What game are you playing?


I can’t make up my mind if I should deep dive into Battletech or Pillars of Eternity II. I have both and have played the tutorials and they are both extremely my shit (as the saying goes). So for the last couple of weeks I’ve sat down at my desk, spent a few minutes thinking about which one I should play… and then boot up Slay the Spire instead.


I got Civ 6 through the monthly humble bundle a couple of months ago. Finally took the plunge to play it. I’m playing as the Russians, have built a few wonders, eliminated all barbarian threats from my home continent and have generated a number of great artists and scientists without declaring war on anyway. I’m not here to start any wars, but The Aztecs keep trying to strike a deal with me so they may have one of our literary masterworks and I’m like “nah man, that was made by our culture, make your own works of art”. They seem to be increasingly riled by my constant rejection. It’s more irritating for me though, I’m trying to make farms over here and they keep asking for the same thing. I may have to destroy them.

So this is how wars start.


Ah a fellow Civ VI pacifist.

Once I cranked the difficulty up I realized the boosts the AI get mean you need to declare war on the bigger powers otherwise they start to steamroll everyone. I won my first two Civ VI games without declaring war on anybody however.


I’ve been playing a bunch of games at once to try and make a dent in my backlog (and to try and mitigate my limited attention span). Right now I’m working through:

Rain World


God, this game really is something special, isn’t it? My last session ended with me reaching the Depths, which is the strangest place I’ve seen yet in a game full of strange places. I actually managed to get a decent bit of exploration done before I was unceremoniously ragdolled into the ground by a couple of telekinetic elder gods (!!!). The way Rob described STALKER in his piece a few weeks ago really reminded me of RW: brutal, uncompromising, and utterly indifferent to the player’s existence. The main thing differentiating them in my mind, to be honest, is that in contrast to STALKER’s budget FPS harshness, Rain World is a genuinely beautiful game. Despite virtually everything in it being in some stage of decay, the environments and the strange creatures within them just radiate this sense of life. Harsh, dilapidated life that’s mainly trying to kill you, but still.



Replaying this after a couple years, and while it’s not quite as good as I remember (Woof, those boss fights) it absolutely gets the job done as an over-the-top demon slaying power fantasy. Mowing down hordes of cannon fodder with some B-grade hard rock playing is just what the doctor ordered sometimes.

A Valley Without Wind


Basically the dictionary definition of A Lot, mechanics-wise at least. I was almost scared off completely by the 10-page key bindings menu when I started. I’ve finished the tutorial level, and what I’ve seen so far has just been an absolute mess of systems grafted on to a very floaty-feeling action platformer RPG of sorts. That sounds way harsher than what I actually feel about the game, which is more intrigued than anything. I doubt I’ll actually finish, but right now I’m just excited to see what wild new mechanic the game wants to show me next. (Apparently there’s city-building in this?)

Rayman Origins


I played through about half of this in co-op a while ago and only just recently decided to try and finish it out. It’s a little less chaotic with only one player, but every bit as delightful. Really nothing much to say about this one except that it rarely fails to put a smile on my face.

Saints Row 3


Mostly enjoying this so far. The writing is pretty bad but it’s at least more tolerable than any of the GTA games I’ve played (a low bar to clear if there ever was one). So far the missions are more rote than I expected, although I’m sure things lean more into Wacky Shenanigans™ as it goes on. A few nice touches here and there: giving the choice of when to drop in the “Power” mission is great and the car singalong towards the beginning was a cute bit of characterization that caught me off guard. Even so, I feel like the real reason I’m still playing this game is the character customization/fashion, which is way better than any other open-world crime-em-up I’ve played.

