What game are you playing?


I felt the same way when I started it, but by the midpoint Plague Knight’s moveset had grown on me. I still think it’s the weakest of the three that are out, but not by much.

Spectre Knight is a real treat, though.


Yeah, that one’s fantastic. Excited to get to play it again.


I’m playing through the recently released Forgotton Anne (I know, the name is… not great) about objects forgotten by their owners that fall into an alternate world where these objects gain identities and personalities, and a society ran on some magic juice as a stand-in for electricity, essentially.

I’m about 3 hours in, so I’ll hide this just in case, but it’s all very early: it appears that the game is about how the playable character (one of two humans I’ve see so far) is essentially a one-woman Gestapo, who basically everyone is afraid of because she has a history of using a magical device that frames the primary interactions in the game to… uhhh… “distill” the objects of the magic juice, i.e. killing them.

Also if an objects breaks the rules it gets sent to “The Plant”, and there is a class of objects that wears a green checkmark signifying their elevated status in the society. The whole thing is run by a bearded dude who is building a bridge to get back into the real world, essentially structured the entire society for the production of the magic juice and the building of the bridge.

The game seems to be about Anne’s journey to slowly realising how… messed up everything is, but BOY is there some quite blunt commentary in this game - it works for now though, outside of a few isolated instances.


A lot of Don’t Starve at the minute, now that it’s on the Switch I thought I’d give it a go. The same with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze too actually, which I’m playing at the minute. Oh, and Fortnite, still.


I have delved deep into State of Decay 2. The original was my favourite game of that generation, it all just clicked for me. It seems that SoD2 is pressing all those same buttons and many many more. I have a week off work soon by some stroke of luck which I’m going to spend playing SoD2 as no doubt it will be the last time I get to game in a while since my baby is due in July.

But im already emotionally invested in the random characters I generated at the beginning, I’ve had one close call that made me set the controller down and take a break and already I’ve had to deny someone the chance to join my enclave simply because their attributes caused more harm than good. Its been brutal.


Well I finally finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (which I was delighted how much I enjoyed the end of it, nice bit of space to theory craft as well but anyway) I’m actually getting back into the Switch port of Doom, prepping myself for Wolfenstien 2’s Switch port coming out next month.

I had forgotten they’d done an update for the game which allows you to use the Joycons or Pro Controller for Gyro aiming and god I really wish I could use that kind of control for EVERY FPS I play anymore. I’m sure I’m the strange one but I absolutely love how it feels. Being able to make broad movements with the sticks and keeping the gyro aiming for more slight precise aiming just feels so so good…

I’d actually been able to get that kind of aiming working with the latest Steam Beta which added support for the Pro Controller, including access to the motion and gyro sensors. But it’s still pretty buggy compared to the stability using it on Switch. Still, I really hope they include it on day one for Wolfenstien.


I never finished any of the Dragon Age games (I started Origins and Inquisition, but never got very far), and I decided to give them another go. So over the past week or so, I finished Origins, and I’ve moved on to DA2.

While I’m seeing what a lot of people complained about with DA2 when it first came out (recycling the same environments for every dungeon/cave/etc.), I’m actually enjoying it far more than I did Origins. Now this might come down to playing on console vs. PC (where I know Origins was designed to be played), but the faster paced combat is a real boon, the skills and attributes are less complicated, and it generally requires significantly less inventory management, which is always a positive for me. I’m also actually really enjoying the characters and story. The story feels much more focused on the actual characters, and what life is like in Kirkwall, rather than “hey, here’s this great big world-ending danger that you need to defeat”, and I feel like it has increased my general appreciation for the world-building of the DA universe compared to the first game. Sometimes less is more, you know?


After many, many months I finally completed Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and despite acknowledging the game has large flaws, I pretty much loved the heck out of it.

Now onto something totally different in Never Stop Sneakin’ combined with something not so different, Battle Chasers Nightwar.

Sneakin’ I like a lot but it has to be played in short bursts as it really doesn’t offer anything new after the first 30 minutes.

Battle Chasers I am struggling with, but I think that is more down to me expecting too much after Xenoblade.


I got a PS4 for my birthday and I’ve been playing Yakuza 0 and I totally, totally get why people love this series. The combination of beating people up, intense melodrama, silliness, and surprisingly heartfelt moments is the good shit.

I mean, the first thing Kazuma does in that game is beat a couple of drunk guys up so well that they become best friends instead of fighting each other.

My biggest gaming concern is that there appears to be no convenient way for me to get ahold of Yakuza 3 - it’s not available digitally and I don’t wanna pay $100 for a disc. With Kiwami 2 coming out, it’s the orphan of the series and it is now clear to me that I will play the entire series.


Started Nier: Automata, am about five hours in and alright, even before the multiple endings/metatextual stuff I know is coming, I’m starting to see why people were so enamored with this one last year. This world design is extremely good (that amusement park especially was whoa), and it’s hitting a nice post-apocalyptic sweet spot. Excited for the next 30(?) or 40(?) hours.


