What game are you playing?


i’ve been playing Hyper Light Drifter finally!

the subtle worldbuilding it does is incredible. especially given it totally lacks dialogue. i feel like it was intended to channel the original Legend of Zelda, but it also reminds me of being a kid, playing my older brother’s games. it had been a looong time since i’d had that feeling of being dropped into a world that you straight up cannot fully comprehend. it really forces you to read into the game’s environments, in all their beauty and horror. and jeez, does it have a lot of both of those.

i also played through a game called Secret Little Haven. i would heed the CW for parental conflict and gaslighting the author included. i could see parts of it getting uncomfortable.

its a game framed within an old Mac OS interface, and it uses that really interestingly. computer files and forums give some exposition in a way that felt really natural. the writing is spot on, and evokes that early 2000’s feel perfectly. it tells a story about fandoms, gender, and the internet. i only just caught the tail end of that ‘era’ of internet, but a lot of it still really resonated hard with me.


Playing some Final Fantasy XV.

Four hours in and I am very mixed on how I feel about this game. Like the relationship between the four boys and it looks very good graphically. I have no clue what the story is. I guess there is a war? I dunno. They showed me some scenes from the movie that I guess I was supposed to watch. The combat feels like I am constantly out of control of my character and that things only go my way in fights out of the grace of God. It is very hectic.

The game just feels like a weird mess so far? It is telling this what I assume fantasy story but hey look cars! Look at this very modern beach resort…ALSO CHECK THESE GIRAFFES WITH FANGS. I’m waiting for them to tell me that this world was created when multiple dimensions collided and that is why there are Goblins along side dudes going “BADABING BADABOOM. HEY IM WALKIN OVAH HERE”.


I decided to work through my backlog in order from shortest to longest gameplay time. After playing We Know The Devil yesterday, today I played through Tacoma. I know I’m like 9 months late to that party, but oh my GOD is it good.

Next up is probably finishing Night In The Woods, and then finishing Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.


Entirely out of boredom I just started up the Halo Anniversary remaster on 360.

This is… rougher than I expected. Not Halo 1, because Halo 1’s one of those game’s I’ve played a half dozen times at this point (at least up until you reach The Library, then I usually quit)

But, like, I assume so they could do the realtime graphics switching stuff, the “remastered” graphics cut some weird corners. Face textures and facial animation may actually rank as some of the ugliest I’ve seen in a game in a long time.

Johnson is a horror show. Which is to say nothing of the lip sync, which seems to be automated and rarely matches the words. It’s worse than even early Telltale games.

I kind of want to just play with the original graphics, but that would feel like a cop out.


Got back into Final Fantasy Tactics Advance after a pretty long hiatus and boy, I love that game. It’s weird and obtuse and doesn’t explain itself well at all but it’s got heart, dammit.

For some reason I find myself so drawn to it’s main cast more than I have for other FF games. I really love the idea of the player character being the only one who wants everything to go back to normal. Theres no unity between FFTAs main characters at all, and while I don’t think the game is going to frame it like this, it actually feels like I’m playing a kind of villain which is a weird feeling to have in a game with such a bright, light hearted setting.


Sometime last year I started Ghost Trick but stopped because I don’t know why. Been playing it again the last few days and I’m an idiot for ever stopping. Looking into the scenes, like doll houses, with all their pretty details and cool animations, I like that. Fun writing too. It’s a very good game.


got heavy into Legend of Heroes and Fortnite over the weekend, and damn I really love fortnite. The gameplay is fun and all but the goofy tone (ala TF2) and playing and coordinating with a squad of friends is just so damn…relaxing?


hey okay yeah so i played this korean indie game called plutonium

before I played it i was like “eh” and then i played it and i was all like


I literally cannot explain anything about it. It costs two bucks and lasts about 90 minutes. Please, play it as soon as possible.


Korean indie dev, 2D adventure, 2 dollars, and short enough that I won’t feel super guilty finishing it? I feel obligated to play this.

[I ended up buying it before checking for a Mac port (there isn’t one, obviously) so now my PC gets to install a bunch of updates and it’s getting late to play this tonight, but I’m still excited for it.]


No kidding lady, it’s 1 AM. 461 deaths on that chapter, by the way.


I’ve been playing Dark Souls 3 and, hot take, it’s very good. I finished the first Dark Souls recently, after several failed attempts, and found myself really hardcore hooked by it. I loved the combat, but I also loved the art design, the occasionally grotesque enemies, and the minimal storytelling. I love this stuff in Dark Souls 3 even more; it’s a really beautiful game in a lot of ways. I don’t even think the lore is incredibly interesting, but the way it’s aesthetically presented, with a real economy of words and a wealth of strange visuals, really works for me.


