What game are you playing?


I discovered the RPG Overhaul and Ballistic Shield mods for XCOM 2 so I’m back to getting hooked on it again.

The two mods work so well together, I have a guy I’m making a dedicated frontline shielder by dumping all his stat points into dodge and health then giving him a pistol as his weapon along with tracer rounds so he can just take pot shots at enemies to give allies increased aim on them. Then there his best friend who I’m thinking she’s going to be built around being able use him as low cover to take full advantage of that friendship buff.


Still on that Breath of the Wild grind since we just recently got a Switch. Playing with the wife is great, she helps me cook recipes.

Patiently waiting for Moonlighter on Switch, kicked it and just not as good on the PS4. What is great and I’ve yet to finish is God of War (slowly chipping away there.)


I picked up Hollow Knight over the weekend and have been loving that. I also am trying to get through Prey again. I got about 6 hours in last year then totally fell off, but now I want to play Mooncrash, which means I should finish the base game XD

Aside from that, eagerly awaiting the release of Wrecking Ball for Overwatch, and finishing up qualifying games in Paladins :slight_smile:


I decided to try Subnautica. And now I’m swimming forever. While it has its terrifying moments (lost in caves, monster wants to eat me), on the whole I find it a wonderfully peaceful and fulfilling experience. Perfect after work wind down.


I finally returned to Kitezh this week in Rise of the Tomb Raider. My save was only an hour in and over two years old so I started a new game. It’s good and is exactly what I expected, which is to say that it’s a fun murder filled romp with good puzzle tombs and snowy environments. However, the stand-out for me was the Croft Manor DLC where you wander around their mansion while learning more about the family’s history. The writing and atmosphere in this DLC are genuinely the best they’ve been between either game. Then again, both games have narrative chops ranging from bare bones to atrocious so maybe it’s just that the bar was pretty low and I have no expectations for the franchise with the reboot being my first game.

I also went back to the Witcher 3 this week since I still hadn’t touched either DLC and had a smattering of a side content left over from the core game. Somehow I ended up finished pretty much everything in Heart of Stone, except for 2 treasure hunts, and uncovered all those undiscovered locations in Novigrad/Velen. Heart of Stone is funnier, better paced, and introduced fascinating new characters (at least to someone who hasn’t touched any other Witcher games or books) so I can’t wait to start up Blood and Wine and … uh… probably do all the undiscovered locations in Skellige.

And finally, I got back into my Forza Horizon save last night and, wow, is driving and racing around in that world a blast. I suppose I should probably check out the rest of the series if I ever actually finish the first.


This has been my experience with Subnautica also. Funny how a game that provides such scares can be so blissful and idyllic.


i’ve gotten back into celeste to try and finish the b-sides; weirdly, playing it while listening to podcasts makes the experience of banging my head against the more sadistic screens almost serene. the fact that respawning is so quick and that the game is so encouraging makes dying 500+ times over a stage not even feel like a big deal. i’ve done b-sides 1, 2, 3, and 5 and am almost at the end of 4; i’ve died about 7,000 times in total (summit strawberries slaughter strivers) and this game is honestly so good that i’m excited to die a few thousand times more.


I was craving COD on PC, but I didn’t want to spend much money on a multiplayer-game that has a super high skill-ceiling and a small player base (Though the starter pack for Black Ops 3 might be a good option, any opinions on that?).
So I searched for a free-to-play clone and found one! It’s called Ironsight. It lacks a lot of the polish, but it gets the job done for me and has some tweaks on modes. My favorite mode is one where it spawns bots into a match at designated places and whichever team farms the dead bots (kill confirmed kinda) wins.
There is no native controller support, but I got the steam-controller working eventually.
I could see myself dropping it when Black Ops 4 comes out if it sells well enough to imply a long period of being able to find a match with folks of similar ability, but if not I’m having some satisfying matches with this.


I’ve had a lot of fun going through Nioh after picking it up on sale. The combat starts out feeling pretty basic, but once you unlock some abilities and learn how to use your Ki Pulse it becomes a lot of fun. Attacking into Ki Pulse into weapon switch for a free attack or into stance change for a larger stamina gain feels really good.

Only issue for me is that the game randomly BSODs my Windows. Think it’s something caused by my overclock though, which at least used to be stable but that was a few years ago. But it’s kind of annoying to lose 15 min of play, especially as just happened to me after I unlocked a lot of shortcuts to the closest save point but didn’t hit it because I didn’t want to respawn enemies, lol.

PS this article by Amr Al-Aaser on the game is really good and what pushed me to finally get it.


I bought the starter pack last year and had fun with it. It’s kind of limited in a way in that you can’t prestige or play on any DLC maps but for just hopping in and just playing some good old DM/TDM it was fun.

I’m not sure how SteamCharts is pulling the data but they report on average 2,000 people playing and right now 3,000.

At the same time though if you just want some DM/TDM Quake Champions might be worth checking out.


I’m playing Moonlighter and have very mixed feelings about it. I really want to like it a lot more than I do.

It’s a top-downish dungeon crawler similar in structure to something like Rogue Legacy. As well as fighting through dungeons, where there is a push your luck element as you lose the contents of your backpack when you die, there is also some light townbuilding and shop management stuff.

