What game are you playing?


Since I played Burnout Paradise to death back in the day and don’t feel like starting a new game just because the remaster is out, I picked up Burnout 3 on Ebay

I distinctly remember borrowing my cousin’s copy way back when I first got my 360 in 2006 and not being super impressed by it, but at some point I went from not caring about it to loving it. I think it was a combination of somehow becoming obsessed with the demo for Burnout Revenge on the 360 (which was a single road rage event, as I recall) and playing Burnout Legends for the PSP, which was a slower, 30fps remix of stuff from Burnout 2 and 3.

Coming back to Burnout 3 now in that context feels wonderful, though parts of it don’t always gel together. Particularly the way unlocks are structured; Burnout 3 starts out by giving you a new car for every XYZ milestone you hit. Like a certain number of takedowns, a certain amount of damage in Road Rage, a certain number of “Burnout Points” (which you get for doing things like drifts and whatnot)

But I blew through all of those milestones on basically my first day and now all that’s left is a very slow trickle of new cars you win from finishing rare special events. The carrot on the end of the stick feels so far away

Also the game l o v e s rubber banding. The further in the game you get, the more aggressive it becomes with making sure opponents can keep up with you, to the point where it feels like you need to start strategizing against the rubber banding, because if you go TOO fast, then the car behind you will magically slingshot ahead and you’ll never catch up. Games that penalize you for being too good, especially fast games that penalize you for going too fast, are basically the worst

I’ll probably stop playing it soon, because it’s really starting to piss me off


I started getting back into Terraria. I haven’t played it since around the original release of the game in 2011 so now there’s four or five times as much content to do. It’s horrifyingly addictive, I’ve put in like 40 hours in the last few days. Oof.

I also finally started Grim Fandango. I’ve been meaning to get around to it for about a decade. Right now I’m in the second year in Rubacava which is a really cool level. I love the music and the voice acting in this game and the sort of noir vibe it has. Reminds me of one of my favorite Nintendo DS games, Hotel Dusk. The puzzles are a little obscure but I was expecting that going in.

I’ve also been getting back into Team Fortress 2 after not playing it regularly for an extended period of time. Still as fun as ever.


I had a really good weekend playing through Torment: Tides of Numenera, so figured I’d give Pillars of Eternity another bash before Deadfire comes out.

Met the shades, quit the game. Fuck those things - seriously. I get why they’re in the game; they’re like the squid things in XCOM which hit the fragile squad members at the back. However, because of the disengagement mechanic (which I otherwise actually think works really well), they’re just a massive PitA.

I don’t know what I want to play now. :frowning:

Maybe I’ll play Planescape: Torment again!


I finally finished up Dark Souls II, so I was looking for something a lot less stressful.

I started playing Starbound, and it is a great relaxing counter to that. I’ve setup a pretty cool home, and now I just need to find the core fragments, so I can explore other worlds.


I tried Fantasy Strike over the weekend, and that game is really something else. It takes fighting games, a traditionally difficult genre to parse, and makes everything incredibly explicit. Execution is simplified, even more than Rising Thunder. The character select screen sorts characters by zoning, rushdown, grapplers, and wildcards, so you immediately know what your general strategy should be. Life meters come in discrete chunks instead of being a meter that contains an unknown amount of HP. The move list not only tells you the name of the move and what button to press, but also gives a description of what it actually does. It’s incredibly refreshing, and I’d like to dig into it a bit more.


This month I’ve been playing Dragon’s Dogma. Nice to see some other folks playing that too! What an underrated game. It’s been a lot of fun.

I’ve also been playing Fallout: New Vegas. Yesterday I tried popping in on my old Stardew Valley game but couldn’t remember what I was doing and got overwhelmed so I bailed.


Buddies talked me into Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. My first time in NWN. (I was playing Morrowind back when this launched in 2002.) So I rolled up Slow Bear the One-Eyed Chaotic Good Half-Elf Giant-Killing Ranger in a Robe.


