What game are you playing?


Taking a break from Mad Max to get some more Heat Signature in. I forgot how excellent this game is at generating absolutely delightful scenarios. It probably helps that I barely skim the mission guidelines before accepting them.

I ended up having to capture someone on a large Glitcher ship traveling through a warzone. “No problem,” I say and stock myself up with a bunch of teleporters, a few grenade launchers (the ship had a mix of armored and unarmored crew), and my trusty wrench. I board the ship and I have 30 seconds before the warzone strike starts. Again no problem.

I manage to take out the captain and I’ve only attracted some attention to myself through liberal use of explosives when the room in front of me suddenly disappears in a missile strike. Now it’s getting fun. I have to navigate this ship that’s being taken apart by missiles from a Foundry ship. Chunks of the ship keep peeling off as the connections are broken but eventually I find my target!

And he’s wearing armor. I have nothing that can knock him out so I can drag him back to my pod. Luckily at that moment the room next to us explodes and we both get sucked out into the vacuum. A quick remote pod pick up later and we’re on our way back home.


I ended up being so irritated at not being able to beat the swimming section, that I looked up the solution and eventually beat it anyway, then turned the console off and did something else. The only reason I’m hanging on is because I want to see another boss fight like the hydra … though it’s looking like that probably won’t happen until the end of the game.

One of the things that’s most interesting to me is exactly how terrible Kratos is set up to be in the very first game. Like … once you start getting cutscenes of his backstory, it’s clear that you are playing a genocidal maniac, who’s only not the villain because his thirst for killing aligns with one of the gods. (Ergo, the gods are the villians, which would make what happens in the 3rd game something reasonable if that was the point … I’m gonna guess it’s not.) It’s a very 90’s comic backstory – there’s no depth to it, it’s just angry dude does lots of stabbing, which I guess is fine if you’re young and cranky.

There’s probably an article or two that could be written about why there’s any need to even attempt to try a redemption arc for what would be one of history’s greatest mass murderers (beyond a financial one). There’s a context around the sort of not-heroes who passed for protagonists in that era, which I think would be interesting stuff to dig into.


Agreed. It remains to be seen if the sort of people who make God of War are really the ones capable of digging into it.


Doing a search, seems like I am in the same situation as Kpaxx: I am excited for HWBM and should correct the mistake of not playing We Know the Devil despite purchasing it during Devil Week* 2 years ago.

The twitter is good:

While Mia is here making clarifications she would also like to say none of our game characters are based on Sailor Moon characters & simply share planet themes, but Sailor Moon did make us gay so it’s not that far off to assume. Also, it’s actually called Frankenstein’s Monster.

— Worst Girls @ HEAVEN WILL BE MINE (@worstgirlsgames) April 16, 2018

*Devil Week is an unofficial title I have given to the week in February 2016 when both We Know The Devil and Devil Daggers launched/released on Steam.


Breath of the Wild on the WiiU. Like the base game no dlc. I want beat it but also I don’t. The characters are just charming.


It hit me today that my wife is actually farther along in Far Cry 5 than I am and I haven’t played it in days and when I’m on the Xbone I’ve actually just been back in Fallout 4, Mass Effect, XCom 2, and Sunset Overdrive, soooo maybe I’m done with FC5? I dunno. The forced kidnappings to watch really dumb cult cutscenes really start to wear on me after a while.

So, yeah, FO4, ME, XCom, and SO, plus Skyrim and Stardew Valley and Battle Chef Brigade on the Switch.


i recently picked up Disgaea 5 Complete on switch. i’ve had a hankering to play a big meaty tactics kind of game for a while, and have very fond memories of the first game (on PS2). i’ve mostly found what i was looking for: a game that could take potentially hundreds of hours of my time, that i can pick up and put down without much fuss about story, that has a frankly overwhelming amount of menus, sub-menus, worlds and sub-worlds, things to level, etc. it’s great!

but … it’s been a long time since i played a game (or read a comic or watched a show) that goes 100% FULL ANIME. i’ve come to realize that at this point in time maybe i just can’t take it anymore. one of the main characters is a squeaky voiced, thin little girl who wears an outfit that manages to serve up her ridiculously oversized breasts as if they were on a platter. in one of my first interactions in the game, my character spoke with this character’s maid, who said “She has a bunny suit in the closet, do you want to make her wear it?” and literally gave me the option of putting her in a sexy bunny suit. there are more female characters making noises such as “eee!” and “uguuu!” and “gguuueeuu?” than i am comfortable with.

it was a long time ago that I played the first Disgaea, but i remember its character designs being much more appealing than the ones here. it had kind of a dark, naughty, edgy style to it, which was certainly pretty animu, but it seems that now all that stuff is turned up to 100. most of the characters (males included) are appallingly skinny, wear super tight clothing, and have gigantic eyes. nearly all of the female characters look like creepy dolls. it’s a style that i find to be terribly off-putting, and tbh it sometimes make me feel a little gross while playing it. but playing it i still am, because, as i mentioned, there is a lot of gameplay stuff that i like and want to dig in to. even if i have to go into handheld mode when my partner is home out of fear that she’ll ridicule me for playing a game with such … questionable … female designs.


