What game are you playing?


Hbomberguy’s LISA video has me heavily thinking about picking it up


Is the story better or worse then that very special anime they had for ZoE?


This was around the time Konami really wanted ZOE to be a Gundam killing franchise and shoveled out a lot of expanded universe stuff, so it’s about that level. Main character is an unlucky dumbass, his sidekick is a woman who gets amnesia, ect.


I too am thinking of a JRPG after finally putting down Ocarina of Time 3D. I bought OOT3D because I was jonsing for Breath of the Wild late in 2016. I play portable games pretty slowly so I made it up to around the Fire Temple in OOT3D when Breath of the Wild dropped in 2017. A couple months ago, I resolved to finish it so I could move on to a different portable game.

Going back to OOT3D after Breath of the Wild was weird. For what was once considered one of the best games of all time, it sure seemed rigid, and slow, and boring all of a sudden.

As for JRPGs, I was either thinking of finally finishing the game of Chrono Trigger I started two years ago (the Steam port put it on my mind), or starting something like Final Fantasy 6 or maybe even Mother 3. I’ve never played either.


Half off on psn this week if that helps!


I think I’m going to try persona 4 next or the sequel to Legend of Heroes.


Oh boy, i just got Into the Breach last night after a few weeks of equivocating on whether to buy it (i have a mac, where it isnt out yet, but my brother has a pc and we share a steam account). I only did one run, but came within one turn of winning (THOSE TENTACLES DAMAGE THE BOMB???), and those hooks are in deep. It really makes me feel like a brain genious pulling off a sick combo and killing some bugs, and even as i write this all im thinking is how i want to be playing it. It’s so good.


Challenge hunting in dragon quest builders on the ps4. The timed challenges are not my idea of fun at all, i can see why they took em out on the switch.

Darkest dungeon on the switch, they patched the crimson court dlc but i started a new hamlet without it anyway. It seems like more of a post game challenge kind of thing. You do get used to the controls and after a while the stupid mistakes due to pressing wrong button are minimized. But I still accidentally start the wrong mission from time to time, which is a real pain in the ass due to auto saves and sanity penalties for leaving a mission.

Radiant Historia demo on the 3ds. Interesting premise, the demo is super long. Intriguing that there’s a mode to entirely skip the random battles.


At this point I’m gonna be tapped out by the time I revisit MGSV, so I don’t know whether I’ll have it in me to visit Metal Gear 1 and 2.

Heather Alexandra has said several times that Rising’s writing outshines several of the core MGS games so I’m excited to see it.


Driving off the Map is so good! So far MGS2 is definitely my favourite game as a complete work and I’m starting to sour on MGS3 (my original fave) precisely because it doesn’t stretch itself to be more than a really good action game.


I started a new character yesterday! Set every adjustable character slider to 69 and just ran with it. This is my 4th time around, and yeah, there are lots of other players right now. That said, if you’re experienced with Soulsborne games, you’ll find yourself outpacing the player base by Central Yharnam.

But it’s definitely a lot of fun to help out new players. Happy hunting!


I bought The Low Road based on Cameron’s article for it a while ago and have been enjoying the style and writing. The intro sequence is really good and fumbling through the fake roommate story over the phone was funny in a way I didn’t expect.


MGS 2 is so weird and sure of itself that I can’t help but love it. It makes a few allusions to the novel City of Glass by Paul Auster (Peter Stillman is a character name in both, and supposedly there were a few other borrowed character names that got dropped from the final game) and there’s a lot of thematic overlap between the two. I just happened to coincidentally read the book a few months after I played the game the first time and got a little freaked out by the similarities until I found out they were intentional.


My awful work schedule has made playing games a challenge this week, but I’m looking forward to more Monster Hunter World. I have 94ish hours on the game right now, and all I want to do right now is build cool armour sets and weapon combos to do fun stuff online, and also beat all the Tempered Elder Dragons.

I feel like I’m spoiling myself for the PC release, maybe with the idea that I can save some stuff to play with friends who don’t have a PS4. But, at the same time, this wouldn’t be the first time I put in a ton of hours to the same game on two platforms (Destiny 2…).


Playing some Vermintide 2. Did the Prologue and this is extremely my game. I like the Warhammer setting.

Also looking for people to play it with! Holla Atcha Boi!


On the Switch, I’m still cranking along through BotW, and love it more than I expected to. It’s a great way to just get lost for a while and I am deeply fond of the art and music. I’ve only gotten one Divine Beast up and running so far, because I’ve been enjoying just exploring and finding better stuff and things to do, but I’m about to head off on a quest for another one of the Divine Beasts. I haven’t even gotten into the western and northern parts of the map yet, because I’ve been loving the exploration of the eastern part so far.

I’m also playing Night in the Woods finally thanks to my Switch! And I like it a lot. Narrative games about interesting characters that aren’t usually depicted in games are my jam, so a game about a college drop-out 20 year old woman (who happens to be a cat) who returns to her small rust-belt town jam-packed with post-industrial ennui is like total manna to me.

On the Xbox, I’ve been trying to get into The Witcher 3, and I have such mixed feelings. I’m already not as fond of an RPG where I can’t make my own character - I always prefer to play as a woman, or if required to be a man I want to play as a man of color, so being the ultimate gravely-voiced white guy is already kind of not my thing. I do love the whole “monster hunter for hire” thing, and I’ve had a lot of fun with the combat, and I love how fleshed-out even the most seemingly inconsequential side quests are. What’s really been getting to me is how thus far (and I admit I’m not like a super long way in - I just did the Crones of Crookback Bog), essentially every single woman I’ve met in the game is either A. a super-hot witch you meet naked who wants to get with Geralt, or B. a nameless peasant in burlap rags. There’s thus far basically no other kind in the game. It’s really, deeply off-putting to me.

After I got bummed I fired up my in-progress Dragon Age: Inquisition save (a game I got burned out on from DAI’s well-known open world issues but am liking much more now that I have a good handle on which quests to do in which priority and which busywork to ignore) and it felt like a breath of fresh air. There are women everywhere! Women soldiers and religious leaders and mages and craftspeople and traders and spies and politicians! And my beloved player character Samantha Trevelyan, a compassionate and fair-minded leader…sigh.

So I’m not sure how I feel about TW3 yet. It’s bumming me out but I feel like surely it has to get better in that regard if I play further?


I needed the hard drive space so I went and finished Dying Light: The Following. The original Dying Light was all right, but I think The Following is where Dying Light really comes into its own. The parkour-ish running around from the original game was fine, but it always felt like a pain to move around Harran. Adding the buggy and making the world more open made the game a lot more interesting to me. Also, the addition of the Volatile hives gave me a reason to actually go out into the world at night, which I feel like was a failure of the original game. The double xp bonus just wasn’t enough incentive with the added difficulty, but these additions in The Following changed that. I’d recommend just playing The Following, but the idea of playing it without already being leveled up from the original game sounds like a bad idea.

The "Should I buy this game" thread

I just played We Know The Devil and finished all 4 endings, and all I have to say is JESUS CHRIST. I’m so glad I decided to do this with my day.


It’s pretty amazing, and I’m super psyched for that follow-up!


Started Into The Breach for a podcast because one of the panel picked it out because of this site’s coverage (small world).

The game can roughly be summed up entirely with just this one piece: