What game are you playing?


I… couldn’t really tell you. I haven’t gotten super into it, but bought the two expansion packs because I like the IDEA of an Elder Scrolls mmo. Currently, I’m waiting for Sunmerset to come out and then I’ll roll a new character.


I usually organize my games into 2 groups: normal gaming queue and my constants. The later are those that I will constantly play over and over again, most of the time strategy games where I can listen to long podcasts without needing to concentrate (audio-wise) on the game. As a result I tend to have 200+ Steam hours on them :sweat_smile:

-Civilization VI (Currently working on a Gorgo cultural victory run)
-7 Days To Die
-Hearts of Iron IV

Normal Gaming Queue
-Mad Max

I was playing a bit of Far Cry 4, but stopped due to my interests going elsewhere. Also was playing Bloodborne a week or two ago and loving it, but then my PS4 broke…that was irritating.


Booted up Into the Breach this weekend and played for a solid 6 or 7 hours. The game finally clicked for me and I finally made it to the “final mission” where I unfortunately lost on the last turn. I think I finally internalized the game’s demands and it’s immensely satisfying.


Final Fantasy 7, an old favourite being revisited. I love the mystery of this game. There are many scenes and dialogues to miss depending on when you go where, and who you have with you. There are so many (good) weapons and accessories and materias (even characters) you can miss simply because you didn’t look in some crack, or steal from some enemy.

Very fitting for school yard rumour spreading. I realise that isn’t unique for FF7, but any game that can manage to create that feeling is doing good things.

And it’s absolutely dense with strange little mini games and one off mechanics. Incredibly ambitious. Much too ambitious for a remake to capture the strangeness of it all.


I am 8 hours into Vampyr and I love it. It’s janky, feels like the most 2015 game (witcher vision, crafting, mass effect conversation wheel, dark souls esque combat,) but it is also scratching the Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines itch with its vampire politics.


I’m playing Skyrim for Switch because i’m a sucker for the portability factor. Also I haven’t done everything in Skyrim, so i’m looking forward to try and get some completionism in.


This is really good news for me. I really wanted to get into it but couldn’t feel it out on PC. I’ll have to give it a shot on switch one of these days!


I really want to buy and support that game but it got beat out of my monthly game budget by Blazblue and Mario Tennis :frowning:


My fiancée got a GameCube for Christmas because they still have a bunch of old favorite games for it that they wanted to play again, and I missed out on that entire console generation as a kid so I’ve been having a lot of fun letting them guide me through all the great and weird games they love that I’d never played. Right now I’m just getting started on Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and oh my god that game is so fun and charming, I’m kind of in love.


i am playing the evil within and i think it is cool and spooky

i also bought all the DLC before actually finishing the main campaign so oh geez i hope i keep enjoying it


I’ve been thinking about getting a GC again too, for this very reason. Paper Mario is just a delight. The battle system in that one in particular is perfect.


Inquisitor Martyr, Grim Dawn, Sky Rogue, Battletech!


Thoughts on Inquisitor? I love the 40k universe but generally don’t have the patience for the strategy games.


Right now I’m working on Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (what a trip) and The Banner Saga 2. Both very good, in their own ways.

Oh, and always running hunts in Monster Hunter: World. Lunastra is awful with random match-ups right now, everyone gets wiped by her special lol


I just wrapped up my first playthrough of Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, which I thought was pretty fantastic. I’ve already started a second playthrough in the new post game mode. If Ritual of the Night manages to match up to it I’ll be pretty thrilled.

I also just finished up Cultist Simulator, which is the first game from Alexis Kennedy’s new studio (the Creative Director for Sunless Sea and Fallen London). I think it is pretty fantastic, trying to get any sort of grasp on the lore of that world and how various occult things work was a ton of fun. It has some downsides, much like Sunless Sea it probably shouldn’t have permadeath because runs are quite long and some aspects of keeping your cult going to feel like busywork but overall it was a really good experience. I want to play it again with a different cult, but I’m not sure it will be different enough to justify the time commitment.


Playing the game of trying to get Fallout 3 to run on Windows 10, and so far it’s kicking my ass.


I too love the 40K flavor.

Inquisitor captures the feel of 40K really well and is also a competent ARPG. So far I am enjoying my time and would say it is a definite recommendation as a 7/10 game. Flawed but ambitious. The developers have been quick with patches and they have laid out a good first year of free content and support. It’s worth giving a try. I would check out some youtube lets plays and see if it will be your thing.


I currently have Jurassic World Evolution preloaded…

Love Jurassic Park, loved Fallen Kingdom, love dinosaurs, loved Operation Genesis, love Frontier Developments track record of games. So I’m looking forward to diving in and setting my dinos loose on my affluent visitors.

Reviews haven’t been very kind unfortunately, though everybody seems to be in agreement that the dinosaurs are dope and that’s really why I’m here.


Fallout 4 on the Xbox (it is apparently The Thing I Cannot Quit), West of Loathing on the Switch.

I have such a huge backlog of other stuff and I’m going to have to sit myself down and make myself work through it at some point.


When did West of Loathing come out for the Switch??? I’ve been wanting this since it came out, I can’t contain my excitement !?!:>#>@!:#L