What game are you playing?


God damn I want to play Battletech so bad…


I’ve been diving back into Injustice 2 over the past week or so. They raised the character level cap from 20 to 30, so I’ve been working on getting my Harley Quinn there. They also added a ton of amazing tutorials ranging from basic controls all the way to in-depth frame advantage stuff that more fighting games could really benefit from (looking at you Street Fighter V). I bought most of the DLC and have loved seeing them do some interesting new stuff with Enchantress, Atom, and the TMNT.


Like most people probably, God of War with a peppering of Slay the Spire daily runs. I was playing Far Cry 5 but I fell off it pretty hard with GoW out… plus its not that fun IMO.

Other than that, lots of board games!


BATTLETECH kept me up way too late last night and I’m cursing my employment at the moment because I want to play more BATTLETECH


Playing now Far Cry 5. Also I started to play SOMA, horror game by Frictional Games studio that created Amnesia. I had a bad opinion about the game before, but now I see, it’s amazing. I’m playing it on a my new curved monitor Dell UltraSharp and it’s even scarier. Underwater landscapes look very natural.


I’ve been replaying Dragon Age: Origins which I’m posting mostly because I’ve ragged on it a few times on here but you know what? I like it much more this time. The dungeons are still too long, and I still don’t care about several party members but generally, yeah.
Inquisition is probably my least favourite of the three, now.


Finally got around to playing Persona 5. I’m finding that it’s both good, but also incredibly frustrating cause it’s really not hard to see where the game could have been improved. The ground work was there for this to be a personal favorite and instead its just good.


I started playing World of Warcraft again after a few months of not playing, which is something I’ve been doing since the end of Warlords and the beginning of Legion. I’ve mainly been doing PvP and world quests, while avoiding doing any end game content as much as I can. Maybe I’ll check out raiding eventually, but who knows.


Dad of War here atthe moment. I was the cliche grimdark teen who liked the original, but was eventually repulsed by the violence and declining quality. It feels like (even though I’m queer) that the dadification has had an overall positive effect, I totally agree with the Waypoint crew that Atreus’ mother and Kratos’ past misogyny deserved screen time/audio but I like that sense of what feels like a mid-like crisis for a god, especially the metaphor that it’s a double identity crisis because he’s having to get back into his groove among these fresher, more vibrant Norse gods.


Started playing Battletech. Enjoying it, but I feel like I’ve spent half a year repairing and refitting my mechs already. I’m trying to work out how the systems between battles work and struggling a little. Also lost a pilot because I didn’t know where the eject button was.

Still fun though. Reminds me of playing Megamek with friends on IRC.


I’m waiting for Battletech to download right now so I’m just doing some more raidin’ in Rise of the Tomb Raider. I finished it a few days ago and it’s real fun. Story is not the best, but the tomb raiding parts are great (And it helps that it’s a pretty game)


Just finished up Trails in the Sky: First Chapter on Steam. I was surprised how much I liked it in the end, I had heard that it has a slow start but I wasn’t prepared for just how slow it was. The game is basically all world building and set up for the first 2/3 or so, the main plot doesn’t begin to rear its head until maybe 30 hours in. But boy oh boy, once things get rolling it’s a damn fine ride to the end, and the cliffhanger the endings leaves things off on makes me want to jump right into Second Chapter.


I’m about 2 months back into WoW now and just picked up Nier:Atomato and FFXV. I’m rather impressed with how well FF runs on my PC given it’s just got a used 980TI. I’m really enjoying the way XV feels and am looking forward to exploring the world some.


Still playing Battletech mainly. Enjoying it a lot even though the second story mission had to be restarted twice due to some random numbers ending up headshotting half my lance. I do wish it was a bit better at explaining the UI and was clearer on what certain actions did (like that Sensor Lock ends your turn). However, I’m sympathetic to the pains of converting that tabletop system into anything legible.

I also downloaded Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery because I still like that series for all the faults. I’m hesitant to say that I’m playing it all. When I do have energy the gameplay consists mostly of tapping glowing objects until a meter fills up. The whole thing feels like a pretty obvious cash grab, and I feel bad for the developers. Has there ever been a good Harry Potter game?


The Lego games are good if you like those style of games.


Slay The Spire just added its third character to the beta branch, so that’s gonna occupy even more of my time than usual.


I finished Ghost Trick yesterday. That game is really good! The story really kept me engaged, in a way I didn’t think it would. And then the animations and puzzles are fun, and the environments are cosy. Very good stuff.


I’ve ended up on a Devil May Cry binge. Powered through 3, 1 and 4, in that order. 3 and 4 are as brill as I remember, despite the latter’s odd and frustrating board game thing. 1 is very odd beast though. Like one of those games you see on daytime cop dramas that clearly isn’t a real videogame, except, like, it is. Weirdly short on story too, but then again it’s dialogue isn’t exactly High Art. I dunno if it’s translation issues or what, but man, it is Extremely Odd.

Devil May Cry 3 I still think has an excelent story. If there’s one thing Kamiya is excelent at it’s structure, never feels like a wasted moment in stuff he directs. He’s got a lot of really cool tricks up his sleeves. It’s the main differance between Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 for me. Hashimoto doesnt quite have that sense of pacing down that Kamiya does so well.

Am excited to grab DmC Difinitive Edition sometime soon. I’m still peeved that the PC version never got those upgrades, but it’s like 8 quid now so it’s not so bad.


I picked up Metal Gear Survive while it was cheap on Amazon and… I think it’s good, actually? It’s certainly more “Survive” than Metal Gear, but going in with those expectations it’s a pretty fun survival game. I’m a sucker for games that have you manage your resources while making excursions into a hostile environment (Etrian Odyssey/Soulsborne/roguelikes/etc.) and this game handles that loop well, and the story has a few mysteries that have kept me interested.

There’s some questionable gameplay tuning as the game goes on – I can’t tell if it’s due to time/budget constraints or (as I suspect) trying to funnel players into the co-op or microtransactions. So I’m not sure how long I’ll stick with it, but I’ve certainly gotten a dozen hours of fun out of it so far.


Gonna try and finish Final Fantasy 15. This game really is garbage sometime. I don’t like the story or the characters, I don’t like all the filler fetch quests, I only like the combat when in the open world, I don’t like the magic system or the gear system or any of that. But the music is nice, and I somewhat enjoy driving around seeing the sights and fighting some little pack of easy-to-kill monsters.

I’m on chapter 12 so it’s not too much left at least, I guess.