What game are you playing?


It came out on May 31st!


I think if you have to “work through it” it ain’t play no mo


Have you tried the GOG version?


Yeah, no luck with that either. I ended up trying the Tale of Two Wastelands mod to import FO3’s content into New Vegas’s engine, and that’s been working surprisingly well.


i love KoL and WoL so much. It’s such a grand throwback. I bought it on steam and im seriously considering getting it again, just because its so silly and fun.


Just finished the main story of AC: Origins. Man the bookends to that story are not good, especially gameplay-wise. But the game is fun as all hell so I’ll probably keep revisiting it and exploring the rest of the map.

Trying to decide between Wolfenstein 2, Mafia 3, or Life is Strange next.

I started Wolfenstein 2 at the end of last year and got to the point where you link up with the American resistance. I’m trying really hard to like the actual gameplay but I keep bouncing off of it. The story’s pulling me in so much, especially as someone involved in Black Liberation movements. I’m thinking I should just set it to easy and coast thru?


I have a few weeks off between Spring and Summer semesters so I’ve forced my self to be amazing productive during the morning and day and early evening-- exercise, house maintenance, academic planning, etc-- so I can be a big ball of garbage at night. So I have some irons in the fire game-wise:

  • Dark Souls Remastered (Playing something very close to my original dex build from my first playthrough many moons ago)
  • Just borrowed Mario Odyssey from a friend and my wife and I have been passing the controller on that one.
  • Luckily I saved a game right before the end on Prey so I’m currently way into the NG+
  • Metroid Samus Returns on 3Ds


Currently playing and got to around the same part as you through Wolfenstein 2 myself. I really enjoyed the gameplay in the first, and am enjoying it even more this time around. But I’ve noticed that this game is harder than the first game. There have already been multiple fights that I’ve just died and repeated 10+ times on. Granted I’m on the 2nd hardest difficulty, but I played on that one in the New Order and didn’t have that many problems.

I’ve been debating dropping the difficulty too. The few times I played the original on the easiest difficulty I had a blast! You can just dual-wield and let loose with no worries about dying. I say drop the difficulty because if the New Colossus is anything like the New Order the lower difficulty provides immense amounts of fun. Also I feel it makes BJ seem even more like that unstoppable Nazi killing machine that you read about in the newspapers, notes, and such scattered around the world of the game.


I’ve put about 18 hours into Jurassic World Evolution. I’m having a blast with it but am disappointed in the lack of depth. There isn’t a lot of park customization options to really make it seem like a place people would go to. There are not different types of park visitors so there isn’t some Dino Nerd or a Thrill Seeker. They all like the same things which takes away the feeling that these are people actual visiting. Hopefully it gets some good post release support.


Just finished Yuko’s Island Express and wow did that game come out of nowhere and surprise me. Charming, fun, really well crafted. Possibly my favourite game of the year so far. Worth checking out if you like things like Steamworld Dig.

Post E3 I’m in the cybermood for some cyberpunk so I was thinking I might give the most recent Deus Ex a shot. I’m a massive fan of the original and remembered liking Human Revolution a fair bit, but for some reason had skipped Mankind Divided completely. Was pleasantly surprised to find it sitting in my library, I guess it must have been on PS Plus at some point!


Finished Final Fantasy 7. It’s cool, funny and lovely and I love it. I discovered on this replay that it is very easy, something I didn’t think back in the day. For instance, fighting Sephiroth, I use Knight of Rounds, mime it, and the fight is over. He didn’t get a round in!

After that I watched Advent Children, which sucks! It’s garbage! It’s terrible! The fact that Tetsuya Nomura directed it, that he thinks the things in it are cool, and that he is directing FF7 Remake should have everyone worried. It’s my humble opinion that he should retire.


I’m enjoying the game quite a bit, though I’m still unlocking all the stuff and discovering new dinos - so I haven’t fully unlocked everything the game has to offer. So far it is reminding me of an upgraded version of Operation Genesis. It’s a very pretty game and the thrill of creating a dinosaur and watching it emerge from the hatchery is really cool. The game doesn’t give you as much creative freedom as Planet Coaster but my god, the pathway constructor tools are just fantastic. At the moment, the buildings you make have a very specific role and there isn’t much room to truly personalise your park.

I feel there is a lot of redundant busy work with the game, particularly with the second level. The island is engulfed with storms and you have to run around repairing fences and buildings. At first it’s great driving your buggy through your deserted park during a thunderstorm, a fence has been broken and the carnivore is nowhere to be seen. All the gameplay amounts to is driving a jeep around and hitting ‘a’ on things, which feels a little samey. I’m starting to have people sabotage my park as well, in which the power goes off for a certain amount of time. It’s not a real problem at the moment, as currently I haven’t needed too many electrical fences. Again it feels more like an inconvenience than the ‘oh shit - phones are out too’ like in the films.

