What game are you playing?


So Xbox is having another one of their big seasonal sales, so I have spent too much money again. I finally picked up Prey and Death of the Outsider to get my immersive sim fix. I’m going to give the main game of Prey a playthrough before diving into Mooncrash, but I’m really looking forward to that too.

Also picked up Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, as it seems like it could be an interesting game, along with Sniper Elite 4, because it was really cheap and I’ve heard some good things about it. So between all of those, I think I’ve got my next month or two of gaming solidified.


Play this game with headphones. That is all.

Also, I’m playing Mario+Rabbids a ton right now and it is outstanding. Hearing Danielle refer to it as a “baby tactics” game had me thinking it would be a cakewalk, but the game actually has a very satisfying difficulty curve and some truly fiendish challenges. I just finished the main campaign but I’m itching to go back and get perfects on all the stages, beat all the challenges (including the DLC ones), and finally tackle the DK campaign. Anyone know if you can play the co-op challenges by yourself?


As long as you don’t mind switching controllers, there’s no reason you couldn’t. All that changes is that you have to use a different controller to give orders to half of your team.


Nice. One of my favorite parts of the game is that it always keeps you on your toes. Just when you’re about to get comfortable things become a little bit more difficult.


Have you been spoiled about the ending?


I imagine you mean for Read Dead and while it may seem implausible since the game is nearly a decade old, I went with practically no knowledge about the game at all. Absolutely none about the story.

If I’d heard anything about the ending at any point I’m unable to draw any recollection of it, so I’m completely fresh.


Just a PSA then, should probably avoid this week’s Giant Bombcast if you want to avoid ending spoilers! Or just skip about 4 minutes when they start talking about that game


Thanks for the heads up!


I’ve been playing a lot of Path of Exile which is possibly the least approachable game I’ve ever played but it has the exact right combination of systems, subsystems, tertiary systems for me to get extremely into it for an extended period because there’s so much to grok.


Back on that No Man’s Sky.


A weird selection of AC Origins (the second dlc), Nier Automata, and Sims 4. Its been weird


You know what’s fun? Killin’ nazis. Purchased Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus not too long ago. Some of the content in the beginning nearly made me put it down, but I stuck with it because I hadn’t even killed a single Nazi yet, and I wanted to kill a bunch of them before I became too disgusted. I have since started to murder lots of nazis, and the slaughter has been somewhat cathartic. But just be warned, this game has some content. Particularly racism and animal cruelty. Perhaps the racism was a given considering the said nazis. I was a bit surprised about the animal cruelty content. I’m senesitive to that right now. It was not a good feeling. But I have taken my rage and applied it to pixelated jerk-wad nazis. Like I said, I’ve now gotten the chance to kill a lot.

I’m also playing a lot of X-com 2: War of the Chosen. That game could very well be my favorite turn-based strategy game of all time. I thought FF:T would never be dethroned in that category. War of the Chosen is a near perfect game IMHO.


I will say that depending on your attitude to … mechanics, some of them might come of as BS (they did to me), but you can work your way around them.

My top tip is to abuse concealment entirely, which I’m sad to see that Austin/Rob haven’t appreciated yet. Once you have a couple of rangers with the ability to drop back into concealment, and the upgrade that gives them bonus damage and crit chance for flanking shots, they will basically work as scouts who can 1 shot most enemies, and then drop back into hiding.


Been bouncing around a lot of games recently, really want to pop back in and finish a few but I seem to have dropped out at tricky boss fights in both Resident Evil 7 and Evil Within 2 which makes it a bit of a hurdle to get back in. I’m playing through Resi 6 slowly with a friend online and it makes me hanker for the more… grounded combat of TEW2 but I think I should probably finish RE7 first to avoid burning out in third person horror. Trials Fusion has been a nice pick up and play game since it’s on plus and I can try and beat high scores of all my friends for petty, petty bragging rights. Also Hollow Knight and Shadowrun - I should really just commit to those two. Summer holidays y’all, too much time and I’m chasing a million dragons.


Been playing some classic american truck simulators lol! I really like being idle and game at the same time.


I started playing Dead Souls 2 a little while ago. It is my first time playing a Souls game and I just beat The Pursuer after multiple hours of dying and I feel incredible. When I realized that taking all of my armor off actually made the fight easier it was a total epiphany moment.


I got my NES and SNES Classic a couple weeks ago and finally hooked them up. Now I’m playing through Final Fantasy 1. I know I beat the remake for the GBA years ago but I don’t think I ever played past the construction of the bridge on the NES. It’s pretty fun for a NES RPG.


Mighty Switch Force is hard, man, but I can’t deny its well designed. Nailing these puzzles is really satisfying (though I’m not wild about the blast block chain ones). It’s also a WayForward title so all the cartoon drawn characters are really fun to just watch move.


I played this game with headphones. And I cannot imagine playing it without them. Damn, what a game.


I’m about a year late to it, but I recently bought and have been playing a ton of West of Loathing and it’s… incredible? I’m so angry with myself for waiting so long. I’m gonna say some reckless shit that I can’t take back here and say that it’s one of the best written games I’ve ever played. Over the course of my 25 or so hours with it I’ve burst out laughing multiple times, which is something games almost never make me do (apart from like wacky emergent gameplay bullshit with friends, nothing to do with the writing there though). It’s got such a great sense of humor, and completely refuses to make that humor mean spirited or too reliant on easy pop-culture references and meme stuff.

It’s so dense with interesting places to explore and characters to talk to that for the first time since like New Vegas I’m desperate to go out of my way to do absolutely everything just so I can soak in more of that sweet writing and lore. I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who’s just feeling down lately and needs something charming and funny, or needs a big expansive RPG without an absurd amount of complex systems to adjust to.