What game are you playing?


This is actually the major reason people hate this game, and why the hate for the new DmC stuck around.

Devil May Cry as a franchise is beloved mainly for complex mechanics and enemy A.I. They’re meant to be difficult games that reward practice and dedication by allowing you to pull off incredibly looking moves and effective combos as you learn the limitations and possibilities of said systems. It’s why DMC3 is still considered the series best (I could literally play that game for hundreds of hours more) and why 4 was considered partly disappointing (dividing the game between two characters in such an uneven way kind of killed the replay with their very different movesets, so you couldn’t practice and focus during a first playthrough).

DMC2 was much sloppier on the mechanical balance. It made basic hack and slash fighting more optimal an option, which is usually a sign that the system doesn’t work among major DMC fans. DmC had the same problem, despite giving so many weapons. There’s no need to experiment too much in either game because it’s simply not necessary to beat the game comfortably. In DMC3, on the other hand, I kept getting punished by every enemy I came across for using the basic bread stuff, forcing me to try new things and discovering how great it felt to pull off.

It’s all a personal taste sort of thing, honestly. I much prefer 3, though, because it was actually trying to be funny constantly and it is one of the tightest designed games I have ever played alongside GOD HAND and Rayman Origins. There’s almost nothing in those games where I could suggest cutting features with little lost.


The weird thing about that though is that it’s Devil May Cry TWO. Like, the second one. Those expectations about complex mechanics and AI are weird things to have a for a series that had not yet demonstrated either of those. There’s absolutely a stronger line from DMC2 to 3 than there is from 1 to 3, which I wasn’t expecting going in. Nelo is probably the most complex enemy in 1 and you beat him by mashing the attack button with Devil Trigger on. 2 has enemies with attacks I have to dodge. IDK, I can’t wrap my head around it. 3 is still the best in the original series obvs, it’s got a legit great story with fantastic performances and killer pacing, and the combat is excelently methodical and well-tuned. But it still feels like 2 got a bad rep just for being different.

Also I’ve been thinking about how DMC is somehow considered Kamiya’s, despite him being involved with only two entries and only liking one of them. That series has been defined by people that aren’t Kamiya as much as it has by him. Still, at least the lad himself doesn’t perpetuate that, always glad he tries to let credit go where it’s due.


I haven’t played it since it came out, but as a huge fan of the first DMC, the second just felt boring. I liked the art direction, but it was really easy compared to the first game and also really short. It was completely unmemorable.

I also don’t really like DMC3, but I know that’s not a popular opinion.


I totally get it, that game is ridiculously hard and you really have to dedicate to get anything out of it. I normally hate that, but the game’s wonderful cutscenes kept me around.


Just finished and got platinum in Wolfenstein: The New Order. I was really surprised on how much I like that game. I’ve heard good things about it, but just didn’t expect to like it so much. I think since I played it on the harder difficulty first, and then again on the lowest to get the collectibles I missed I really had a blast. The first playful I had to be mindful of what I did, and then the second playthrough I could just go crazy and dual-wield the entire time. It’s just pure dumb fun in my opinion. I also listened to the Waypoint 101 for it before I played it, but that was when it first came out. I didn’t really remember anything, but really enjoyed going back and listening to it again now that I had beat the game. Hopefully I can find the sequel for relatively cheap.

Speaking of old franchises rebooted to surprising success, I have Doom next on my plate. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it just as much as Wolfenstein given what I’ve heard about the game. Though I’ve been playing a few multiplayer matches of Titanfall 2 lately. I can already feel it sinking its teeth back into me. I’m surprised how much I love that game. Everything is just perfect in my mind. The fact that I even want to play online is a testament to how much I enjoy just running around and shooting. That also doesn’t even touch on how much I really enjoyed the campaign. It’s a real bummer it got released right between Battlefield and Call of Duty because it deserves its own time in the spotlight.


Titanfall 2 was very, very good and deserved better than it ended up getting.