Stephen’s Sausage Roll


This is another one I’ve started back up after a long break, and dropping into the endgame puzzles cold is every bit as brutal as I expected. The puzzles in the last area are particularly rough since I don’t even know if I’m setting them up correctly. A puzzle that seems impossible may very well be impossible if I somehow messed up the initial sausage placement, which is making me second guess myself way more. The design remains, as always, impeccable, but I’m beginning to wonder if starting over to get a handle on the mechanics again might be the way to go. I’ve been stuck on one puzzle for my past 3 sessions with no real sign of progress. :disappointed_relieved:


currently fighting the temptation to buy Dark Souls Remastered, ughhh i’ve been wanting to try those games for a minute but i probably dont want to drop $40 on a whim.

i also got XCOM:EW on sale and started Long War, bumped it up to Classic and wow, that’s a tough game! i keep trying to play it like i played Vanilla on Normal, and it’s just not putting up with my shit. i think im starting to get the hang of it on a micro level, with a just tiny bit of save scumming, but the more macro elements are going to be a problem for me for sure.

also played some Mirror’s Edge to test out that In Home Streaming thing from my old PC just in case i cave, and forgot how dang fun and stylish that game is. i might just play that instead.


I realized I never tried XThe Bureau: XCOM Declassified so I spent two evenings playing that and I have to say I think the game isn’t that bad. It’s rough for sure and isn’t amazing but it’s a pretty alright B level game with some interesting mechanics that I think given a sequel would have come out pretty good.

Getting your soldiers into place and then having them open up and having to slow the game down to reposition throughout the fights is an alright mechanic. What sucks is that a lot of the enemies just feel like bullet sponges though.


I’ve been playing Fire Emblem: Warriors and I’m enjoying it a ton so far. It’s the first musou game I’ve played extensively(played Hyrule Warriors before but never owned it) and it honestly just seems like Fire Emblem and musou games were meant for each other. I’m a big fan of button-mashing combat in general, and the weapon triangle fits in perfectly, adding a deceptively deep strategic layer to something that’s fairly simple on the surface.

The only real gripe with this game I have is the character selection. I’m not the biggest Fire Emblem fan ever(I’ve only played from FE7-10) but it would have been nice to see a wider variety of characters from other games, not only for characters’ sake(where the heck is Hector or Ephraim?) but also because there are way too many sword-wielding characters in a game that relies on having the right weapon most of the time.

I’m hopeful for a sequel since I’m really enjoying my time with this game. Adding a wider variety of characters from other games would honestly solve my biggest gripe with the game so far. I’ve finished the story on normal and I’m working my way through some of the history maps.


So I got the Switch version when it came out because I love both Zelda and Warriors games. I played through the main campaign really enjoying the variety of characters, weapons, and fanservice. The adventure mode is REALLY pro and con for me so far. The implementation of the items on the overworld map is rough unless you use a guide. Otherwise, you’ll be burning through rupees. I just wanna unlock all the characters and weapons ASAP, but I’m enjoying the fun challenges.


I don’t have Austin’s fill-in-the-blanks imagination. So I’m getting my space 4X fix from Endless Space 2. And boy is it nice.


Replaying The Charnel House Trilogy and I forgot how hilarious this game is. I honestly can’t tell if they’re trying to be scary or funny at some points.



Just finished NES Castlevania for the first time.

Now I’m moving on to Dark Souls demastered (Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest)

Kind of want to hit Vampire Killer in MSX also.


(current) summer gaming plans:
-Get deeper into Overwatch
-Start playing ESO more regularly
-Pillars of Eternity
-Alien Isolation
-Gears 4 insane run
-Divinity 1, maybe 2
-check out Crew 2


I only played a handful of rounds not really into random drops from plan taking away strategic layer to start of games.

Think the circle is way to fast as well most of my games were running into a small circle with 20 people doing the same and then a massive gun fight at the end.