The problem is none of the individual elements are that great. The dungeon stuff is OK, but fairly by-the-numbers. The town building is wafer thing and is really just flavour for the upgrafe system and the shopkeeping doesn’t have much depth and can become fairly boring after a while (although you can get an assistant to do it for you eventually).

There’s also a few other systems which seem interesting at first, but end up being fairly light and eventually just not worth it. There’s this potentially interesting puzzle element to inventory managament, but it’s ultimately kind of pointless and ends up being more of an obstacle than anything else, for example.

Similarly to Rogue Legacy there’s an almost mobile game like grinding to it where you need to redo the same content over and over to get the resources to make the upgrades that allow you to progress to a place where you can get the recources for the next upgrade. That actually works fairly well and it feels like if you are good at games (which I am not) you’re not completely gated by this and forced to grind and if you are bad at games (which I am) you can take your time and get all the upgrades befgore challening bosses and moving on.

As someone who isn’t good at games I also feel like it may be a little too easy for people who are.

All that said… I find it charming and addictive and have put at least 20 hours into it and probably have a few more to go. I’m definitely getting my money’s worth. I don’t mind grinding the dungeons and seeing different configurations of the same rooms and enemies over and over. I don’t use the shop assistant because this is my shop and I want to set the prices and sell this shit, no matter how repetitive that is etc. etc.

So I have no idea really. I think it’s a bit of an autopilot type game that I find relaxing, despite what I think are many flaws. Oh, it also has inexplicably long load times (I’m playing on the PS4) for some reason.

Not sure if I’d recommend it or not, but I’d be particularly wary if you’re attracted because the Town Building/Shopkeeper element of it is appealing to you, because those elements of it are very, very thin and limited and you’ve seen most of what that has to offer an hour or two in.


Finished Final Fantasy IX. I’m still not quite sure what the antagonists wanted, or why they did the things they did. I didn’t like them. All their actions were of such senseless violence it kinda soured me a bit on the game overall. It lost me more towards the end. Like when Zidane just becomes all angry at his friends for no fucking reason, AND when he decides he needs to save Kuja?? Like… what, why?

I enjoy how the narration jumps around between characters split up in the world, both through playable sections and the ATEs. You get to take part of several adventures going on at the same time, and that is very neat.

And the game is gorgeous. Likely the finest looking PS1 game of its time, but the PS4 version with more detailed character models is very nice too. I darst not imagine how it would look if the backgrounds could receive the same treatment. :sob:


I started playing Pokemon Quest game. The game is fun, I like to get new pokemons. Now so long I read on http://pokemonquestgame.com/blog/tips some tips on how to get shiny pokemon. It’s a super-rare and special pokemon which seldom appear in the game series. I keep cooking and wait for an exciting chance to get a shiny pokemon in your collection.


This old neogaf thread has some hi-res versions of the backgrounds someone found and holy crap they are gorgeous. I’m bummed that Square didn’t use these for the remaster but knowing how game studios approached preservation back then it’s likely they didn’t archive all of them and may not even have the source files anymore.

There’s also this imgur page where someone extracted most if not all of the BGs from the game as it is.

Final Fantasy IX is such a pretty game :sob: someday I’ll actually finish it…


Dear God, those are stunning! I wasn’t quite prepared for just how stunning they are. It makes me so sad to think they are lost forever. Square absolutely hates to do good remasters/ports so even if they aren’t it’s never going to happen.


Update on my attempts to get a COD kick:
I forgot I have Titanfall2. I loaded it up for the first time since November and it is more fun than I remember. This will do just fine.


I recently started playing Hollow Knight :bug: :crossed_swords: :beetle: due to the many recommendations on this very discourse dot zone!

So far I’m really into it even though I usually dislike games that are TOO HARD™. Between this and Celeste it seems this is the year I learn that great art / sound / world design will motivate me to push through challenging games I might otherwise put down. Which is nice because I felt a real satisfaction after beating my first Hollow Knight boss last night! :raised_hands:


So I just beat Vampyr and I feel weird saying this but it might be a serious goty contender for me?

Yeah, it’s janky and the combat does lose some of it’s interest by the end, but it felt like an RPG mixed with a… life sim? The balancing act of managing each neighborhood was fun!

For anyone curious, I got the bad ending where John stays alone in the castle all sad and stuff, and I mean… I certainly wasn’t a saint, so I’ll take it.


I’ve been playing some Just Shapes and Beats which is a bullet hell rhythm game.

It fucking slaps.


My favourite games in a year are typically the weird ones that fall short in GOTY discussion like DMC (2013) and Wolfenstein: The New Order (Before everyone realised it was good too after DOOM came out).

I have a feeling Vampyr may be that years game for me, but I’m yet to get around to playing last years game in that category PREY which I bought in the winter sale and haven’t even installed yet.

I also just picked up God of War as my Summer Game™ and between that (which I’m waiting for the glorious but boiling Japanese school summer vacation for) and all the games I have on the go on my Switch. Xenoblade 2 Celeste, Lego: Marvel 2, Golf Story (?)… Zelda (?) I don’t think I can justify pulling myself into another longish game.

Maybe I should play more and finish less… I don’t know what’s better for me anymore.