I’ve been playing a lot of XCOM 2 Long War with some other mods so that I can have squad whose sole purpose is to run in and shank aliens to death with a cool stealth combat knife. What this means is that everyone has to get into position, pop this knife ability, then run in and stab all the aliens that are in one squad so that no one gets detected and hope that no other squad happened to be nearby when this is happening. Also they all need to kill their target in one hit or they get revealed. It’s very glass cannon and as I found out the hard way they do not do very good against the enemy if a decent sized group of them are still alive when they get revealed.

I also started getting into Rainbow Six Siege with some friends and I really wish I wouldn’t have put off playing that game for so long. It’s really good and doesn’t get talked about enough I feel like. Ubisoft has done an amazing job with that game and the stuff they’ve added to it over the years seems great. In fact their temporary new gamemode is essentially a better version of Left 4 Dead and I almost want it to be it’s own game. It’s actually kind of odd that it’s a time limited gamemode considering how much work seems to have gone into it. It’s not just one map either it’s like 3 different missions that each have 2 parts to them.


I’m juggling too many and I’m resigned to the fact that I have limited time so I’m just going to play what I want to. It’s difficult, JRPGs have been a lifelong favorite genre, but damn is it hard to actually complete one these days. I’ve had to convince myself that I’ll either A) get back to it, or B) accept that I may never finish it. Which is painful. As I mentioned last time I’m playing Tales of Beseria & Yakuza 0, but both are in a semi-state of being played.

Now I’m playing Titanfall 2 for quick play stuff. Pop in for a match or two over my lunch break. It’s so damn good!! It’s been a long time since I sat down and played an FPS… probably since Halo 5.

Started Life is Strange with my lovely fiance! It’s going very well. She’s taken to it!! I have a sneaking suspicion we’ll play more.

Also, Final Fantasy VII & IX. Can I just say that adding cheats to these ports on PS4 is game changing. I want every single JRPG to have these work arounds for me. I know it’s asking way too much, but c’mon it would be so good. I can heal on the fly, put it at x3 speed, or completely avoid conflict by turning off random encounters. This is totally the fix to my time problem.


For me, JRPGs have almost entirely become a handheld genre. I could never sit down at a game console and finish a JRPG these days because it’s way too easy to become distracted by other things on my computer (Youtube videos, etc.)

I don’t have a modern phone, so if I’m in the bathroom or commuting or on a lunch break, that’s when the 3DS comes out, or even the Gameboy Advance (as is the case with Final Fantasy 6, currently). I don’t have anything else to really focus on in those situations, so it tends to be where I really dive in to those types of games.

The only downside is that none of those scenarios last very long, so getting through something like a Final Fantasy is a months-long affair as I crawl through the game 15-20 minutes at a time.


I just started playing Okami HD and I had completely forgotten how much of that game is bad and annoying.


Having now played this, it was pretty interesting, though going into it with low expectations would be helpful.

I like the worldbuilding and ideas here, but I think things went downhill after the (very good) first act. The stuff at the end with 4th-wall breaking effects was cool, though not super surprising considering that the game tells you at the beginning that it’s running in fullscreen mode while appearing windowed; also, self-awareness of the medium is getting to be a pretty familiar trope in games. The controls for some of the final sequences are also really bad; it doesn’t matter that much in this “prequel” game, but I’m not sure I’d want to play the main game with more of that.

There’s still a lot to like, particularly at the beginning and the very end.


I really liked the writing at start and its odd, whimsical rhythm. I did get a bit bored with the exposition dumb that made up much of the game, and you can tell this group is still really new to game development. Same agreement on controls during the later segments.

The thing that struck me, though, is that the villain’s 4th wall breaking shenanigans are entirely for flair and style. The game is outright cutting off some expectations for what the sequel will do by not making the meta elements necessarily the core thematic stuff, but instead the commentary on social structures and failures of those in power. I was reminded a lot of the Mother series and Undertale for pretty obvious reasons, but making the meta elements a way to engage the player in a different way isn’t really an angle I’ve seen before. It’s, like, less about the nature of games and uses the existential stuff and the villain’s obsession with games as a means to express his worldview. The last time I saw anything close to this before was with the Doc Scratch stuff in Homestuck and Mr. Scratch’s actions in Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. I’m not expecting something great mechanically down the line, but that next game is going to be delight in just about every other aspect with just the sheer originality of how its tackling its subject matter.


Started digging into Mafia III tonight. It’s an amazingly janky game, with some of the most awkward, cover-based stealth combat I’ve seen since … honestly, since the PS2? Everything about the game is just super rough … except for the writing, cutscenes and voice acting, which maybe tells you what the real focus of development was. There’s even visible level pop-in during the beginning boat sequence. I’ll probably stick with it for a bit just to see how it plays out; if the combat gets super tiresome, I might try to just speed through the main storyline (though I’ve heard you miss a bunch of side stories that way).


Oh damn, congrats. I was well over a thousand by that point.


I picked up Nier: Automata on sale a few days ago since I heard good things even though I wasn’t sure it would be my sort of thing. Turns out it is extremely my thing. I had to stop playing before I got too invested because I do not have the time to play 100 hours of a game that I know I will not be able to pace myself with.