What game are you playing?


So I just beat Vampyr and I feel weird saying this but it might be a serious goty contender for me?

Yeah, it’s janky and the combat does lose some of it’s interest by the end, but it felt like an RPG mixed with a… life sim? The balancing act of managing each neighborhood was fun!

For anyone curious, I got the bad ending where John stays alone in the castle all sad and stuff, and I mean… I certainly wasn’t a saint, so I’ll take it.


I’ve been playing some Just Shapes and Beats which is a bullet hell rhythm game.

It fucking slaps.


My favourite games in a year are typically the weird ones that fall short in GOTY discussion like DMC (2013) and Wolfenstein: The New Order (Before everyone realised it was good too after DOOM came out).

I have a feeling Vampyr may be that years game for me, but I’m yet to get around to playing last years game in that category PREY which I bought in the winter sale and haven’t even installed yet.

I also just picked up God of War as my Summer Game™ and between that (which I’m waiting for the glorious but boiling Japanese school summer vacation for) and all the games I have on the go on my Switch. Xenoblade 2 Celeste, Lego: Marvel 2, Golf Story (?)… Zelda (?) I don’t think I can justify pulling myself into another longish game.

Maybe I should play more and finish less… I don’t know what’s better for me anymore.


Friends let me know the pre-patch for Battle for Azeroth drops tomorrow and I fell back in the WoW hole.

Time for strict game time management again.


As any good Waypoint reader would say, you should definitely prioritize playing Prey! And probably those other games too as you’ve got them already.

I’d recommend Vampyr to just about anyone I enjoyed it that much. There are certainly issues, but the games systems got their hooks in me. And for the most part I was fine with the game’s length. I clocked 38 hours in total but I’d say you’re more likely looking at 25-30 if you don’t leave it idle for hours at a time like I tended to. At the end I got a bit annoyed at the amount of combat encounters that came about just travelling around town, but I actually liked it a fair amount, reminded me of the Witcher 3.

Of all the AA games to come out this decade, it feels like the one ten years from now I’ll be thinking about the same way I think about Alpha Protocol.


Playing Night in the Woods a second time through, mostly to go through Greg’s and Germ’s stories and some other random bits I missed, and as ever it is almost painfully relatable - in a way, I really appreciate the abstraction provided by playing as cute anthropomorphic animals rather than humans, for that reason. If I were being pithy I’d call it a millennial simulator because I feel like it captures the feelings- and failures, and disappointments- of being a 20/30-something in the current and prior decade more than any other media I can think of. The writing is so good that after having gone through Bea’s storyline in my first playthrough, it’s been hard for me not to follow that arc again because it meant so much to me.


I downloaded the F2P Galak-Z game that released last week for mobile (and Switch), and it’s… acceptable. There are some pretty significant changes to the structure and gameplay (it’s not a rogue-like, there’s no more transforming or sliding, and missiles and grabbing are meter-based special moves), but the action is largely intact.

The F2P hooks are very restrictive. You play missions to get crates that unlock on a timer that include parts to upgrade your ship. You can of course spend premium currency to hurry up those timers. But you never get enough parts from a single crate to actually craft a new upgrade, so you have to run these same missions multiple times, waiting a minimum of 10 minutes to unlock each crate. The game starts out easy but quickly gets really tough if you don’t grind out these upgrades. Galak-Z was always a difficult game, but in the original game you could feel confident that was the experience 17-Bit intended. This game is tainted by the F2P mechanics in a way that casts doubt about whether a specific mission is hard because it’s supposed to be a satisfying challenge, or it’s hard because they want me to spend money.

The gameplay, graphics, and humor are faithful enough to the original Galak-Z feel that I’m sticking with it for now, but the experience is definitely marred by the presence of timers and microtransactions in a way that’s impossible to ignore. While I know F2P is the most lucrative choice for a mobile game, I really wish the Switch had gotten a port of the original Galak-Z rather than this.


Just started replaying Dragon Age 2 for the first time since its original release in 2011 and it’s the video game equivalent of a warm, cozy bowl of macaroni and cheese. It holds a special place in my heart despite all the hate it got.


It’s funny how many people I see on these forums that share this sentiment (including myself). Solidarity!


It is one of the best character studies I’ve ever played. I get why people were frustrated with the environments, but I also felt that the environment repetition helped give it a sense of place, and to make the environments into characters of their own.

I really love that game.


I’m pretty sad that this is the Galak-Z release that we got for the Switch. The F2P stuff, especially the timers, kill it for me. The ship repair timer in particular is just terrible. I haven’t done the grind mainly because of that repair timer. I’m hoping to hear that they patch it to be more forgiving along some axes because otherwise I just can’t get myself invested if I have to clear out or spend a bunch of money just to keep playing.