I’m a huge Dragon Age fan and I think you’re right that a lot of the changes in Dragon Age 2 work really well for the series. DA:O is one of my favorite games of all time but I find the combat the least interesting out of the series. DA2 definitely does a better job of telling a tighter and more focused story, too, as you say. And it introduces Varric. Varric is love, Varric is life.

In other news, I’m playing Pillars of Eternity, finishing up a DA Inquisition elf archer playthrough, trying to decide if I want to keep playing 2064: ROM on my laptop, and have roughly 1400 games I want to play next. Can someone please design some sort of dream-machine interface that will allow me to work through some of my backlog while sleeping so I can finally make some progress here?


A couple weeks ago the excitement of the upcoming Dark Souls remaster got to me so I started a new Dark Souls 2 character (specifically a Hella Varal RP, no shield, swords only). I tend to revisit souls games every few months anyway and it was overdue. On Saturday I finished the entirety of the Scholar of the First Sin content and did the second ending for the first time. Instead of moving on to Ni No Kuni 2 as planned, I rode the Souls wave and started a new Dark Souls 3 game. My sixth or seventh run through the game, but my first pure int sorcerer (Tutor Arrell, gotta keep that trend running). I got past the Abyss Watchers last night, but there’s no way I’ll fit the rest of this game in before Remastered comes out, but I’ll probably keep it going throughout the week and come back to it later.


I’ve been playing Shadow of War.

I hate, hate the acrobatics in this game, and I think the nemesis system’s novelty is starting to wear off. The joy of finding a cool new orc to command wears of pretty quickly when you realize how disposable they are. I want this game, but with nemesis that are drastically varied/smarter/harder to kill (as both an enemy and ally). Eventually you realize these guys come in 1 of ~5-6 classes w/ no hybridization or significant variation, just different immunities/weaknesses, and the novelty wears off shortly after.


A big problem I had with Shadow of Mordor (aside from, you know, everything) is that you had to force yourself to not kill Orcs that are becoming stronger because otherwise they would all be very easy to deal with. I feel like the nemesis system has been severely overhyped in both games. The idea is good, the execution leaves a lot to be desired.


Finally getting around to playing Hyrule Warriors and it’s alright. I’ve gotten through the prologue and most of chapter 1 and I feel confident in saying it is a good “one of these games”. Probably even a very good “one of these games.” I don’t know if I’d go as far as saying it’s a great one, but I haven’t gotten too deep into the Adventure Mode yet, and that looks like exactly the kind of thing that I’d be into.

Overall, I’m mostly just glad that Hyrule Warriors leans way more toward the One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 (a Warriors game that I loved) than toward Dragon Quest Heroes (which I wanted to love so badly but I just couldn’t. I have some feelings about that game.).


My wife got the Diablo itch, so we bought the Necromancer pack and started playing Diablo 3 again. The Necromancer is really fun, and I had forgotten how much a this game scratches a really specific kind of itch. I do wish it didn’t have those very Blizzard-endemic problems (helloooo appropropriative caricatures) though.

I also finally picked up Bloodborne again after playing it for a few hours when I first got it and just never making it back. It is a very good game and its nice to play a Fromsoft game I don’t know like the back of my hand.


Right? I’m ~1/2 way through Talion’s campaign playing on Brutal difficulty. I’m finally strong enough to not get ganked by mobs of mooks, and killing a captain much higher in level than me isn’t hard anymore, just tedious, given how many tools they give you to take down enemies.


My Souls itch was overtaken by my Scrolls itch last night and I started up a new character in Morrowind… I’ll see you much much later, Catacombs of Carthus.


I’ve been getting in matches of Laser League when I get the chance. Smashing players into laser walls feels real good.


I finally decided to try Devil May Cry 2, since it came with the HD collection and all. I’d only ever heard it refered to as some terrible Dark Horse, but I thaught I might as well give it a go.

I could feel myself becoming more insufferable with every moment.

It’s fuckin’ GOOD. What the fuck yall. I’ve been bamboozled. For one, though maybe it’s just me, the dialogue manages to be even funnier than the first game. A combination of odd delivery, weird phrasing and a strange lack of embelishment makes some real Dril worthy one-liners. Overall, the plot is pretty alright otherwise, the beats are all solid and enjoyable. But it absolutely killed me when it pulled the same Coin twist as The Dark Knight. And I bet it feels super clever about it’s completely fanfare-less ending.

And crucially, it plays super well. It’s not got the same precision as the more critically praised entires in the series, but the acrobatics stuff is super fun, the combo system might be unconventional but it works just as well and adds up to some very fluid fights. Devil Trigger having unique abilities and combos is absolutely something I love about the series and wish there was more of, so this game being all about that rules.

And the art design is hella good. I love Lucia and her Devil Trigger, the bosses are all great, the environments aren’t exactly breaking new ground but are all done super well. Also finishing the game on normal lets you play again with Dante and Lucia in fuckin’ Diesel branded clothing and it is kinda wild:

There is absolutely a throughline from Dante’s “Diesel Phase” to his DMC4 Midlife Crisis Cowboy Chaps.

Anyways, I’m gonna finish all the difficulties and none of youse can stop me.

Put Lucia in Devil May Cry 5 and/or DmC2.