I think Fortnite’s 50v50 mode should be the default mode in which this game is played, because collaborative building can produce some pretty cool results

I hated the pressure of solo play with how complex building is, but having 50 other players with me takes a lot of the stress away and sometimes we all focus on a big project like little worker ants and it’s GREAT


Playing rounds of Invector (RIP Avicii) in between slogging through the God of War series (up to 2 now).


I finished Rakuen tonight… More like Rekuen, right, because it rekt me, eh? No seriously, I am recovering with hot cocoa and a good dog. Please play Rakuen if you cry at Pixar movies.

I’ve also been playing a platformer/shooter called Copy Kitty now that it’s out of early access. Everyone who talks about this game mentions Treasure as an inspiration, which: yes, that checks out so far. Technical but immediately playable, frenetic but still readable.


A friend and I are finally getting around to trying out Crusader Kings II after picking it up, I can only assume the proper way: multiplayer, between writing papers for our classes, with no idea what we’re doing except that we can arrange marriages and plot to kill people

update i managed to get myself in five wars simultaneously and she had to come in and bail me out for mercenary money


I think my favourite CKII moment was when the king of France died and my jerkbag uncle threw me into the oubliette and declared holy war on Jerusalem. He lost so bad that, Jerusalem demanded French land, and us French had no choice but to give it to them. Then the Holy Roman Empire started trying to get in… and they did so.

Otherwise I’ve been playing Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike and Ultimate Doom because it turns out they are just as much fun as they have ever been. Oh and I’m finally learning how to casually play a game by just booting up Fortnite and not invest so much in winning. Also BATTLETECH is officially preloaded and I think that’s what I’m going to spend all of today playing.


I’m juggling as many games as I am anime, so I just play/watch whatever sounds good at the time and have decided I’ll eventually get to whatever I don’t pick!

I just climbed up to the Sanctum in Breath of the Wild. Seems like the grand finale!! I waited in line for a Switch at launch, so finally getting to the end feels triumphant. It’s really made me want to finish it (So I can check the imaginary box) and then reload and tackle the DLC / 100% Shrines.

Also playing Dragon Ball FighterZ & Nioh. PERFECT lunch break games, because Souls-likes are easily broken down into “runs” and bite sized play sessions.


I’ve been slowly working through Danganronpa, and as much as I’m enjoying it for the tonal whiplash, after finishing the second chapter and seeing how its treatment of a trans character, I’m not sure if I want to keep playing. On one hand, it was more disappointing and annoying than it was grossly offensive, but on the other, I have a stack of other games without these kinds of issues waiting for me. For those familiar with the series: is this the kind of thing I’m going to see more of if I keep playing and/or move on to the sequels? Or is it just an early misstep that isn’t repeated? Either way I feel like I should take a break from the game.


I’ve never really been one for MMOs, but Final Fantasy XIV has really been keeping my attention for the past few months. I think it’s the combination of anime-ass art style, really good music, and having a long-ish global cooldown that turns the most protracted battles into cinematic spectacles.

I finally hit 70 as a samurai and am on the way to the end of the Stormblood main story. I’m looking forward to dipping my toes into the high-end raids and trials soon!


DR is pretty frustrating but there’s nothing that bothered me anywhere near as much as the chapter you just played. If you’re enjoying it otherwise you’re probably fine to keep going.


Gonna be starting Battletech when I get home from work.

This is the first time I’ve been playing a game as it’s come out…uh, ever, I think.


I was skeptical. But BattleTech is crafting good storytelling moments within a turn-based strategy format.


The dialogue stuff is extremely good, although I do wish they’d have shown a map at the beginning when you’re doing the character creator. Yes, I know what it looks like (but I’ve had a poster “BattleMech and Vehicle Recognition Chart: 3030” for over 25 years now so I’m probably atypical is what stuff I can recall from memory) but if you didn’t then just text saying something is spinward does a terrible job of conveying the layout of the universe you’re about to be thrust into. Give people a feeling of great empires, maybe even animate the border movements of the Third Succession War before zooming into where the story starts.


Yeah, I’m really enjoying BattleTech so far! The presentation feels a ton like one of the Endless games and I started to really see the depth of the combat around the end of the first mission (aka, my mechs started overheating and I learned you need to manage that real quick)!