What game are you playing?


I’m really struggling with Bloodborne at the moment. I really want to like it and at points I really do but I can just only go so long without progressing without getting bored. It doesn’t help that I’ve also been playing Hollow Knight on Switch which scratches similar itches and I can make progress every time I pick it up instead of being stuck in Old Yarhnam for like a month.


Booted up Pillars 2 then realised it would perhaps be a good idea to finish Pillars 1. So I’m doing that. For now.

Edit: AAAAHH!!! My cloud saves have vanished! Bums!

Unless they’re Linux saves?

Edit 2: Oh hey! A use for story mode!


So, The Crew 2… I bought it, and so far I’m not regretting it! Everything I said about the beta rings true still, but I have some more insight into what is working for me and what isn’t.

For instance, I wasn’t really digging the way the game looked for the most part and earlier today I realized it all has to do with the skyboxes. This game is trying to look a touch more realistic than the first one and as a result the sky can look real dull at times, specifically clear skies during the day. And that just imparts a sort of dull look on everything else.

I don’t know, theres a lot I’m finding frustrating, but I’m very leniant to my open world racing games as I continue to chase the Burnout Paradise dragon. Exploring is fantastic fun still, even if the sense of reigon isn’t as strong in this game as the previous one.


I’m finally getting into Lumines Remastered after hearing about that game and series for like…ever. It’s actually the first game in a while that’s made me lose track of time. It seems like hours just kind of melt away while playing it.

I also downloaded Fortnite again and am looking to at least try to get into it. I know not every game is for everybody, but I hate feeling like I’m just not getting it. Plus it seems like a great game to do other stuff while playing and I’ve been looking for one of those.

I’m definitely in between “big games” at this point, or at least single player narrative stuff. Just too many choices.


I’m having fun with Wreckfest, but I don’t know for how much longer. I’d hate to have one small (but HUGELY significant) game design decision derail my enjoyment of a game, but the progression system is kind of fucked up.

You’re given access to a handful of events, each worth a certain amount of potential points. One event might be worth up to 400 points, one might be 100, but some maximum number of points. Depending on how you do in an event, you get a certain number of points. Once you reach a certain total point value (say, 1600 out of a potential 2000), you can unlock the next tier of events.

The PROBLEM is that if you replay an event, it erases your previous score for that event, even if you do worse the second time around. So say I scored 100/200 on one event, and I was at a total of 1550. If I try again and score 150/200, my total goes up to 1600 and I can unlock the next batch of levels.

But if I mess up and only get 50/200, my total goes down to 1500. This means that if I spent an hour trying over and over to get a good score on an event, I will likely never want to play it again to get one of the side objectives because I’d be too afraid to lose my points.

The fact that the progression is tied to a system that doesn’t record your best score is baffling to me. Like I said, I’m having fun with the game otherwise, but man does this points system bum me out.


Prey: Mooncrash, y’all…it’s so good. In fact, it may very well be the best thing I have played this year.

Remember the last 20 minutes of Alien? In which Ripley has to deal with the culmination of a series of cascading failures in a desperate attempt to reach an escape pod while also hoping she doesn’t run afoul of the killer xenomorph? That desperation is palpable in the later runs of P:MC.

Don’t sleep on this one.


I’m forcing myself to finish Doom (2016) because it’s been languishing at 1% on my trophy list for a literal year. It’s good stress relief, but I’ve found the platforming to be a little fiddly.


I need to dig deeper into it, but the few runs I’ve had (especially when you unlock more characters) have been exhilarating. It’s been cool to see how well Prey’s mechanics line up with a run-based game.


I was skeptical at first, but it all works so amazingly well.

As you unlock more characters and achieve more of the objectives the simulation begins layering on more and more “corruption” in the form of new variables. For example, not sure how much you have played, but you know how the control modules don’t seem to have much purpose early on? Eventually they start adding power outages that require transferring and juggling the modules. Combined with only having access to a limited set of abilities it really forces me to constantly think on my feet and come up with creative solutions.

