradition of no random encounters. I wished so hard when it was released that Final Fantasy games would follow suit!

And I guess they did, even though it took a few more games to do it.


Recently I’ve only been playing games I can slot into short play sessions but also binge on if necessary So Devil Daggers has squirmed its nefarious way back into my psyche.
The game I’ve been adoring recently though, is the lovely wingsuiting game Superflight. I just love how you can zone out and just swoosh around exploring the bizarre randomly generated levels or really get into a flow state trying to hit insane gaps. Just unpressured simple fun!


Humble Monthly FORCED ME to start Dark Souls 3 for the 3rd time.

The first time I restarted it was because I was at Pontiff and my Estus Flask wasn’t leveled up at all. Thinking I had made an irreversible mistake, I started a brand new game. Little did I know that the Estus Flask level is attached to an item rather than souls. So that was cool. Why I deleted my other game I do not know.

On that restart I put in 25 hours. Probably in the last 5 or so hours of the game…then Humble Monthly announced their next early unlock would be Dark Souls 3 and a DLC. I had wanted to purchase the DLC and assumed that I would be buying the Season Pass shortly.

Now, only an hour or so in to the PC version, I know I made the right call. I know that if need be I can always go back to my PS4 save and finish what I started for the sake of it. I am using the PC to start a new build, I have been playing these games since Demon Souls and routinely pick the same build. STR w/ lagging DEX. But what about DEX & LUCK? Why not? Also, the game LOOKS better, sure you expect that on PC but still, it helps. More importantly it runs better. On PS4 there are regular moments of chugging and screen tearing. On the PC I have experience none of that, a totally smooth experience.

So many games I could be playing and I have started the worst Souls game for the third time. What am I even doing?


I’m still playing Overwatch, never stopped.
I’m going to an effort to play other stuff too. I started Devil May Cry and the missions are short enough that I can do one every time I load it up. I am liking it even though I haven’t played a melee focused character action game in a long time. The reason I keep plating is because I love how the art direction, the premise, and the characters emphasize the Hot-Topic circa 2005 anarchy-brand. At the time I was critical of that aesthetic, bit now I’m super happy that Ninja Theory locked it into this piece so I can remember it.
I’m also searching through itch.io for vaporwave inspired walking-sims. About a year ago there seemed to be three a week showing up on Warpdoor and now I’m realizing that I might be the only person who is interested in archiving the particular ones I enjoy the most personally into a specific category. I’m trying to turn it into a project of some sort (maybe a Tumblr page) but right now I’m just starting to collect them with the intention in mind.


All of my gaming time the past handful of weeks has been Dead Cells. My friend gifted me the game a few months ago for my birthday, but I was hesitant to play it as I don’t have a game pad currently, which is my preferred way to play most games on PC, and Dead Cells just straight-up says to play with a controller.

Anyways, I finally started playing and it hooked me in a big way, much like Rogue Legacy did years ago. I can now reliably get to and past the first boss and the following area. I have over 20 hours logged, but I don’t really see myself stopping anytime soon. I love the loop of investing my cells and I genuinely want to unlock everything, including the upgrades. Plus, mouse and keyboard hasn’t been that big of a hindrance once I remapped the roll and I wonder if I could even start playing it with a game pad.


I really tried to like Chrono Cross but I just couldn’t. All of the characters besides Kidd felt insanely one-note and paper thin, and the story waiting so insanely long before it explains what’s going on really bored me.

I’ll admit, I wanted something that connected to Trigger a lot more (and as I understand it, eventually, in the 11th hour, it does) but I also felt like I was willing to take the game on its own terms. After all, it was Squaresoft – most Final Fantasy games largely stand alone as individual, self-contained universes. I was sad to have an adventure so divorced from Crono and friends, but I’d still hang in there.

I just found Cross’s plot simultaneously watered down and obtuse. I got stuck right around the time it seemed like the game wanted me to recruit the pirate captain, and after spending over an hour reading a FAQ and failing to progress, I gave up and never looked back.

But I do think it says a lot about certain elements of Cross that every now and then I flirt with the idea of starting over and seeing how it strikes me now, some 19 years later.


I like Cross but yeah it’s really huge and throwaway cast does not help it.

Also oh my god it’s connection to Trigger is super messy and yeah near the end it just sorta dumps everything on you and I can only assume it was budget issues.
Here’s the thing of the full Cross/Trigger Chronology. It is a thing


The big movers & shakers become pretty well developed over time, but I think that’s a valid criticism. Most ‘supporting’ characters have dialogue fed through the accent system, which might take a line like “Hello, Serge, how are you doing?” and change it to “Oi mate, what’s your fancy?” for one character and “Hawwo Sergipoo! whaths hopin’?!” for another. I wonder if this was a trick to save on writing or a trick to save on memory? I’m not knowledgeable enough about the restrictions of that era since I was probably 10 when I played it in 2000.

