What game are you playing?


You ever notice how everything that happens in that game is collaborative fan fic?


Update on The Crew 2 beta, I’m enjoying it much more than previously. My friends and I just drove from Miami to LA and it was very pretty! I still think this game could look technically better and much prefer the look and of Horizon 3, but the map isn’t as bad as I previously thought! I think it comes down to the detail being put mainly in the larger cities so some of the smaller ones feel sameish.

The driving still could be better though.

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Finished Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. I really enjoyed it. The shooting/gameplay was more of the same from the first game, but the story really stepped it up in my opinion. I never would have thought I’d be so invested in a FPS story so much. So many interesting characters which makes the game that more enjoyable too. I’m really excited for the next Wolfenstein.

Now I’m either going to play Prey or Assasin’s Creed: Origins next. I’ve heard good things about both, but I think I’m leaning more towards Prey. I think hearing all the praise Danielle gave it makes me really want to play it for myself. The setting and all sounds super interesting. Plus that’ll keep my streak of playing games based on old franchises reborn to surprising praise going (Wolfenstein: The New Order, Doom, Wolfenstein 2, and then Prey).


I’m in the middle of preparing for moving so I don’t have much time for games, but the portability of the switch makes it really easy to jump into a game of Splatoon 2 here and there and gosh that game is fun. I’m surprised at how much fun I’m still having with it after putting in more than 60 hours since I got it. I feel like I’m still learning and improving with multiplayer strategies and using different weapons efficiently. I’m also finally getting around to the single player levels and they’re mostly really fun! The weirdly vestigial-feeling system of limited lives is kind of frustrating sometimes but largely I’ve been enjoying it a lot and I’m really looking forward to picking up the Octo Expansion after we’re done moving.

Also looking forward to getting back to Witcher 3, haven’t had the time to commit to sitting down with it due to the moving prep and I really miss spending time in that world.


I have an uncharacteristically light work week ahead, so I’m trying to get as many games in as possible. Currently loving Hollow Knight on the Switch, taking my time with Gravity Rush 2, but hoping to finish before the servers go offline. Most puzzlingly, I chose now to finally play a copy of The Division that I bought for $10 a few Black Fridays ago. That last one is particularly odious, for a multitude of reasons, and yet, it’s probably the game I’m enjoying the most right now. Something about its utter mediocrity/Ubisoft design uniformity makes it very easy to slip in and out of play sessions, without losing hours at a time. That hateplaying can be a valid entertainment choice is all I have to say about it at this point, but I’m sure if I keep plugging along, I’ll have more detailed thoughts down the line…


You’ll find me in the tavern and the chapel, doing shots or doing penance, as I head down into the Darkest Dungeon for the first time.


I played The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit this evening.
It left me so sad for this poor, nonexistent digital kid. The moments when he was playing Captain Spirit, drawing and interacting with his toys were a joy.
It was the moments when he had to stand in as the adult in the home - washing dishes, taking out the trash, washing his father’s clothes - for a father who abdicated his responsibilities to wallow in self pity and drink himself to sleep in the middle of the morning. It wrecked me.

The father was clearly struggling, and wasn’t a bad person, but there were enough hints towards his volatility that I was afraid to wake him. Kudos Dontnod for making something so affecting.


So, with Nier: Automata releasing on X1 today, I decided that I’d see what all the fuss was about this morning. I only had about an hour to play before needing to get ready for work, but I figured that I could at least get through an intro portion, get a feel for it, and pick it back up tonight.

I started to get a feel for the combat (playing on Normal), had a few stumbles, but got to the Prologue boss…and then died…to then find out that THERE IS NO DYING ALLOWED IN THE PROLOGUE, HAHA, START OVER. So yeah…that was my morning. This is going to be an interesting ride…


I started Horizon: Zero Dawn earlier this week, and have found myself pretty drawn into it—I ended up playing until like 5am without realizing it the other day. It’s been tough not to get totally side-tracked by everything in that world!

I also picked up the DLC for Bloodborne while it was on sale the other day, so I started a new character in that and have been rushing through a second playthrough to get on-level with the DLC content. I also want to try getting the Platinum trophy in that game so at some point I’ll go back to my main character and finish all the Chalice Dungeons hopefully.

Other than that I’ve dipped back into Destiny 2 a little bit with the most recent DLC in that, and have been going back to fumble around a little in Farcry 5 when the mood strikes me. Generally unimpressed with that game but it can be fun to play through mindlessly while I listen to podcasts and stuff. Also I need to go back and finish Kirby Star Allies! It’s so cute and looks so nice, it’s rad having a gorgeous HD Kirby game like this.

If anyone wants to play some co-op in Bloodborne or Destiny or anything sometime, hit me up!


So uh…I’ve found myself in a bit of a dark place re: my obsession with revisiting the point-and-click adventure genre. I was working my way through the Blackwell series and now…this is happening:

Hold me.


I’m playing The Forest, after The Plane Crash, which happened on The Island, that brought me to The Cannibals, who make me huddle close to The Fire, especially with all these sounds in The Dark.


I’m still working thru Wolfenstein 2, ramped the difficulty back up and I still feel like ass kickery BJ and the story is really doing something for me, which is saying something. As an American black man involved in black liberation movements it’s honestly difficult to find games that speak to my beliefs on what resistance is or what it looks like but Wolfenstein 2 says some fuckin things man. I’m glad this game was made and I’m going to try to learn how to use it as a political education tool for my peers.

Also play prey and assassins creed naow. Prey first probably so you can see what the waypoint hype is about


I’m playing Hollow Knight on the switch and MAN… this game is something else. I haven’t opened up a walkthrough yet, because the game rewards discovery in an intriguing way. Sometimes you get an ability, sometimes you get a trinket, sometimes you get a boss battle, or you fall hundreds of feet to a section of the map you have to navigate out of.