I prefer the gun play to fortnite. I hope we end this e3 with a more pubg esq BR coming for PS4


H1Z1 has actually grown on me a bit in the past week or so (probably played ~25 matches, squads).

you’re definitely right about the randomness of the drop at the beginning. everything about that part of the game is bad, even just the way it looks/controls while you’re parachuting. i rarely feel like i’m in control at all. janky.

vehicles are a huge part of the game, which is good and bad. often the endgame is a big mad maxish vehicle-centered battle. i’d be more into this if the vehicles controlled better, vehicle physics were better, vehicle damage was consistent, and most importantly if the hit-detection on players was consistent. when i run someone over it still seems a coin-toss whether i’ll actually kill them or not.

i also prefer the gunplay here to fortnite’s. i prefer a several things here, actually. i like that there’s no building. i never got really good at building in fortnite, and i never was going to. it was an interesting feature that just wasn’t for me, in the end. it’s oddly refreshing to switch to a BR game that doesn’t end with a bunch of people building towers. H1Z1 is, at the end, as you mentioned, a big chaotic shootout, usually. i’m fine with that. i usually play squads because it tends to lead to bigger, more frequent, more hectic gun/vehicle battles.

as far as “style” is concerned, though, this game has nothing on fortnite. the art here just feels so generic. no personality. the character models look bad, the outfits look bad. to me this is kind of an important layer. if you’re going to make a F2P game and sell stuff the stuff should look cool. the stuff here is all fugly. i’ve played for maybe five or six hours, i’d guess that i have something like 6,000 skulls (the free currency). i open the “skull market”. for about 100,000 skulls (not kidding) i can get a “molten lava tactical helmet” that looks … well, really bad. i’m not interested in any of the cosmetic upgrading, which is a shame, cuz that stuff can be fun.

overall though i’d give a solid recommendation to H1Z1 to people who didn’t like fortnite, or the building aspect of it. it probably helps if you haven’t played PUBG (i haven’t, don’t game on PC). i find H1Z1 to be fun and kinda zany in its own way. also, it’s free, so it isn’t too hard to give it a shot.


The TW:Warhammer 2 patch is finally here! It’s been so long and now there is so much to play - Ungrim dwarf slayers, Hellebron dark elves, the Tomb Kings with a new Bone Giant, more High Elven starts, Norsca on the ME map… * plays Empire *…


i’ve been replaying ace attorney: investigations :+1: it’s been a lot of fun; the AA series is one of my all-time favorites and investigations has such nice pixel art.


I’ve always wanted to play the Ace Attorney series but handheld systems kill my neck. One of the main reasons I love Nintendo moving to the dual purpose/single ecosystem Switch.


I bought Enter the Gungeon (an overhead shooter roguelike) at release, but I couldn’t get into it. I had an extremely hard time, as the game is quite punishing, and I eventually just backed away, having made no meaningful progress. The other day, I picked up my Switch for the first time in months and started up Enter the Gungeon on a lark. The game’s bullet-hell element clicked this time, and I beat the first boss handily. I also stumbled upon a few suggestions of secrets, and the allure of hidden stuff grabbed me as it always does. Now I’ve put 10ish hours in over the course of a week! It’s a great game. If the multiple routes and modifiers of Binding of Isaac interests you, check this game out. It kicks ass, its aesthetic is super cool, and the music (doseone) is fucking great


Is ESO any good? The lack of endgame progression turned me off of it super hard, and I’m not enough of a lore junky to pick it up without some kind of good raid content.


Been belting my time into Warframe and Dark Souls Remastered lately. Warframe’s a blast, and it’s real nice to play a free-to-play game that doesn’t feel like you’re missing out by not fully buying in. I wasn’t expecting the story to be as good as it is either, there’s some brill voice performances and great character work going on. I just finished The Second Dream quest yesterday and outside of one naff boss fight that felt a bit unfair, it was a hella good ride with a fantastic finale and reveal. I’m up for spending a few pennies on platinum so I can keep a bigger stock of Warframes I like.

Dark Souls remains ace, as always, and the quality of life improvements have me excited to properly dig into it in a way I never did before. I played The Ever Loving Spirit Of Christ out of Dark Souls 2 and nearly as much of Dark Souls 3, but not so much the first. Already thinking about a character I can make to take me to NG+2 and go for all acheivements. I do wish it didn’t fuck with my internet so much though. Cuts out completely for like 5 seconds at a time, enough to boot you out of the game, with frankly infurating regularity. Nothing else I play does this, I actually have pretty good internet, but for some reason Dark Souls 1 fucks with it like this. Did the same in the original too, which is wild.