What game are you playing?


Too real. This is kind of why I’m scared to get back into Yakuza 0.


Is it just me or is the pacing of Final Fantasy 6 super weird? Like things just HAPPEN, with little to no setup. You get on the raft and Ultros slides up to you like an NPC with zero fanfare, says “Sup?” and now you’re fighting him. Who? What? Why? There’s no time

Then you fight what feels like half a boss encounter against him. Afterwards, Sabin, who joined your party maybe ten minutes prior, jumps off the raft and leaves. Sabin’s brother, Edward, who just one or two scenes ago had a tender reunion with his long-lost sibling, says the equivalent of “well, bye” to Sabin as he leaves while wacky music plays

I appreciate a Final Fantasy that doesn’t feel glacially slow, don’t get me wrong, but this game could give me a little more time to absorb things, y’know? The development just doesn’t feel like its there.


I actually laughed at Celes jumping off a cliff because it was A) so sudden after Cid died, a character she didn’t seem to have a big connection with who just kinda randomly passed away without build up, and 2) she had just woken up and didn’t really know the details on what the world had become. I was just like “well that escalated quickly.”

The pre PS1 FF games all have this issue when they get story heavy. I noticed a lot of games inspired by FF have similar issues too. I’m playing Septerra Core and the plot is just moving at breakneck pace at times, no real moment where the party just gets to take in a moment. I mean, I just come up to a group to warn them about a coming coup, and they’re just like “these weird strangers who look nothing like anyone in my country must be trustworth-OH NO BOUNTY HUNTERS.” The only breathing moment was reaching the hotel, and even that sorta ends with about three different major plot things just suddenly happening. It’s a pretty great game overall, but man these games did not have pacing in mind.


The thing is, last year I played through about 75% of the SNES version of Final Fantasy 5 (via fan translation). The pacing there seemed fine.

Similarly, I played through the DS version of Final Fantasy 4 a few years ago and that also seemed fine

Part of me wonders if the GBA retranslation of FF6 is weird, or if FF6 is just that breakneck. I played through 3-4 hours of the SNES version of FF6 back in like, 2005, and I don’t remember it feeling like this.

…though, rewatching the scene on Youtube, I realize just how… weird the SNES translation is sometimes? The GBA version is better, I guess, so that just means FF6 is supposed to be paced like this.


The translations did not help and were mainly due to Square not giving a poop about supplying their western branches with proper material. The translation story of FFVIII alone is a horror story that explains why so much of the game doesn’t seem to match what’s happening on screen. VI is probably the biggest offender of the older games because it’s the most narrative heavy, but even IV has its moments. I had whiplash over how fast things went from zero to 167 in the opening.


vermintide 2. 'nuff said.


The lovely Jonathan Holmes recently wrote an article about the WiiWare games you should get before the store gets taken offline (I’m not gonna like to it because I’m loathe to give Destructoid clicks, but you can track it down easy enough). Most of those games can be played elsewhere, but apparently, in 2008, WayForward made a Silent HIll-esque puzzle horror game called LIT, and while there’s a mobile / PC remake, it doesn’t look quite like the original:


So I was naturally curious, enough for the incredibly silly act of pulling my Wii U out of storage (I never had a vanilla Wii and the Mini Wii, which still proudly sits in my living room, has no store capability) and for the first time in my life, buying Wii points and downloading a game from the store.

And it’s… good? Like, it’s actually really legit. Fun, interesting, and really manages to get that horror vibe going despite there not really being any combat aspect to it. If you’ve got a Wii around and some money to spare, check it out. It’s pretty cheap and well worth the investment.


I have completed FFXV! It is not a good game! Twin Peaks had a more coherent narrative.

I’m now playing the Episode Prompto DLC which is just Metal Gear and I like it because it is really dumb and good.


I’ve bounced pretty hard off The Witcher 3 by this point and I don’t know if I’m going to go back to it or not, so in the meantime I’ve been playing Night in the Woods on the Switch and 2013 Tomb Raider on the X1 and loving both of them a great deal.


discovered blackwake last night, pretty much pirate/naval CTF. so much fun with friends and a captain that gives actual orders.


Was playing Monster Hunter World. Everyone was having such fun playing it, and an old friend was playing it so I wanted to get into it. It just never clicked with me. I doubt I’ll go back to it. It seems to really rely on having a crew to play with, and since I don’t have that it wasn’t as fun as it could be I imagine.

I went back to Titanfall 2, and I still super dig it! Finally played the horde mode or whatever it’s called. I really enjoyed it. I just really enjoy the movement of the game, and the weapons are great! I’ll probably keep playing it for awhile. I also have GTA V which I’ll start at some point.


Amazingly I’m still playing Skyrim, and finally getting round to the DLC content, which is actually pretty good. Honestly the most surprising experience is that Dawnguard contains actualy characters that I can remember and enjoy interacting with, as opposed just walking exposition dumpers that sometimes provide services. I think the difference is down to the existance of “meaningless” dialogue. A vast majority of dialogue options in the main game have a function to get you to a point, and when they don’t it’s for aforementioned exposition dumping. Never really just “how you holding up?” or some shit. Like general opinions on what’s going on.

