What game are you playing?


Uh… wow. First time I hear that particular opinion! Anyway, would be cool to hear what you thoughts about the games. You might also want to give the original Metal Gear games a go if you haven’t yet - they’re fun and hold up pretty well up to a point.


Im on a bit of a weird Doorkickers binge trying to complete all levels in one swift plan.


I wrapped up the demo for Bug Fables yesterday

It’s a real cute Paper Mario RPG and the writing was super charming. Got some gameplay issues I hope they can work on but otherwise I was sold.


Oh wow, this is a lot like Paper Mario. It’s a relief to hear the writing is good though, as that was Paper Mario’s strength. Thanks for putting it on my radar!


The demo’s up on their indiegogo. Definitely suggest trying it out to see if you like it.


So I just reinstalled SpaceBase DF-9 because I found that a small team of modders have been adding to the game and trying to complete it!


I finished Fatal Bullet. It’s got some rough spots, but I enjoyed it overall. Even though I stuck to sniper rifles and didn’t explore all the other options, the mechanics were surprisingly good. It kind of reminds me of something like The Division. Also, I really appreciated the accidental lesbian romance.

And I finally got around to Tacoma which was just wonderful. Gone Home didn’t really do anything for me, but Tacoma fully grabbed me. I think part of that is because I’ve changed since then and because the way Tacoma defines and develops its characters was especially good. The space detective scrubbing back and forth really plays into that as well. Also, I loved the representation: majority women, black, Muslim, Asian, gay, different body shapes.


what JRPG should I play next, y’all?


What have you played before? Are you a veteran or new to the genre?


I love the Metal Gear Solid series even though, or maybe because, it sometimes bites off way more than it can chew. If you’ve never come across this long analysis of Metal Gear Solid 2 I highly recommend it. Ten years on it’s still one of the most interesting pieces of game criticism I can remember reading.


hmm, I’ve played pretty much every 3d final fantasy and persona 5. I am currently playing legend of heroes: Trails of Cold Steel and I love it and I loved P5 as well (esp how slick the UI was.) so probably something in the vein of those games. been wanting to try xenoblade chronicles 2, but I don’t wanna pay 60 bux.


I was thinking about doing another play through of Bloodborne, but then I realized I still had a copy of Dark Souls II that I hadn’t finished. I had a character that had weird specs because I didn’t know what I needed to focus on to play a character that mainly dodges. I fought the boss I was stuck on when I quit last year. I tried for a couple hours and kept losing and getting frustrated. I realized I had an item to respect my character and increased my agility so I would have the i-frames I needed to play the way I wanted. Then I went back and was able to beat the boss on my fifth try. It was great!


Tactics Ogre! Or anything with a Job system.

I was thinking I might start playing Bloodbourne in a lead up to Dark Souls rerelease on the switch.


Gotcha. I don’t know that I can help much with more modern stuff - I kinda fell out with the genre in more recent years (I’m only now going to start playing the original Ni No Kuni). However, if you get in the mood for more old-school stuff, I’d give Chrono Trigger, FFIV or FFVI a shot. Also Undertale, which is honestly one of the best games I’ve played.


Anyone considering doing another Bloodborne playthrough - tomorrow a lot of players, myself included, are going to start new playthroughs to capitalize on the influx of new players due to the game being given for free to PSN Plus subscribers. This is a really good time to go back to Yharnam.


I keep trying to play older titles but I have now old consoles and I just can’t get emulators to work, thanks tho!


is that like a RTS JRPG or something. I love the job systems of LOH and the school setting and general aesthetics of P5.


will jump on tomorrow when I get off, thanks for the heads up!!!


Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy is a Turn based strategy RPG with a good and cool Job system.

…but i’m not too sure what you’d have to setup to play them again.

Modern stuff though i’d definitely suggest LISA


As I finish up my renegade run of Mass Effect 2, I’ve also started Septerra Core and Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars.

I actually bought Septerra Core way back in the late 90s/early 00s and tried playing on my shitty 95, and was surprised to discover it was a JRPG made by a western studio. I was also surprised by my terrible PC couldn’t run it without major slowdown and crashing. But now I have it on Steam and can actually run it. I just started, but it looks promising, and the terrible character models have a sort of low quality charm to them.

The ZOE GBA game, on the other hand, looks interesting, even giving you evasion mechanics rare for strategy titles. Shame the ZOE lore is absolute fucking nonsense.