I am about 11 hours in (I just completed my first story objective for the security officer) and have had runs with severe radiation leaks, power outages, entire areas on fire, etc. It’s so good.


I have been switching between my democratic xenophile stellaris playthrough and playing through Assassin Creed Origins. When I get the time I am going to borrow Detroit: Become Human from my friend so that I can first hand see what the hype is and to finally read the culture think pieces that have spoilers once I am done.


Just now playing the Time Stories series for the first time and really loving it! Also playing PS4 backlog catch up.

Edit: I’m a dum dum. Meant Zero Time Dilemma (leaving in for posterity). Time Stories is also a fantastic tabletop experience if you haven’t played!


Making the most of the weather in the UK and am out playing Jurassic World: Alive.

It’s basically Pokemon Go but with Dinosaurs.

And I love it.

Real good representation of other members of the T-Rex family like Tarborsaur and Gorgosaur not to mention other classic therapods like Megalosaur. Which makes my 7 year old self very happy.

Also they have a Deinochirus in this game. Back when I was a kid all that existed of Deinochirus was a pair of giant arms with claws - which gave it the name ‘Terrible Hands’. They had them hanging up in the Natural History Museum in London, and it just conjured up images of this super raptor or something. Imagine my shock when I see one walking around down the street. Since I was a kid, I have learned that they have actually dug up more complete specimens of Deinochirus and basically revealed it to be a giant obnivorous dino-ostrich. Amazing.

It’s really rekindling my love for dinosaurs. And getting me out into the house. I don’t think it has the same traction as Pokemon Go unfortunately.


My best friend bought me Into the Breach during the Steam summer sale and I’ve gotten absolutely hooked on it, holy moly. All the tiny details that game uses to draw you into its world and get you invested are so amazing, it really makes me feel like the beleaguered commander of Earth’s ragtag last hope and I love it so. much.


Going to use my game pass trial to play Darksiders

“But weren’t you-”

Yes. Yes I was. The thing you learn about me is that I’m very bad at sticking with games.


Playing the original Mass Effect and it’s so good in so many ways and I’m honestly in love with it. I know I’m not gonna get to finish it, so I’m just treating this as a glorified demo, but wow. Like everything, I could ever want in a space opera. Also, my god, Ashley is the worst.



Also absolutely.

I’ve been playing We Know The Devil which I’m really liking even though I didn’t really have a summer camp experience and didnt grow up religious. The pretty opaque analogy is spooky and it speaks to me. Trying to do one ending a night, but I might play each twice since they’re is so short. Help me get my head around everything better.

I’ve also been very slowly working my way though Pillars of Eternity 2, which I’ve clocked about 30 hours in and I’m still not out of Act 1, so it’s looking to be a bit of a project. I also bought the Season Pass, so theres some DLC coming my way this month!


Gotten back into Watch Dogs 2. I love that they added more non-lethal weapons to the game even if they are overpowered as shit. Air Shotgun is my son.

I’m still not over how poorly they handled Horatio but the game is still a lot of fun and has probably my favorite collection of clothing in any game.


I started Pyre on Wednesday night. I’ve sunk just under 10 hours in so far, will probably finish it by the end of the weekend.

Never thought I’d fall in love with a game about sports.


Just wrapped up Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and that game is special. It’s like Cookie & Cream if it wanted you to cry from pathos and not the game laughing at you for not being a perfect ambidextrous robot.


I’m three dungeons in with Darksiders and I think I wish this setting, with these characters, had some better gameplay to go along with them. I don’t really have any experience with LoZ, but is this what the dungeons are like? Because it’s been almost all fairly linear progression, punctuated by combat in arena’s that are way too cramped; everyone has big sweeping moves, the strafing isn’t precise and, of course, you can fall off the level.Is this game just of its time, or what? Is it a Saints Row 2 situation where people gravitated to it because the much more popular series it was copying put out a divisive installment (IV and Skyward Sword)?

I still appreciate the style regardless, I’m in love with anything that makes 40k look like Lisa Frank. Most of the performances are good as well, though Mark Hamill is totally wasted.