Picked GTA V up for cheap the other day, after 8 years away from the series. Turns out I made the right choice to shy away in the first place. Seeing as I’m not one for sandbox frolics in these kind of games, there’s absolutely nothing here for me (except maybe the music, I guess?). I built up a pretty intense distaste for the repetitive, one-note “satire” that passes for worldbuilding in GTA over the course of the first four games, but I thought maybe that antipathy might have subsided a little in the interim. On the basis of an hour and a half of play, I don’t think so. It’s not close to being the most egregious example, but somehow, watching one of the characters down the game’s first bottle of “Pisswasser” beer just made me gently set the controller aside and say “no, this isn’t for me”. I’ll keep my relatively fond memories of the first three games, and leave it there.


been messing around with H1Z1 on PS4. only played a few matches so far. it’s nice in that it … isn’t fortnite. i think that’s the main positive about it so far. no building, it has vehicles, etc.

the graphics though, woof. i feel like i just pulled out my PS2 and fired up Conflict: Desert Storm. aesthetically it’s so shocking to go from fortnite to a game like this - there is no style, no soul, no personality whatsoever. feels really weird.


I played DMC2 when it came out and loved it. It felt like a weird sequel at the time but I never thought it was awful. Not quite as good as 1 but still a ton of fun.

I totally forgot about those outfits though. Makes me wanna get the HD Collection to kill some demons with STYYYYLE.


Gears Of War 1. On insane difficulty. By myself.

It is excruciating.


Greetings, Waypoint! I’ve been a fan of the podcast for some time, but this is my first post on the forums.

I’m currently playing Competitive Crucible in Destiny 2 on PlayStation 4, chasing Glory points to reach the Fabled rank and acquire the coveted Redrix’s Claymore. If you’d care to join me sometime (I typically play nights and weekends US Eastern Time), just send a message to HiredN00bs on PSN!


Finally playing Wolfenstein II with my roommate & enjoying it a lot. Handing the controller off every time one of us dies and talking through plans is a good way not to get frustrated with its difficulty, and the story is actually just really fun to experience with another person!


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, after a recommendation by someone on a forum elsewhere


Hyrule Warriors on Switch, it’s a lot of fun. Was gonna pick up God of War but I wanted a game where I could just turn my brain off for a bit.


Well they just announced uprezzed PS4 ports of 3,4 and 5 which I am very excited for.

I’m currently playing through Kiwami and it definitely shows its age in terms of pure design. The opening of that game is the complete opposite of 0 in terms of how hyped it gets me to play the rest of the game. The Shen-Mu roots are the series really show as you spend time literally digging through garbage cans. So much busy work.

I’m also playing Monkey Island 2 for the first time and its really great. I finished The Secret of Monkey Island again recently and I feel like that game shows its age a lot more than the Remaster of the sequel, puzzles are smarter, the jokes are better and I want to extract every single piece of dialogue I can out of everyone because its just so darn charming.

Also Lego: Marvel Superheroes 2 for the Switch on the side to scratch the Marvel itch brought on by seeing Infinity war. It is not a good Switch port, terrible frame rate and the camera placement makes things hard to see undocked. Fun open world puzzle solving aside, the actual levels are the same dull smash fests they’ve always been in that series. But there are so many characters. It’s a good game for when I’m mentally exhausted.


Fallout 3!! Always make evil characters and I finally took a step back to look at my life and make someone who doesn’t steal and lie and destroy just to make a profit off of the weak. Giving purified water to every beggar! All those quests that feel like wastes of time, doing them to be helpful! Game goes slower but good karma must be worth it in the end right??


I’ve been slowly making my way through Little Nightmares on the Switch. I’ve been following the game since it was first announced because the aesthetic looked so super, to the point I could ignore that it would scare the bejeezus out of me. I think it only came out on PS4 at first? Anyway it wasn’t slated for anything I owned but for some reason I held out watching any play throughs. And then a few months ago it was announced for the Switch!
It is just as scary as I expected but the aesthetic and sound are all extremely good. But yeah, baby steps for me.


I decided to finally go back to Halo 5 and give the campaign another shot after falling off that game hard at launch. Instead of playing on Heroic, I’m just cruising through on Normal in the hopes that I’ll be able to get into the story this time around.


I recently started Shenzhen I/O, and…boy, is it something! It’s clever and also pretty immediately intimidating, but I want to at least be able to say I solved one puzzle.


I started playing Minit yesterday and I really like it so far! It’s that satisfying moment in Zelda where you find item A that suddenly lets you access place B and use item C, etc. but constantly and compressed into 60 second intervals. Also I find the characters and art really charming.