Moonlighter update: Ehhhh, it really feels like they ran out of steam. The second half of the game is very poorly balanced in terms of both the economy and upgrades. Aaaaand, the game hard crashes for me (on PS4) whenever I go to the last boss. I didn’t even bother looking it up and trying to troubleshoot and just uninstalled.

I still feel like I got my money’s worth, liked the aesthetic and what they were going for, but ultimately less than the sum of it’s parts and I really don’t feel like I can recomend it as either a roguelike (lite? whatever) or town/shop sim.

So I have now reinstalled Factorio (also known as being back on my bullshit) and have informed my family in case they want to throw a going away party of something :smiley:


I’ve needed something happy so I’m finally getting back to Forza Horizon 3 Hotwheels expansion. This game is by no means perfect, but playing it again just feels joyful. It’s still beautiful, the cars go real fast, and driving around the world feels wonderful! Just makes me happy to speed around big, orange, plastic track in a flaming car.

Also, really wish more PC games could use the rumble in the Xbox One controller’s triggers, really adds to the game-feel!


I’m hopping all over the place with my gaming habits right now. First I was playing Resident Evil Remake. I’ve played the series in a weird order. I played 4 on Wii, then 2 on my Vita, a bit of 3 on my Vita and then 7 on my PS4. The Resident Evil 2 Remake reminded me I needed to go back and play this and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Probably not as good as RE 2 for me, but still great stuff. I feel like I have to be near the end.

Then I started watching Natalie play Bloodborne again on the Waypoint YouTube and decided I really wanted to go back to that game and play it all again, this time with the DLC. Got up to the Forbidden Woods.

I got a Nintendo eShop card for my birthday and used it to get Celeste which I’ve played for about an hour and am thoroughly enjoying. Been a long time since I’ve played a platformer this delightfully mean.

And then Redbox gave me a free game night code so I went and got Detroit: Become Human, which is…okay. I like the idea of this type of game so I want to forgive its shortcomings but the characters are so flat and self-serious and the binary choices gamify a lot of serious world issues in sometimes uncomfortable ways. Plus, a lot of setpieces feel like Cage is just cribbing from his earlier work instead of coming up with new ideas.

Too many games…


I was trying to finish Hollow Knight but apparently it has glitched out and when I pick up pale ores the amount refuses to go up.

So thats great.

Finished Just Shapes & Beats story mode. That game is 100% in my top 5 of the year. Very fun game with all the music being bops.


Anyone else play Sally Face? It’s such an interesting story that got me in with the weirdly queer vibes the main character invites me to imagine. Maybe I’m just starved for actual queerness in games but at the same time, I can’t help but headcanon his nonbinary nature and feminine attitude whenever I play it. And the story, art, and music takes me back to 2000’s era flash games and yet I’m still invested in it


Was able to pick up Octopath Traveler and I can’t put it DOWN! A marvelous game with sure some quirks but dang is this an excellent game especially for some quick grind sessions or those longer benders.


I started XCOM 2: War of the Chosen and it is easily the most complex game I’ve played in years. I’m down to get immersed, but it is very aggressive to the point of confrontation in how it quickly piles on system upon system upon system at the onset. I was also taken aback by how much of the opening game is linear storytelling, with relatively long cutscenes! They’re cool, but are a massive departure from the narrow focus on gameplay and systems of XCOM: EU.

There was a full half-hour stretch where I was just trying to make a week of in-game time pass that kept getting interrupted with new notifications, cutscenes, and menu introductions. There are still systems I fully do not understand how to engage with, let alone what they’re for, but I seem to be doing okay so far so I’m gonna push through. Beyond that, (and some stuff it doesn’t communicate about concealment in-combat,) this is an incredible game that far, far surpasses the vision of XCOM: EU. If you are looking to try this kind of game out, though, I would absolutely recommend base XCOM: EU first. It’s a much more straightforward systems experience that is deeply rewarding, and I feel is a great introduction to this kind of tactical turn-based gameplay.


Alright folks… It took me literally eighteen years to get to this point… But I’ve finally won a Super Bowl in Madden NFL 2001.


PUBG has been a main stay for the past year. My best friend and I haven’t lived in the same state since the middle of 8th grade but games have been a way for us to keep in contact over the years. There will typically be a single game that dominates our wheel house for a time period and that’s been PUBG.

Warframe As cliche as it sounds I did jump from Destiny 2 over to Warframe. I’ve been playing casually ever since. It’s my go to game to listen to music or a podcast. The one thing I’ll say is there is a ton to do in the game and unless you make goals for yourself it can be quickly overwhelming. At least it was for me. So far I have primarily played solo except for the in game matchmaking. Hope to possibly join a Waypoint group.

Hollow Knight Like most, I came to this through Austin and Patrick. I’ll admit I don’t consider myself a platforming fan but something about Hollow Knight is different. As a kid, I remember playing Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission with my dad when we would go on vacation. Maybe somehow Hollow Knight has stirred those fond memories.