What game are you playing?


That’s interesting. I replayed it just this month and actually forgot so much. It’s so varied in environments and sequences. Hope you enjoy!


Played some of The Crew 2 beta last night. I’m not really digging it.

It feels like something I should love, given they basically took the first Crew game and pasted the Steep formula over top of it, but it doesn’t seem to get anything right.

The game doesn’t really look great for starters. That’s pretty I know, but I’m talking aethetically just as much as technically. The world in the first Crew game did so much lifting to support the faults of every other aspect of the game. It was this wonderful weird theme park version of the United States, but also important, every place had an incredibly strong sense of reigon. Every city felt different to drive in and the diversity of environment was exciting.

So far the map in the Crew 2 is lackluster. The sense of regon as you travel the map isn’t nearly as strong. Cities all feel the same, environments change slightly, but the fun dramatic changes from the previous game aren’t there. Part of it I think has to do with the lack of regional differences in season the previous game had (“seasons change everything” after all), so maybe that isn’t a fair criticism, but I just wasn’t having fun driving through different reigons because it all felt samey.

Oh and the driving is still bad.


Fallout 4.

All the Bethesda E3 hype has me back into the game having lost interest originally when it came out. Runs a lot smoother on the PC, but I’m still getting some really bad drop in frame rate. There’s something about exploring the wasteland, searching cabinets for bottlecaps next to the jolly 50s soundtrack. Haven’t really got into the game’s story. Just been hanging out with Preston helping out the minutemen.

Also all those songs from the 50s are so very horny. Like if the lyrics sound like a euphemism, they almost certainly are. Who’s a prude? I’m a prude.


The Gender Stories thread makes me want to go play a good RPG again. I’m happily cis-male, but always make female characters for some reason.


Same. The whole point of role-playing is to play someone else. How better, than to play across gender lines?


I actually always play as an ideal version of myself first time through, and then change it up subsequently.


I think character creation intersects with some aspects of appropriation - especially concerning race - which is why I sometimes feel uneasy about creating someone too different from me. Unless I have a certain story in mind for who that character is, or I’m recreating a fantasy character from a book or something, then I will be a bit more free with who I create. But I don’t like the idea of creating someone different from me just so I can… feel woke I guess?

I think character creation in games can give us opportunities to examine our own relationship with our gender or sexuality among other aspects, but I fear this sort of idea of feeling self-congratulatory about making a character different from me actually reinforces a sort of appropriation I don’t really want to touch.


I can certainly see where you’re coming from, and do get that feeling on occasion. However, I also find playing men kinda boring! I’m not particularly interested in gruff, tough dudebros. Flipping the gender is the most straightforward way to significantly alter the context of the same actions.


What’s up with the driving? Is it like shitty Forza?


It’s shitty like The Crew 1 in that low leveled cars are a chore to drive.


I agree that I would like to see something other than the default sort of aggressive masculinity we see in games, and often it seems that playing as a woman can be a quick sort of solution to this. But this sort of touches up on an issue I have with how white cis men (like I am) push for diversity. I think it’s important that more art is made with all different sorts of people of different backgrounds represented and expressed, but so others unlike me can see themselves reflected in the media they consume, not because white men are bored of seeing white men.

I was not saying white cis men should only play as white cis men in games where they can create characters. But I was saying when I create a character different from myself, I push myself to refelct on why I am doing that. By no means am I perfect in this regard, and don’t want to come off as holier-than-thou. But its something I’ve thought about and talked to others about in the past (and I think theres an old thread here about the subject actually), and I think it’s important to bring up.

Edit: I think it’s different if differences in gender and race are reflected in a game, and how different people experience the world can be demonstrated through the game. though that can be a difficult balancing act to pull off.


Currently jumping between Dark Souls 3, Hitman 2016 and hopefully if I’m free tonight I’ll start Panzer Dragoon Orta.


Lord knows why, but I struggled my way through Black Ops 3. Without doubt one of the worst games I’ve played to completion. The story is incredible garbage, completely incomprehensible and uninteresting. And unnecessarily violent in the most boring way. There was not a single sequence or cut scenes I didn’t want to skip or run through. Big thanks to all the sections where you can only walk extremely slow while some asshole talks about some shit no one cares about.
The gameplay has zero redeeming qualities. For a game that is all about shooting, the shooting sure isn’t good.

This is the first Call of Duty I’ve played since 2 (which I like a lot), and even if I knew that the series isn’t held in very high regard, I really didn’t expect it to be this much of a stinker. Dropping single player for Blops4 sounds like the best idea I’ve heard in a long time.


It’s been a weird “games drought” season for me. I’ve been jumping back and forth between checking out Quake Champions, Dark Souls Remastered, and Owl Boy for my Switch. I ended up picking up “Tyranny” in the steam sale, and will likely stick with that an Owl Boy for the time being. I don’t like the slow down / performance issues Owl Boy has on the Switch, but it’s still a beautiful game.


I play Overwatch several nights a week with my fiancée in a party of 3-6, and have done since release. Quick play mostly, as there’s a range of skill levels in our group.

My single player game is currently Far Cry 4. The environment is stunning, but as with the previous game, the story tends to get in the way of the real fun of silently taking over outposts.

For a quick-fix, I’m playing snippets of Bit.Trip Runner 2, and Nex Machina. Runner 2 is bright and whimsical but satisfyingly challenging. I’ve only just started Next Machina, but it’s damn cool.


Gaaaah this is so sad to hear Q_Q. That weird tiny America was the most interesting part of the first one.


Against all my better judgement, I am putting everything on hold to do a Skyrim for the nintendo box. I have never beaten the game and I hope to change that.

I am also playing Hyrule Warriors. It is a good podcast game. Fi is good. Don’t @ me.


I was having some cravings for Mario Golf on the GBA, so I bought Golf Story right after it went off sale :sweat_smile:


Warriors games are some of the best podcast/gaming combo games out there. I’ll fight anyone :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I spent a long long time trying to mod Skyrim for another run. After all that effort it honestly doesn’t feel too different. :confused:

I installed some immersion mods such as Frostfall, Hunterborn, iNeed, etc, but I’m not getting much more than busywork out of them. A few combat mods are making it a bit more brutal, but that’s pretty rough without having any dodge mechanic.

At least it looks prettier now! Not using fast travel doesn’t feel so tedious now. Also, it feels small. I keep overrunning junctions when going to other cities.