Playing it again in general though has really made me notice the signs of how these games are made. Can’t remember when I found out but supposedly Elders Scrolls and Fallout teams are usually quite small and everyone just kind of… does stuff, on their own, filling in gaps in the world with buildings and quests and shit. And like, it’s really obvious when you compare areas. Each tomb has a completely different level design philosophy to the next. Some places are built with a mechanics focus, like levels from an old first person dungeon crawler. Others use the limited environment peices to construct elaborate locations and setpeices, with finely tuned lighting, and get lots of use out of that old Valve trick of making something fall off somewhere so you’ll look at it and see something important. Honestly I reckon they should lean into that, have Metal Gear V style opening/closing credits for each area of who led the design on it.


I am attempting to complete Dragon’s Dogma for like the 8th time! I have bought this game 3 times (Original/ Dark Arisen for 360 and PC Version) but always get maybe 10 hours in and move on to other games. I love this game or at least love what it is trying to do. I wish there was more monster variety. The pawns need to shut up and also, boy, there are a lot of child like female pawns in the skimpiest clothes which ohhhh boyyy please no.

Still this is a great game and I will finish it! Maybe!


I grew to love the pawn chatter, even though it repeats a lot. It gave them some character. But in case you don’t know, it is definitely possible to turn it off in the options.

And yeah, I recently played through it myself and I’m pretty sure like 90% of the pawns are women which is… interesting.


I was always under the impression that the toggle for pawn chatter turns them off completely. I want them to say things but just not at the frequency they do.


You can turn down the frequency of your main pawn’s chatter I think, in the chair at the Inn in the capital city.


Personally, I always turn my pawn chatter up to max because I like to marinate in that kind of stuff sometimes

Pawns in Dragon’s Dogma are very quotable, too



Some of my favorites include:

“HUMAN BONES THAT MOVE ON THEIR OWN!!” (especially cause they scream it so excitedly)

I am also playing through Dragon’s Dogma (on PC) and I’m loving it. Its a very uneven game but when its good it is SO fucking good. I love the pawn system and wish more games let you have a customizable sidekick. My pawn is a 12 year old boy wizard named Chauncey who has a big poof of curly blond hair and a perpetually miserable expression on his face, which has remained hilarious to me through the whole playthrough. Poor Chauncey, he’s just doing his best.

I’m currently working my way through Bitterblack Isle after (killing the dragon but before finishing up the Everfall) and its surprising how many unique enemies and mechanics only show up there. Its also FAR more difficult than the main game, which is occasionally frustrating but has forced me to engage with and learn the mechanics in ways the main game really didn’t. There’s way more to it than at first glance and things can intersect some really complex and interesting ways. The Mystic Knight in particular has some wild skill combos that can absolutely shred tough enemies. It did take a couple trips to the wiki and to youtube to really start learning it though, since Dragons Dogma is far worse than even the soulsborne games at explaining how its own mechanics actually work.

Playing DD is making me really excited for the PC release of Monster Hunter World though, since it was made by the same-ish team and seems like a way more polished and deep take on the fights against large enemies in DD, especially the high level ones that are attracted to corpses on Bitterblack Isle. Plus it has multiplayer and you get a cat instead of a pawn!?!? It sounds almost too good to be true :heart_eyes:


My fiance picked me up Dragon Ball FighterZ for my birthday! It’s the first proper fighting game since maybe Killer Instinct on the SNES that I’ve owned! (I’ve had Tekken, Power Stone, Smash, but no 2D fixed face)

I’m pretty garbage at it so far, but I’m trying to get over the compulsion to mash buttons. I vaguely now know what all the buttons and techniques are, but I am still not properly timing / reacting. I read all the guides on Polygon and they’ve been TREMENDOUSLY helpful, between helping me realize the Rock, Paper, Scissors nature of Hit, Block, Rush. I’m already getting a lot better, but I still haven’t won a match online, even in Casual, which is fine by me. Hopefully I can really get a hold of it, I love the tension of a really close Smash match (I’m actually a pretty damn good Smash player, especially comparatively) and I’m hoping to finally break through the entry barrier of fighting games.

With any luck learning this one will help with other fighting games too. I’ve always been a big fan of narrative driven games like JRPGs, but adult life is more friendly to pick-up-put-down quick play games. DBFZ is so good for lunch break gaming! I’m looking forward to Monster Hunter World coming to PC too


So having pulled my Wii U out of storage to play LIT, I decided to use this chance to play the one Wii U game I always wanted to put more time into - Super Mario 3D World. I played it when it came out but fell off, and I gotta say, I have no idea why. It’s so, so good. It really feels like this natural midpoint between the old-school 2D Mario games and the newer, exploration-based 3D games. Too bad so many people missed it because of how much Nintendo borked up the Wii U.

I’m also playing A Way Out with a friend. I know people here are already shitting all over it, but we’re having a really good time, campy and goofy as it is. Admittedly, we’re only about 3 hours in, so my opinion could still change.