It’s convoluted but, if I’m being honest, and I know this sounds stupid, I like things that are too ambitious for their own good. I like making sense of the convolution. But hey, I’m a Metal Gear, Dark Souls, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Xenogear, Angel’s Egg fan. I probably put too much value on the time I spend thinking about stories when I’m not playing them, and reading fan write-ups. That’s on me.

But let me admit that Chrono Cross does miss the mark narratively a bit more than some of my other examples. The story there is VERY interesting, but there were too many ideas to communicate them all in a well-paced way. Late game has some hardcore info dumps. I’m guessing either this game was rushed for the end of the PS1 or spent too much time in development and had too many late game changes. Either way, another round of editing would do this game wonders…

Blah blah blah I’m not even sure what my point is anymore. I probably just wanted to talk about Chrono Cross. If you ever feel like spoiling the game for yourself, here’s a really good plot summation from a fansite that’s been around FOREVER called Chrono Compendium. You can either read it in chronological order or in order the player experiences the story (which the wiki calls Serge’s Perspective.)


It’s kind of cute that we both posted Chrono Compendium plot summaries.


Is it really the worst one? I’ve had DSII sat on my Steam list since about 2 weeks after it came out because my laptop at the time semi-exploded and I never picked it back up after buying a new PC (in fact I rebought DS 1 on PC and finished it again in the interim) is it worth the effort?


To say DS3 is the worst Souls game is to say it is the worst of a really good lot, just so it doesn’t sound like I am super down on the game.

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin is the definite “hip” choice for a Souls game. I think it is the most VIDEO GAME-y of the lot. It drops a lot of the pretense. In a way, it feels more like a Megaman in level structure than Dark Souls. Each area is rather distinct with wacky set pieces and end bosses that seemed tailor-made for the level but maybe not the overarching plot. Then there is a surplus of mini-bosses which aren’t as challenging but they create a unique hierarchy. There are bad monsters in this world that aren’t necessarily the BADDEST monsters in this world.

Note that I am an absolute sucker for these games.


Today I replayed and finally finished L.A. Noire on the Switch. I loved this game and played it the week it launched, but with so many new software back then I dropped it for some months. Probably not the best thing you’d want to do with such a linear game like this one, but today I felt right back at the action no problem. The reason why I am replaying it is because the required “patch” is 13.1GB, and my Switch is running out of space. I’m getting Bayonetta 1 + 2 next Monday, and as such, because Bayonetta comes digital, I just finished the game and am now going to archive it.

But man, what a game. I can definitely see myself replaying it in the future. RIP Team Bondi


This Is The Police, a noir sim game where you play as a police chief close to retirement as he tries to gather up half a million in his last 150 days. There’s a lot of dissonance between the dispatch and station management parts and the main story, but that main story is SO GOOD. The prose, acting, minimalist graphics, and no moral players story is really investing. They made the Duke Nukem actor reading monologues ridiculously engaging, especially with how much those character monologues contrast with the reality you’re seeing.

Also going to soon play through A.D 2044, an old PC game that’s actually a remake of an even older game about a world ruled by feminazis that force men to become women. It is taken completely seriously from what I’ve seen. It’s ugly as sin and incredibly stupid and I can’t wait to riff on this trash. I can’t believe GoG promoted and resold it.


You might already be aware of this but dex and luck are actually a great combo in DS3 because of bleed builds. The Frayed Blade (which is admittedly super late game and requires 40 dex) is extremely good and fun and benefits a lot from points in luck too.


Thank you for reminding me that I really want to play through DS3 again with a gnarly bleed build because it looks completely wild.


I had zero clue! I am pretty much going to attempt to play blind on potential builds just so I can get a little better understanding of how things link.


Oh yeah I was pretty much a STR build (or at least quality) only guy up until I saw how buck wild the Frayed Blade was and just couldn’t resist leaving strength alone to pump 40 dex anymore. It’s an anime ass weapon that’s actually really practical and effective and you get it from killing one of the hardest bosses in the whole series which makes it feel that much more satisfying.


I am trying the Metal Gear Survive beta on steam.

There is no real tutorial and the only thing available is the Horde mode. Using melee weapons feels strange. Also it takes forever to match me up with other players. I have no real opinion on it outside of “This game is weird”