What game are you playing?


I recently finished playing Fortune 499 which is an indie RPG where you are a fortune-telling witch that works in the “magical resources” division of a large corporation. It has an interesting twist on RPG battles that involves deck building and probability, stylish pixel art, a great sense of humor, and well written characters. I highly recommend it!

I should also note that the story tackles some heavier topics, including transphobia and sexism, so be prepared for that if you decide to play.

Also, Robert Yang wrote an excellent article (with some gameplay spoilers) that explores far better than I could what’s great about this game. Definitely worth a read!


I have, in the last couple of days, decided to pick back up my AC:O playthrough and finally finish up the main story in prep for Odyssey. I had forgotten how much I enjoy spending time in that world, plus I do find the combat far more satisfying than in my first AC game, Syndicate (which I think I liked more than most, probably because of Evie).


I’ve been trying out the smash hit Microsoft exclusive that nobody’s been able to stop taking about since it’s release a while back ReCore. it’s alright! Some fun third person platforming and tolerable combat. I’m trying to get the most out my game pass subscription I just got on PC so I’ve been bouncing around between the games available there, and honestly for the price you pay it’s a decent lineup that keeps getting better.

Otherwise I play Celeste all the time still. I’ve been very casually “speedrunning” all the chapters (I’m of course getting nowhere the times some people are putting up but I’m doing them decently fast) and trying to complete whole chapters with no deaths. It’s been a super relaxing night-time ritual to run through a couple levels with precision. One of my favorite games of all time, easily. It is complete mechanical perfection and the level design never stops being brilliant and impressive even with the surprising amount of stages in it.


Apparently the best version of BJ has a bonnet and a pacifier because Easy is the superior way to play. Having so much more fun now, and this is coming from someone who solo’s the hardest modes of shooters for fun.


If you find the combat to be boring, I definitely recommend to try various approaches: “ghosting” locations, taking our enemies with only a bow, running in and just causing a massive brawl, playing with fire, etc. That game really opens up the more you play it. I finished the main story a couple of days ago, and I keep enjoying my time more and more. The beginning of the game is r-o-u-g-h, but it’s worth powering through.


I just started getting back into it and I’ve found going down the see upgrade path is a nice way to change up the combat. You kind of feel like an Ancient Egypt Batman of sorts with your array of gadgets! I still have my misgivings with all the systems, but I’m finding some more satisfaction with the combat now!


How is the combat different from Syndicate? I’ve been thinking about picking up AC:O as my next game, but had been hearing some not so flattering things about the combat. In fact when you google ‘assassin’s creed origins combat,’ predictive text brings up ‘ACO combat sucks.’


I can’t speak for origins vs syndicate specifically, but the combat has been changed to a more souls-like (over-used term, but it is good shorthand) approach at least in control and abilities. The variety of weapon also plays a much larger role. It’s execution is mixed imo. Sometimes it feels good, but the dodge does not feel as nice as I wish it did and combat isn’t as tactical as I’d like it to be. I’d compare it to the Witcher 3’s combat but worse execution in terms of game-feel


I agree W2 does feel more difficult than W1, and while it’s great, the environments end up feeling very similar, so I dropped the difficulty to just focus more on the story.


I haven’t yet hit a wall so I’m still moving along on the harder difficulty, but if I start getting stuck I’ll definitely drop it down. Like you I’m really interested in the story and want to see where it goes.


Started Final Fantasy IX today, on PS4. The port seems to be a little up and down, but I’m looking forward to experiencing this adventure again. Thank heavens for that speed-up mode. The fights were very slow in the game originally, but either way this makes it so much fun to grind too.

Shout out to all the early dialogue of the bandits horndogging Garnet whilst also pointing out that she is 16 years old. (Zidane is also 16 at least, but the others are unclear.)


Nier: Automata, and while I know I’m supposed to get through multiple endings to really see what makes the game special for folks who have raved about it (no spoilers please), I’m struggling because I’m neither a bullet-hell nor beat-em-up game fan. Playing on Normal but will probably set to Easy to get through it.


I also just started KOTOR 2 despite not really liking the first KOTOR and hell yes to all this story stuff so far. Seeing the Light and Dark side binary of most of Star Wars media collapse under its own weight is fucking great.

But like…nobody ever told me the opening extended dungeon crawl through the Peragus Mining Facility was one of the best dungeon crawls ever.

The way the story and dialogue weave into and out of the dungeons almost completely disguises how complex of a crawl that really is, but maaaaan its good. I love the slowly uncovering mystery of how you ended up there. I love the way you work backwards through the lockdown, uncovering the massive rat race to claim the Jedi and having to run from the remnants of all of them. I love the way that most of dungeon could have been skipped if your full party was gathered and you had all the supplies you do by the end. I love the constantly escalating stakes as more and more factions arrive to try and kidnap you.

Peragus is just a wonderful maze where you’re hunted by a homicidal protocol droid, a weird Sith zombie leading an invisible Sith Army, hundreds of Mining Droids, and an entire base worth of riot suppression tech.

Such a good introduction to a world that absolutely wants you dead at any cost.


yooooo I liked the first Kotor and when I did the Pegasus mining dungeon with all the lore and the mystery and the ambiguity…yoooo how is the first hour of this game better than all of Kotor 1.


It makes me want to go back and replay all of KOTOR 1. I just downloaded it on iPad


do it!
Honestly between Kotor 2 and New Vegas, I want Obsidian to make an entry in every big rpg franchise. Where’s my Obsidian Pokemon???


Duck Game is still really good and it turns out there was a rather large patch recently so I have been having fun playing that with friends along with Golf With Your Friends. Really hope both those games come to the Switch at some point.


This gave me the urge to revisit Kotor 2, as it got added to the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility catalog within the past few months. I’m only a couple hours in, but yeah, the game is GOOD.


-Pillars of Eternity is super good and also I’m taking a break from it or I may never have free time again

-The Police Quest original trilogy is proving quite fun, especially if you pay the remake of one and not the original. 2’s Sierra era bullshit proved to be a bit too much for me thanks to my obsession with scores, but I did like that it just decided “you know what let’s not have a driving mode” and then 3, which should be the best, decides to implement the worst driving mode imaginable in that you require a poorly drawn physical map that came with the game that does not explain how to turn into the highway properly AND YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE HOW LONG I WAS STUCK ON THIS.

-Gabriel Knight 1 has some tired sexist tropes in there, but these’s a lot more to like, particularly realizing the stupid comedy relief sheriff was played by Mark Hamill.


I am a new gamer and I played fortnite battle royale from last few months.