What game are you playing?


Currently stuck on godzilla games because of my little brother…


Holy cow, the ending to Need for Speed Rivals is bad. But also good? I don’t know. I feel like it gave me the bad ending because I picked Racer instead of Cop? The game was kind of pushing me to play as the cop the entire time and I always refused.

So the whole game, your racer character, “Zephyr,” is like, the ultimate edgelord. He speaks in this monotone voice about police aggression, he posts viral videos of him owning the cops in street races, he treats this entire thing like some kind of weird “war” he’s trying to win.

Stakes get raised. Cops get better cars. Better “pursuit tech” (weapons used to take down racers). The cops even start going undercover, even start using excessive, borderline lethal force. But Zephyr is smarter than them. He always is.

The final race is your predictable Open World Racer event: a 27 mile round trip race around the entire map, with cops on your tail the entire time. It’s difficult at first because you’re dealing with 6 racers and 3-4 cops, but around halfway through the race, the cops have worn enough of the racers down that as long as you drive smart, you’ll get ahead of everyone without issue.

So you’ve done it. Zephyr’s beat the police in the biggest race in the game. Once you finish the race, it instantly starts a cutscene. Zephyr launches down a hill and slams in to a roadblock at top speed – the same roadblock you’ve dealt with a thousand times by now – and wrecks. It cuts to a news helicopter where a reporter says Zephyr has been in a fatal car accident with police and is feared dead. “From this vantage point, it’s hard to believe anyone survived that.” (Even though, again, you’ve survived hundreds of these at this point.)

Suddenly it’s a still shot inside the wrecked vehicle’s cockpit. It’s blurry and hard to see. Sirens are approaching. There’s smoke everywhere. You hear Zephyr’s voice.

“I… am the reality show. The fifteen minutes of fame you’ll never have. They say speed kills. But if you aren’t going fast… you aren’t living.” It cuts to black. You hear an engine start. Roll credits.

What a weird game.

I wonder how equally edgelord-y the cop side of this game is?


Playing Monster Hunter World on XboneX and FFXII Remaster on PS4, great games each.


Still working on Xenoblade 2, now at 105 hours (ish). I think I might be getting near the end of the main story although I keep getting distracted by sidequests. I’m wondering if I should just make a beeline through to the end and pick up everything else after.

Once that’s done I’ve been thinking of finally playing Xenosaga III, which I’ve had sealed since 2006. It’s the only Xeno game I haven’t played yet.

Anyway, I also started Bayonetta on Switch. I’ve played through significant portions of it on X360, PS3 and Wii U without actually finishing it. Maybe this time it’ll stick since it’s portable.


I’ve been slowly working my way through Monster Hunter on PS4, and have also been poking around in Mario Odyssey and Zelda:BOTW with my kids. I’ve been thinking about doing another dive into Stellaris when the new expansion drops this week. I spent a pretty good chunk of time with that game last year but walked away feeling like I never fully understood it in anything but the broadest terms. It sounds like the expansion has significantly reworked and rebalanced a lot of the underlying systems so I figure now is as good a time as any to jump back in.


Dragon Ball FighterZ’s story mode is a real bummer. Like, I guess a lot of people don’t really complain about it because I feel like most probably don’t expect much from something like this, but it’s actually kind of close to being a fun Dragon Ball Z story. It has lots of really good banter between characters, at least.

But the way it’s plotted out… yikes. You get a “main” story where you play as Goku and the other heroes, and then once you finish that, you unlock the second arc where you see the story from the villain’s perspective. Except the two don’t really match up, and pretty soon the Villains arc is completely different and totally invalidates the Hero arc.

It wasn’t until later I realized the menu framed the Villains arc as a “what if” scenario, though, so I guess that’s on me. But in that case, it doesn’t make sense why you have to play through the “what if” scenario to unlock the game’s final arc, which is apparently the “true ending.”

Unfortunately everything I just described is the best part of the story mode because 90% of it is re-fighting the same pool of eight “clone” characters hundreds of times in order to reach the next cutscene. It is tremendously boring.


Yeah, I’ve also been complaining about the FighterZ story mode. It’s so fucking bad. I wish it was 3 Arcs of one Story and like 8 hours shorter. It took me 13 hours to complete it and I skipped a lot of fights and didn’t get any of the social links past the 3rd scene. I loved all the character interactions between characters that have never met before but it felt like a chore to get those scenes.

I mean it has fun fights, cool action, funny character interaction, and lots of repetitive, filler bullshit so I guess it is the perfect DBZ anime experience.


There is a line in Devil May Cry during a boss-battle with the succubus whose excrement is the source of Coca-Cola (spoilers) where your character says “Hey Succubus, suck on this!”


