What game are you playing?


PUBG has been a main stay for the past year. My best friend and I haven’t lived in the same state since the middle of 8th grade but games have been a way for us to keep in contact over the years. There will typically be a single game that dominates our wheel house for a time period and that’s been PUBG.

Warframe As cliche as it sounds I did jump from Destiny 2 over to Warframe. I’ve been playing casually ever since. It’s my go to game to listen to music or a podcast. The one thing I’ll say is there is a ton to do in the game and unless you make goals for yourself it can be quickly overwhelming. At least it was for me. So far I have primarily played solo except for the in game matchmaking. Hope to possibly join a Waypoint group.

Hollow Knight Like most, I came to this through Austin and Patrick. I’ll admit I don’t consider myself a platforming fan but something about Hollow Knight is different. As a kid, I remember playing Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission with my dad when we would go on vacation. Maybe somehow Hollow Knight has stirred those fond memories.


I played and completed the The Frozen Wilds dlc for Horizon Zero Dawn. I enjoyed the base game, and this is basically more of it so I was fine with it. The new enemies, made to be dangerous, were kinda annoying. The most interesting thing about the story in the base game is the Mystery, and since it is already solved when playing this, there wasn’t much story to hang onto. So if you really like running around shooting arrows, then it’s good.

I wish I could accompany this with a picture, but the mountains are so incredibly beautiful. White soft snow and the hard dark rock.


Question for you. Did you play XCOM 2 first and then play War of the Chosen when it came out? I’ve played Xcom: EU and XCOM 2 and have been considering getting War of the Chosen.

Does War of the Chosen add a bunch of new systems and features or did you mean going from XCOM: EU to XCOM 2 in general?

I played XCOM 2 on my xbox and since then I have gotten a PC and would really love to jump back into playing. The only downside is that I would have to buy the base game again and the expansion pack.

I would also like to get back in to it because I never completely beat the game. I picked a difficulty level that was kind of challenging at first but then after upgrading my squad became kind of too easy, got bored and then moved on to another game. Also, I never increased the difficulty because I was too attached to the member of my squad at that point lol.


I really loved Golf Story. It was one of those games where I knew I was on the last stage, but didn’t want to finish it. I was sad that the story would be over and I would have to move on.

I really hope they make a Golf Story 2 or any “Story” game. It was a really enjoyable game to play, especially on Switch. It was cool to be able to pick up and play a hole or two of golf or attempt a challenge while waiting for a pc game to load or while just watching TV relaxing in bed.

Overall, it’s just a game that feels good to play.


I started a vanilla XCOM 2 campaign a year ago and got about 10 hours in, and even with that limited experience I can assure you that yes, WotC is a HUUUUGE expansion on the base game. It adds a significant amount of guided story content, as well as multiple meta systems (stuff you deal with at the base) in addition to several new facets to combat (new unit types, new skills for those units, new modifiers for combat). It’s a massive expansion on vanilla XCOM 2, and makes XCOM: EU feel positively rudimentary.


I have SO MANY GAMES that I’m trying to get through right now; everything from Pokemon HeartGold to Breath of the Wild, and many more.

I actually quit League of Legends (complete uninstall from my PC) just over a month ago. This has done wonders for giving me more free time, but I’ve also got decision paralysis, where I have so many games to play that I don’t even know where to start. It’s frustrating.


I thought that Golf Story was just such a unique concept for a game. I 100% agree that it would be really cool to have more “_____ Story” games, but I’m not exactly sure what other sports really lend themselves to this. Tennis? Baseball?


I was busy with work for a while and in kind of a gaming slump but I recently dug deep into my backlog and started playing Zelda: Link Between Worlds and Red Dead Redemption (both for the first time) and they’ve really been scratching an itch.

I really enjoy that both of these games take a kind of hands-off open world approach, which seems to have laid the seeds for Breath of the Wild’s fantastic open world.

I’m not too deep into Link Between Worlds but I’ve always been partial to the layout of handheld Zelda games and I’m already digging the freedom the weapon renting system allows.

Red Dead has been interesting case study in looking back at an 8-year-old game with completely fresh eyes. Generally its politics and the character of John Marston are about what you’d expect from a Rockstar game and the cookie cutter Rockstar mission structure leaves plenty to be desired.

That said, I enjoy the idea of the random missions that pop up while you’re riding through the world and how they managed to never make them feel too important to the point they feel like a burden and I’m curious to see how they evolve that at all.


Sweet. I was hoping you would say something along those lines. I think I’m going to wait until I can find a pretty good sale on both of them or the collection that includes XCOM 2 and War of the Chosen.

I know it will definitely be easier to play on my laptop though using a keyboard and mouse and not my xbox controller. I can’t wait for the stress and the enjoyment of overcoming it (sometimes) that the game brings. Thanks a lot for the info.


Hmmm. I could see Tennis and Baseball being good options. Like challenges related to hitting tennis balls to a certain spot, or challenges that teach use how to use certain shots like slices and drop shots. Also, just straight up playing one on one matches and tournaments.

Baseball could be in the same style, but I think it would have to be a little bit different due to the team aspect of the sport.

Whatever the sport though, I have confidence that the team behind this game could make it into something special.


Has anybody been playing The Mooseman?


I’ve not played much vanilla XCOM 2 but one thing WotC does well in my experience is give you small plateaues where you feel I got this and then introduces a new unit/mechanic to change it up


I’ve been spending most of my time playing World of Warcraft lately because of the expansion coming next month that I’m super excited for and I’ve been trying to finish Mass Effect 3 cause I still haven’t done that and I really need to so I can finally have some closure on that.


I’m having a really good time playing Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and pretending it’s all an extended romantic overture for Chloe and Nadine. There’s some of the usual Uncharted bullshit here, for sure, and mechanically none of their games feel as intuitively great as their closest analog in the Tomb Raider reboots, but when ND shortens and tightens up their games and focuses exclusively on interactions between two gals being pals (ala Left Behind) they occupy a really enjoyable niche for me.


Amanda Ripley’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. It kicks ass and is terrifying in an extremely primal way that no survival horror game has ever managed to do for me. Isolation puts me in a real hunt or be hunted headspace, which is ironic because it’s real stupid to kill shit.


I’ve been busy, at least with games haha. I finished Nier Automata’s final few endings. And i can say that i leave the game with a healthy appreciation of it. The amount of times i was just in love with the game was numerous, and although there are about an equal number of things that you can point to and go “this is dumb, why did they do this like that” i feel like those are already fading from memory, and the good parts, like the truly phenomenal score, are gonna stick around. It wasn’t a year defining game like Night in the Woods or Undertale were, but i’m really glad i played it.


Has anybody checked out The Mooseman? Its a 2d adventure game based on Eastern European folklore.


I hadn’t seen this before, but that look is incredible! Might have to pick this up.


Yeah, I’m always looking out for games that use folklore and most of the time they have great art.


Truth. If you’re looking for more folklore games, if you haven’t played Where the Water Tastes Like Wine do check it out. Also, Moon Hunters doesn’t exactly have established folklore in it, but the metagame is all about establishing your own mythology for the world and each character you play through the game established into the mythology. A great game to play local co-op over a weekend if you have the opportunity!