Also my Ceratosaur escapes every once in a while, because there isn’t enough grassland in his paddock. He gets out and maybe eats three people, but there’s no real penalty for this. I feel there is a mode in this game, where even one of your guests, even your staff, that’s a gameover. At the moment, I feel like there is perhaps a missed opportunity in truly transcribing that chaos feel to the game, or how you are attempting to manage these chaotic entities.

Hopefully with Frontier’s track record with Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous, there will be plenty of support down the line. I feel they have to expand the game to include pteradons and aquatic reptiles like the Mosasaur (notice I don’t call them dinosaurs). There’s probably something they could do in which you actually get to go back in time and run a Jurassic Park instead of Jurassic World with proper 90s esque tech. It feels a little vanilla at the moment, but my love of the license and dinosaurs carries me along the way.

Combined with the latest movie and the new Pokemon Go esque Jurassic World: Alive. I’m having a lot of fun with dinosaurs at the moment.


Mankind Divided has some really weird pacing issues and I fell off it quite quickly but man I loved exploring Prague. That part of the game alone is worth it for me, the way Austin was describing Cyberpunk as sort of an immersive sim has me very hyped indeed for that game. Open world + Immersive sim is an untapped well.

Really want to dig into Yuko’s island express one day, but I booted up my switch and fell into the trying to beat Xenoblade Chronicles 2 hole again. That game puts me to sleep (I play it right before bed) in the best way. Mindless, but so many boxes to fill in. I’ll get to the story one day.


Hah, that was exactly me a few months ago. I actually ended up finishing the game, which is very rare for a JRPG (I like the genre, but generally don’t have enough time, but looove the Xenoblade games). A lot of the time in games like this I burn out on sidequests and never finish them. Especially in this case where every single one of the blades has their own, often fairly lengthy, quest as well.

I was planning to go back and do all these after I finished the main story (and also go back to the DLC) but 100+ hours in… it was time to move on.

Very disappointed there wasn’t news of a XB1 rerelease for the switch at E3 though. Really want to play that again, probably my favourite game world of all time.


I’ve been playing some Dark Souls: Remastered, and it’s a joy exploring that world again. I beat O&S last night - just knowing the game a bit and not feeling like a panicky mess as I was the first time around makes such a difference. So I was walking around Anor Londo like Billy Badd Ass until an invader arrived and annihilated me in seconds. :smile:


Just started Assassin’s Creed Origins. Save for about 15 minutes of AC II almost a decade ago I’ve never really played anything in this series before so I’m glad that there’s no lore infodumps and sci-fi nonsense, at least in the beginning of the game. Not much to say as I’m super early in (1h-ish), but I see myself spending more time just walking/climbing around and enjoying the vistas than engaging in combat, which so far I find kinda mindless and tedious.

Later I booted up the Discovery Tour mode and it really is super cool, I actually spent more time there than in the actual game. I wish I could give this mode to myself back in 1999, when I was kinda obsessed with Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation and somehow tried to play it as a proto walking sim because of the interconnected world, despite the tons of enemies and difficulty lol.

I’m also about halfway through The Banner Saga and not really digging it, unfortunately. I can see that the universe and its characters were well-crafted but very little about is particularly interesting to me and the strategy part isn’t enough to elevate it (again, for me). I’ll still probably play it to the end, but I’m very meh about it.


Two things about AC:O. First, that’s a totally valid way to enjoy the game! The game is legitimately beautiful and it never ceases to leave me in awe with the vistas. Also, it has a really great photo mode. That game was basically made for photo mode.

Second, I’d say give the combat some more time. It doesn’t have a huge amount of depth, but there definitely gets to be a certain enjoyable rhythm to it, which is absolutely not something one could say about prior AC games.


Oh, totally! I do want to finish the main storyline at least, I think it’s just a matter of getting used to the combat style and flow, really. And the one stealth approach I did felt pretty cool too.


I recently finished playing Fortune 499 which is an indie RPG where you are a fortune-telling witch that works in the “magical resources” division of a large corporation. It has an interesting twist on RPG battles that involves deck building and probability, stylish pixel art, a great sense of humor, and well written characters. I highly recommend it!

I should also note that the story tackles some heavier topics, including transphobia and sexism, so be prepared for that if you decide to play.

Also, Robert Yang wrote an excellent article (with some gameplay spoilers) that explores far better than I could what’s great about this game. Definitely worth a read!


I have, in the last couple of days, decided to pick back up my AC:O playthrough and finally finish up the main story in prep for Odyssey. I had forgotten how much I enjoy spending time in that world, plus I do find the combat far more satisfying than in my first AC game, Syndicate (which I think I liked more than most, probably because of Evie).