More Hitman. The challenges in that game are presented in such a great fashion that you are suddenly invested in maps you weren’t too hot on initially.

I’ve been playing a lot in Hokkaido recently and once you know how to get the disguises, there is a LOT of things going on in that place. I killed the surgery target (Soders) by having the head surgeon worked up on drugs and developing a revenge plot for him after I revealed that the patient / target killed his dad.


due to recent PSN sale i’m finally playing Titanfall 2. hadn’t played the first one previously so it’s all new to me, and dang, this game is a blast. i absolutely love the multiplayer. i haven’t even touched the highly touted campaign yet and i already feel like i’ve got more than my $10 worth. the only bummer about jumping into a MP game like this that’s been going for a while is it feels like i’m … well, late, and starting just now at the beginning of the “level up 5 million things” ladder is a bit off-putting. i don’t know anybody who plays it online either, which is a bit of a drawback… but i’m still having a great time. i feel bad that i missed out on it when it was full price, it would definitely have been worth it.


Hello right now me plating counter strike 1.6


Finishing up Kingdom Come Deliverance and thank god for having a new time-sink, after that I guess I’ll go back to ck2, which is what I usually play in between big releases.


I’m playin Axiom Verge on Switch.

I don’t have any nostalgia for this kind of game, never owned a 16 bit console but I’m really digging this. In the past I found Metroidvanias really difficult. I think playing loads of Binding of Isaac recently has improved my ability to read attack patterns and avoid projectiles.


I’ve reinstalled Borderlands Handsome Collection for like the fiiiifth time or so? Mostly because I need something other than Mon-Hun:World or I’ll put my controller through the TV.
Also i guess I have a couple longrunning Skyrim Switch saves I chip away at when it’s too hot to sleep and I gotta chill outside while my room cools off.


I just got it recently too, and I love it so much too! The shooting feels amazing. But what really feels great is all the crazy running and parkour.

I’ve been how surprised how well I’ve been keeping up with people on multiplayer. I figured I’d start playing and just get wiped, but as soon as I started I could hold my own. If you want to try that horde mode sometime let me know I’m interested in checking that out.

Also I can’t recommend the single player enough. It’s just pure dumb fun. It has an action movie kinda vibe to it. Plus I was surprised how much I cared about the characters by the end.


i’d love to give that a shot. i’m kidneymeat on PSN if you want to add me.


Sure thing! Whenever I get home and all that I’ll be sure to add you!


Effect And Cause is one of the most transcendent FPS levels I’ve ever played. The way your tricks gradually get more and more sophisticated shows a level of “teach the player how to play” that’s only matched or beaten by something like Portal.

Lord Help Me, I am into my Europa Universalis IV bullshit again


I’m playing Fe. As much as I really, REALLY don’t want to dunk on an indie game … it’s incredibly frustrating in the way that only unpolished, barely finished games can be.

Imagine if you made a 3D platformer, but every surface was made of the slippery garbage they used in BOTW shrines. Now make sure the camera is always zoomed way too far in, so you get zero idea of your surroundings, and have it fight you whenever you try to line it up for a jump. Then make the jumps be semi unpredictable, because you’re using weird canned animations. Have half the jump sequences use platforms that aren’t spaced properly apart, so you always miss the edge of something that should be a no brainer. Make the maps NOT pause the game, and not zoomable or navigable – in fact, make it so that your character can still move with the map up, even though you can’t see them properly.

Then also make it a stealth game.

There’s some singing and animal mechanics in there too, I guess?

I really, really dig the atmosphere and art style, and the idea of singing to animals to do things and gain abilities sounds super chill. But everything about this game is so rough, that it’s difficult to even figure out what to do half the time, let alone how. The game wants you to platform in a specific way (as you can tell by the infinite number of edges it puts just above your jump height to corral you), then makes it really rough to do so. There are random frame drops, and I had to quit the game once when it wouldn’t advance during a cut scene.

It feels like this really needed another couple months of polish and playtesting before being sent out the door. I’ll probably push through it to see if the levels get any better, but man is it disappointing so far.


I’m a big Initial D fan, have been since I was a kid. It was basically the first long-running anime I got into, and the arcade game was super big with my siblings and I growing up. I recently got my hands on a copy of Initial D Special Stage for the PS2 from a local retro game place and I am playing the shiiit out of it.

It’s not quite the same when it’s not an arcade cabinet, but I’m just happy that I can basically play Arcade Stage 2 any time I want now. Previously I only had access to Extreme Stage (the PS3 home version of Arcade Stage 4) which just kinda feels… off to me. The cars are super light and oversteer like a motherfucker. Game just feels loose while in Special Stage drifting around Akina feels tight as hell.