Loving the storytelling too. Definitely nails the souls vibe of minimalism in descriptions and dialogue for world-building and atmosphere. I recently revisited the mantis village after defeating the mantis lords and had an amazing experience. Knowing this area is full of mantis enemies, and that I was much stronger than my first time thru the village, I left a swath of bodies on my way to a new area. It hadn’t occurred to me until I was nearly out of the village, that none of these enemies were attacking me. They bowed to me respecting my honor as a warrior. In this rotting kingdom, the Mantises retained their honor, sanity, and culture. I haven’t felt this bad about killing enemies in a game in a looong time.


I played Captain Spirit. 2018 seems downright determined to remind me that I ended last year dealing with the absolute worst of my abusive dad.

Seriously though, it was a hell of a game. I didn’t play LiS 1, but I’m excited for the sequel, even if I have to deal with it slowly.


I booted up Company of Heroes 2 because I remember that game being fun and was immediately reminded that 5 years have passed. I rapidly began to age in my chair.


I really enjoyed the story too. As a cis white man it obviously didn’t have the same connection to me as it did you, but I still greatly enjoyed the story. I find Grace super interesting and felt she was a much better leader than Caroline. I really enjoyed all the people on Eva’s Hammer, even the random people that aren’t the big names like Max, Bombate, Super Spesh, etc. The resistance just felt more human because of these essentially unimportant characters having their own flair and personality. At first glance the story should not be this good, the game is a power fantasy FPS, and so you’d expect something along the lines of a Call of Duty campaign. It’s so much more impactful though. I finished the game wanting more, and realizing I care about these characters like I haven’t really before in a game.

I’ve booted up Prey, and played a bit. I feel like I’ve done a bunch, but also nothing at all. I haven’t even made it out of the lobby yet. I’m really enjoying it so far. Granted I just began, but I found myself playing more of a run and gun style as opposed to my normal stealth style with these type of games. I don’t know if it is because the enemies aren’t human so I can’t sneak up and headshot them since they don’t have very defined “heads” or what. I like the change of style though. It is a bit refreshing. Rather than slowly make my way through areas, I just Gloo gun them and then blast them away with the shotgun. I’m really excited to play more. The story and setting already seem super interesting.


Willy Beamish is the most aggressively 90s thing I have ever seen. It’s like if The Simpsons, Married With Children, and Dennis the Menace got smashed together into a mush of cynicism and “WOMEN BE SHOPPIN’!” jokes. Also the game is insanely horny at times (I mean your pet frog is literally named Horny and he’s horny for a girl frog dead serious).

I get why this is considered a cult classic. A lot of people discovered this growing up when transgressive family comedy was still relevant commentary, plus it was a game that appeared to be for children making a ton of inappropriate adult jokes. Most of them are bad, though, painfully outdated of their time stuff, lots of sexist undercurrents, ect. The saving grace is that the game is being shown from Willy’s perspective, which means we have to spend much less time with the incredibly depressing FOX network era adult characters who are somehow managing to become the very thing they’re supposed to be doing a satire on.


I’m finally playing Breath of the Wild (I just got a Switch) and honestly I’m having a hard time with it. I feel like wherever I go, I’m getting my ass kicked. I’m pretty early on, Impa just told me to find the 4 divine beasts. I wonder if I could get some guidance on how to make the most out of my experience. For example, I’m having a hard time finding shrines. I like the game. But I want to like it more.


So I’ve been playing a mobile game for long enough now that I think I have to post something about it. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. I downloaded it when it first came out last year, played it for a while, dropped off, and recently jumped back in when they announced a crossover with Street Fighter.

Legacy Wars is a 2D fighting game with a solid engine, accessible controls, and some fun deck-construction mechanics. You pick a leader and two assist characters, and your leader’s abilities form the majority of your deck while assist characters add one ability each and some additional health. When a fight starts, you draw a hand of 3 cards and the fight is on. Abilities come in three flavors (strikes, defense, and breakers) which make up the standard rock paper scissors trinity every good fighter has. They cost varying amounts of energy, which recharges at a steady rate whenever you aren’t attacking. In addition to attacks, you’re in control of your movement and spacing which definitely comes into play.

I really don’t have much nostalgia for Power Rangers beyond remembering that I watched Mighty Morphin’ as a kid and thought the giant robots were cool, but I’m really into this game. I’m enjoying it much more than other mobile fighting games I’ve tried like Injustice and Skullgirls, primarily due to the ease of the controls. It doesn’t require complex inputs for different kinds of attacks; just swipe left or right to move, and tap the attack you want to do. It does employ the F2P lootbox with timers shtick that Clash Royale made popular, but in my opinion, skill and yomi are still king, here. I haven’t spent a penny, I’m still having a good time, and I haven’t plateau’d in the rankings, yet.

P.S. Don’t download this if you’re only interested because of the Street Fighter characters. Their shards only drop in lootboxes that you buy with real money or premium currency, so your odds are pretty low that you’ll ever get enough to have a competitively levelled up fighter unless you’re willing to spend spend spend.


The load times are constant and brutal, but I’m enjoying Vampyr so far. I’m already thinking up all the possible runs I could have with this game and it seems to be on the shorter side, which makes my Alpha Protocol riddled brain very happy. I’m absolutely never eating the gay couple though.

It’s politics are potentially really interesting as well, a genuine attempt at class-consciousness and the only commies I’ve encountered are upstanding moral citizens. In fact, the biggest jerk I’ve run into is a super reactionary fire and brimstone preacher who I CANNOT wait to expose as a hypocrite before I gobble him up. I’m not sure it’ll stay this way, this IS a video game after all, but right now it feels fresh.

And Jonathan Reid is a real cutie.