Currently playing the following solo games:

Brutal DooM - Unloved
The Binding of Isaac - Wrath of the Lamb
Paranautical Activity Deluxe Atonement Edition

Currently playing the following MP games:

OpenSpades - BR Mod
Invisigun Heroes


I’ve been doing a decent job whittling my backlog down these past few weeks. I finally played through Tacoma, and I just beat Subnautica tonight. Both are excellent, excellent games. I’ve been playing Slay The Spire too, and I’ve unlocked all but one set of unlocks. I think next I’m gonna finally go back and finish Night in the Woods, but first I promised my roommate that I’d finally try to play Fortnite with him.


Just recently got a Switch and I’ve been working on Odyssey and Splatoon, both of which are amazing. Messed around with Salmon Run today and had a blast. I love watching meters go up.

And way, WAY too much Heroes of the Storm.


Played a bit of Ash of Gods: Redemption. It is very Banner Saga except with a bit more Stormlight Archive and also a card system.

Has some really nice animations. Has relationship meters. Seems pretty good so far. But boy, am I kinda getting bored with fantasy settings with all the characters being white. Like damn, this game is borrowing heavily from Stormlight but couldn’t borrow the fairly diverse looking human races in that series.


similarly, i bought a switch and mario odyssey and they are both very satisfying. after being so disappointed in botw (played on the wii u) i was ready for another letdown, and instead found it to be one of the most charming and breezy games i’ve ever played. i’m not the best at spatial relationships, and 3d platformers are never my exact cup of tea, but i loved the fact that the game didn’t force you to get even half the number of moons on each world to progress. the pacing is great, secrets are everywhere, so it rewards exploration and mastery, but without ever gating the player’s progress. as an educator, i’m always pleased at progressive pedagogy, and playing a game that reinforces positively (and penalizes sub-minimally for failure) was an unexpected pleasure.


I finally finished off Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5, so I’m continuing with my PS4 backlog and diving into FFXV. 8ish hours in and I like it a lot, but it sure seems like my party dies a lot and I can’t stop it.


My Renegade run of the Mass Effect trilogy is wrapping up now and I just discovered that I may never be able to play as anything but a Vanguard from here on out because in ME3 shield restoring charge + nova + ridiculously fast power recharge rate = Literally Doom Guy


I’ve been watching a lot of The Walking Dead the past months, so naturally I got into a zombie bashing mood. They only game like that I own is Dead Rising 1 and 2 on 360, and I ain’t plugging that machine in. So I bought Dying Light on sale. It’s fun to run around, it feels good. You hit and kick zombies a lot. It’s basically what I was after and it’s fine.


yeah, Vanguard is the only way I’ll play a Mass Effect game anymore. Once I found out how good charge + shotgun is, it was game over for the other classes.

I’m still finishing up the last bits of Shadow of Revan in my current SWTOR toon, getting ready to start the big expansions. I’ve been playing super dark side with my sith inquisitor, which goes against my usual tendency, just for cosmetic reasons - I want my Twi’lek to turn white, dammit!


I have started Mass Affect Andromeda and am enjoying it a lot mainly the combat and I think it’s pretty well paced the first 12 hours or so much better than Dragon age inquisition was, Caveat with this being my first Mass Affect and low expectations going into the game.

It is of concern the performance of both Andromeda and Inquisition I played both after all content drops yet have very bad performance and lots of bugs from hard crashes to awful pop in. Looking ahead at Anthem a game which most assume will be like Destiny in which you repeat a large amount of content. I think the quality of the technical product from Bioware would have to greatly improve


Whoops, really wrong thread! Since I’m already here I’ll say I agree with @JKDarkSide and @sanchonino. Vanguard in ME3 is something else and is just obscene fun to play.


Playing through Dark Souls possibly one last time before the remastered version comes out.


I’m doing a playthrough of the trilogy before playing Andromeda for the first time and the main thing I kept thinking about during the first game is how much I want to be playing 2/3 Vanguard, which I am now in 2. I’m doing a run through where I edit my P/R to max (as well as adding in Legion earlier so I can have more missions with them) so I can do what feels right instead of what’s optimal, which has been a fun way to play. Certain people deserve the Renegade treatment and others don’t. This is all part of my mission to finish every game I want to play before my Origin Access subscription renews, so the Mass Effect trilogy run comes after I played Battlefield 4, which was fun because at least I could skewer its story to my friends.